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  1. That was me to Phil for the most not much Hurries in the collection as to kits the Italeri kit was very Nice had the full cage for the copit with a little AM help if you go there is up to you.The kit supplies like 5/6 different A/c decals well printed.I am sure Tamy has a good kit out there just haven't done it I like Tamy they just hurt the account and as mentioned before I build alot for aestetics so interior in 1/48 th is
  2. I am liking the Quinta stuff thus far for the most part the T-handles for the dash are a PIA and Break so I made some out of PE left over trees with a little white glue to fluff them up.The handles for the consoles are good when you place the other half of the ball they line up almost like magic I paint some to fill the seam.I will try to finish the pit tomorrow if Momma will let me been building a carport ATTM just need to tie the rafters to the outer wall not a big fan of macro work I like furniture.
  3. All I can say Peter is "Holy Crap" those do look Nice!!
  4. Nice layout whatever you do not go cheap on lighting LED was not around when I did mine but they are going to be fitted in the workshop and the office/hobby room.
  5. This is another crate I put some extra effort into for a group build but had to finish later.I was having some health issues( limbs) to which I was dropping stuff including this plane (almost finished) and the PCM G-55.I had shoulder surgery and two weeks later had corporal tunnel surgery to the same arm and I never believed in CT mine was bad.So I finished the kit up some two years later alot of embellishments went into this one.
  6. I have been wanting to build this crate for some time now not much of the Russkie stuff in the cabinet.I will be making some minor enhancements to the pit and maybe the wheel wells I have for the pit the Quinta Studios slides look nice and cool will be a first.I managed to get the grey laid down the instruction call for a Light Gull Grey I opted for Neutral which is in between the Light/Dark gull grey.I also sanded all the pieces that were required for the slides to hit that had raised detail.
  7. Thanks harv just wish I could get past the blockage on the Mossie I'd close up one engine but sure would like to open one for looks you know.
  8. So I had to pull those pics of the engine out those belonged to another fella I forum I was following doing the Tamy kit I thought they looked to good for me to close up So here what was mine no were near as elaborate but an improvement.Sorry about the mis-direction but do not wish to take credit for what is not duly mine.
  9. Why I picked Kai is was different I think I still have the pamphlet that came with the kit might have some more info.I like to save my instructions and of course left over decals so I have instructions going back 30+ years some people like to save the box top?
  10. Thank You Harv I always appreciate you looking in
  11. Thks Rob the wood work I would like to make money at in retirement if people want to pay.
  12. Thanks Buddy Now I know alot of times people do not want visit an unknown forum so I pulled down some of the pics of interior Mr Edgar Brooks would pop in from time to time and steer me in the right direction.
  13. I finally finished this one up at the tail end of last year the original start was in 2011 here https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/1-24-mk-v-spitfire.28726/ had quite a few setbacks that really killed the project.The plane depicted is "Lima Challenger" she was a donation from Mr. H.L. Woodhouse of Lima, Peru https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205446986 .I went all out on the copit of this one and some on the engine to which I sealed up for posterity.I had to make all the markings and "Lima Challenger" is a dry transfer each letter at a time.I had to paint the British insigni
  14. I got bogged down on the Mossie's engines and needed a distraction for awhile so since their are hardly any Hurri's in the collection Hmnnn...........The kits are the Revell/monogram 1970's,Hobbycraft 1990's and the Italeri it went the blue Malta scheme.The Italeri kit was the nicest of coarse of the three being the newest the other two kits I p/u for $10(both) at Mobile Hobby Town.I can't tell you the number of times I wanted to toss the Revell(pods) was really building it for nostalgia reasons but pushed it through to the end warts and all.The fuselage decals were a PIA thin and the old glue
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