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  1. I P/U the Revell of this kit in the last year Peter looks like it should build up well.
  2. Watching John first one for me.
  3. Ernie that's about to happen to us here in Biloxi in the next 4 weeks with the "Crusin the Coast" I have worked Auto retail most of my life along with about seven years in a machine shop rebuilding motors,Heads was my main job.I have to dig for the numbers but think it was 7/9K Registered last year it's like Mardi Gras people throw out lawn chairs on Hwy90 and watch the HR's go.I have to say every car that registers represents a minimum of two people we probably see 20/30k extra pop. that week it's frigg'in Nuts. https://cruisinthecoast.com/schedule/
  4. Looking Real good Peter and yeah stuck in 1/48th ATTM myself been enjoyable though.
  5. I will try posting this again maybe I boosted to much earlier So I will say at this point the rifles are matching except the K98 has one band off in serial # and the Enfield has only been test fired silver tag trigger group.
  6. John when I was looking back maybe 10 years ago a decent M2 was going $5-7K I thinking probably 8-10K now? I have not looked really I only need a couple more parts for the other ..........
  7. So I had CV-19 back in March 2020 pneumonia for 5 weeks first time in 50 years and then started moving into the second lung they gave me an antibiotic just for pneumonia killed it in a week.The day that Ida was moving that Saturday I was diagnosed the 2nd time had 101.5' fever aching back really a mild flu!The Doc asked if I wanted the infusion turned it down shot me with steroids,5 days of cortisol and Zinc.The fever broke Saturday night and the sore throat was gone by Sunday night all over in 48 hrs.It was the BEST Frigg'in Vacation I have had in a decade 10days off no work no honey do's.I finished the SP. Hobby kit,finished 1/48 ICM Lagg,worked on the 1/56 Revell Blockade Runner and Started a really Nice Revell Do-17E4 most excellent kit highly recommend.I am back at work now I am pulling 8 days straight 9 hrs a day paid but it's cool I relaxed like I have not in years.
  8. Nice John!I have a small collection myself I collect wood from Vietnam on back the oldest I have is a Argentine 1909 from auction rated 95% matching of course no MG's though some years back a M2 carbine was close at grasp.Keep them coming. PS:My nicest WWII German is a matching G-43 aftermarket mount(over1K original) but factory scope.
  9. Oh I bet it would Kai you think it's that far off maybe then it might take 2nd/3rd everything to me is spot on. Have fun at the show!!
  10. Kai that came out absolutely beautiful/stunning and yes it would take a place in a show.
  11. I guess Zeta last season cleared out all the bad transformers maybe we were without power for a week almost I'll take lucky any day!
  12. Thks Guys can see with the response all went well 50% in the county lost power but not our area.I was more worried about tornado impacts but that was less also storm moved an extra 60miles to the W of what I anticipated for 30N which made the center 120M to my W instead of 60m big difference.This is a 150mph sounds like had 175mph at this place.
  13. Well Guys looks like I will be forced off line by mother natures daughter Ida in the next twenty-fore hours NHC says the other side on NO I am thinking Katrina est MS/LA been pointing at what I call the Das Boot of LA all day 7N 4W just the last set was 4N5W.Anyway sitting on 20+gallons of petrol if it comes in were I think it's another 20+ feet of surge hell the beach is already 1/2 covered in water.Wish the family luck talk again in 10/14 days once all communications are back up.
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