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  1. Appreciate the comments guys!! cables added to one engine and the other under construction wings are under construction also waiting on those belts before closing up the fuse.
  2. Well that be the HB or ICM? I am thinking the the HB also new engines available now and all the reviews say the fit is excellent!!
  3. If you click on the pix it will enlarge.
  4. I decided I wanted to jump into a GB on another site and take a break from the Tiger(wheels F#@&).I used the Eduard PE interior took about 5/7 hours to complete waiting on belts forgot to order.So,I have started on the engines which are a gem in themselves and doing the cables ATTM I don't know why because I wanted to.
  5. I am bidding on a Spanish FR8 nice little carbine bolt in .308 this is said rifle.
  6. Coming along Nicely Gus and Kaiser looks to be a good mate down the road,Hannah(black mouth cur) is my shadow.
  7. Mike you make it look so easy but you have a skill-set I think I will never have.
  8. The engine compartment is finished and sealed!The little transmission that I had to assemble while easy to build was a PIA to install not much of a locating pin for something hanging.I would advise anyone that does this kit drill/pin the part save some time.The back plate aligns perfectly exhaust wise to the engine and outside can't say enough about the engineering that RFM did!!Some pics ....
  9. The Mg-42 bags added,engine and radiators I got to say the engine fit was perfect!!The instructions have you install the upper hose before going into the bay the hose fit the cutout on the r/wall and landed at the rad!!RFM does some Nice engineering their has been a couple of quirks but blame that on me and were easy to overcome.I have already test fitted the lower deck of the gun turret to the deck of the transmission area all looks good to go.I go back to work tomorrow so progress will be slower.I have got to help the son find a truck to move his stuff to New Mexico on Wednesday but do have another holiday coming the week after use it or loose it.
  10. Yeah it took me a little while to figure that Martian fella out he's not of this world.
  11. We keep moving forward today and it took hours to paint those shell racks.The son figured out the color for the holders I was leaning white he confirmed it you see everything in the transmission area lower part is grey once you move up things go an off white.The telegraph is on the table to the right side up front just a couple yellow wires the kit had you shelf it in the radio board.My Son helped on the shells research what we have are the Sprgr.43 DoppZ and the Pzgr.39/43 others as singles are supplied but not on the list.
  12. Moving along on the interior about half way back lots of shells to paint .I went with MM Gold because Testors Brass was just to red for my liking when I clean my brass it's closer to this tone down a couple shades.I might could of tried 75% Gold and 25% brass might of worked don't know.I am enjoying the build thus far thanks for looking. Oh added some wire on the other side r/side for the telegraph a small thing next set of pics.
  13. Sometimes you guys make me feel like I am in a barber shop with Clint.
  14. Electrical? If so looks big bigger than a mans chest those in business could have forty circuits in a smaller area.Just thinking Harv maybe 2/3's
  15. Not this one Son was asking if maybe removable?have to get the hull built first.
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