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  1. I have in the last couple of years started adding to the that wing Phil.Thks for looking in . Kevin
  2. Sorry should of posted in title 1/32.
  3. A fun little build to pass the time keep adding to the Japanese arsenal. Kevin
  4. I have been working on this one over the last month pretty much OOB with a couple of do-dads thrown in.I painted the plane semi-gloss black,SNJ Al,light coat of light green then Japanese Army Green with light grey on the bottom.The intention was to chip heavily but the second plane in a row it was a no-go it's the semi-gloss it's to grainy lesson learned.I still think it came out pretty nice maybe a little to glossy for a new Japanese crate but it's time to focus on the Mossie.Thanks for looking Kevin
  5. What was your thoughts up against the Tamy kit?
  6. That last pic is not my build Harv but what I am going towards Thks for looking in Guys. Kevin Oh!by the way the shroud for the pedals their appears to be some kind of canvas/leather pouch that comes off the R/side of the IP anyone aware of it's use and color?it's the main brass piece in the middle of the pic new book comes next week.
  7. Well I cut off the pedals once I built the PE ones not to bad don't play with the PE like I use too.I have also started black basing the interior with some semi-gloss black enamel.I have a couple things I am looking to add to the pit area thing that are readily seen around the radio equipment a pic of what I will try to replicate from another build which HK did not do the tower.I am hoping get the IP front done and contemplating about doing the wires out back be a first for me.I would like to do more in the nose but one needs to split the front not so good at that kind of surgery but sure open
  8. Looking good Harv!
  9. So Rowdy what's exactly the process for riveting? tape the line?using the recessed panel lines? it all looks really good nice and straight.Kevin
  10. This one will quite interesting as it takes shape
  11. I finally found my RB production belts at Sprue Brothers I ordered five all together with a couple for some Japanese AC also.I like HGW's but it takes me longer to assemble but only slightly better than RB's is it worth the extra time??I did find out that Radu walked away from the shop 100% back in march of this year to do more creative production/process more power to him I think the shop is down to CV-19.I need some American belts to which HGW may be the supplier there.Thks for looking in. Kevin
  12. Dang it I liked his belts HGW are Nice but fiddly I could put RB's together quickly.Thks for the input maybe someone else has further info
  13. I thought I give this one a go after doing some relaxing planes thus far I only have Eduards interior for the pit,some fabric seatbelts from HGW and some canopy mask(call me lazy) coming.I like PRU's and I am thinking of doing that one you always see in American markings now it took me forever to finish my HK B-25 "MMR" I am hoping this one goes a little quicker. I have a 1/32 KI-43 on the table painted and glossed just waiting on the right decals to finish her but have the pilots seat put together on the Mossie.I am still looking at some other builds of this kit seeing whats within my reach o
  14. Definitely looking the part Harv A question Radu still in operation? I was going to order some belts but the site is not opening up
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