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  1. This has to be one of my Favorite paint scheme's out there for a P-51 I have integrated the Quinta P-51 for Tamiya as best I can it looks okay no Tamyia for sure but it will do.The IP worked out great the rest......?I am not going to have the gun bays open(?) and the engine was crap it's already in the trash I am going for aesthetics overall.So far the fuselage fit together great w/o that engine now.
  2. Well be one day Kai had a snafu with the clear no bigee just said let it rest for awhile back to the Trump P-51 Tamiya Quinta in the pit working so far.
  3. I like to get back to fishing out front in the Gulf Sea Trout and Red Fish only been once this year thus far.
  4. Improve? Looking just right by these eyes,outstanding!
  5. I think you might be right Rob going looking back at Martins pics even from the side looks like the cyl are in a tighter arrangement.Well it is what it is at this point of the came life goes on.The blades will be deployed.
  6. Some pics of the paint guys and I have taken some liberties.The leather and metal band(steel) they would have you leave it all Azure Blue.The cowling was suppose to be steel went Aluminum Alclad .I am about to embark on looking for more pics for the final paint(small stuff) as far as wethering just some accented panels and a little more.
  7. i am with you on the work of the deadeyes Rob I got into groove as you say when building up mine for the SS America which I really need to get back to ......one day.Keep it rolling looking really good.
  8. She is looking awfully good their Peter and I am getting that way about the Revell glue myself.
  9. I think Ernie has been a little out of pocket of late.
  10. I just saw that a couple days ago Ernie looking at some of their kits but I will opt to stay here.
  11. I would if I had ever owned one Rob my line of work the phone is the last thing I want ever.Painting has begun primed with a silver nose while the pics show a blur-grey color the color for the rest of the fuselage is Azure Blue kinda bright.
  12. I will remember that Peter so indirect light is what I am looking for?It might be my imagination but the office/model room of the shop got an LED overhang seems to lessen the details in the pics as opposed to the old neon?The camera is just an old Sony CyberShot 5.1 probably 15 years old still works for me but a stand would be nice see see a threaded 8mm(?) hole on the bottom.I use manuel inside with flash and Mac(?) outside has palm tree and one has mountains I'm a frigg'in idiot when it comes to photography.
  13. Another exquisite result John!
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