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  1. A few pictures of my latest project, nearing completion.
  2. I have finally finished the diorama for the hermaphrodite, I used figures from Master Box, a Verlinden productions dead horse, and barbed wire from Eduard. Hope you like it!
  3. Love the idea of having some display shelving. I can`t wait to see it finished soon...
  4. Hi guys, I thought I would try something a little bit different, and build a piece of military hardware from a galaxy far, far away....
  5. Hi folks, Here are some images of my 1:35 Marder III diorama. Model is from Tristar. I hope you like it. Here's my build log: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2427-tristar-marder-iii/
  6. Many happy returns, as they say. Look forward to seeing you again soon.....
  7. A few pictures of Emhar`s Hermaphrodite, the original tracks have been replaced by a resin set. I have painted it using acrylic green, mixed with black and white acrylic to do the modulation thing. I applied with some enamel washes, and mud was applied using AK Interactive`s wonderful heavy mud and weathering set. I also used some pastel chalks to try something different. I am in the process of making a diorama for this, using the grass mat, some plaster for mud etc, and some quality figures from Master Box: The figures are based on an actual WW1 photograph: Colin
  8. Here are a few pictures of Tamiya`s 1/35th Matilda, which a close friend of mine built, and he has kindly given it to me to finish off. I have applied the basic green paint scheme using AK`s 4BO Russian green set, with a small amount of mud applied to the hull. The grass mat is from Model-Scene, onto which I have sprinkled some of Basecraft`s mixed leaves. Pictures taken in setting sunlight: With the built model came a set of excellent Soviet decals by Echelon, and according to the instructions, there are: "markings enough for 7 complete builds or more, from a total of 12 vehicle-specific options plus plenty of spare generics." I hope to finish this in the near future, using the grass mat with some additional Soviet infantry or tank crew. Colin
  9. This is a diorama I built with my dad, who tells me it was in 1975 when I was nine years old. I vividly remember the idea of two airfix T34`s in the snow, one behind the other, both turrets looking off center, one left, and one right. I wanted the front tank to be going over a slope, with it`s gun at lowest elevation looking down. The tanks had crashed through a fence, which my dad made out of matchsticks and wire. My dad made the groundwork out of cement, and believe me, that this thing is quite heavy. He made the track prints in the snow, which, as a kid I loved. My dad is a joiner, and he made a beautiful hardwood base, nicely varnished which looked great in our living room....my mum did not mind! The tank in front was the one that I built, my dad`s behind, you can tell mine from the adult version because mine obviously has "T34" on the engine cover and has the sprue nibs on the wheels LOL. Although looking very rudimentary to me now, I love it`s basic look, and it gives me warm memories of modelling in my younger days, of which sadly only this has survived. I would love to replicate this now in 35th scale, or even in Trumpeter`s 16th scale, now that would be a project........... Colin
  10. Looks like another great build from you, looking forward to seeing it in the magazine soon. Another one for your modelling magazine articles collection .
  11. A friend of mine built most of this kit, and kindly gave it to me to finish off. I have not done any armour modelling for twenty years now, so I was shocked to find out the extent of detail with the various photo etch parts, and also excellent plastic pieces with modern design and manufacturing techniques. Here is a couple of shots of my current progress. I have used Tamiya acrylic desert yellow, some acrylic washes, and various combinations of enamels and enamel washes for the tracks. Turret and gun are primed acrylic black, with an application of AK heavy chipping fluid, I am ready for another try at paint chipping, my previous attempt being the inner gun mounting piece shown. I have tried not to go too overboard with the weathering etc at this stage, however this may change. Below is the building (which I dug out of my garage and think it`s a 1992 Verlinden Productions item) which I intend to use with the vehicle as a diorama. I am a great believer of displaying vehicles, and aircraft in a suitably life-like environment if possible. I painted the building with enamels and enamel washes, also will use some pastel chalks and oil paints on it as the diorama makes progress. A picture of the tank crew figures I intend to use, made by ZVEZDA, based in the Czech Republic I believe. I would love to have a go at painting the uniforms as shown, but I may take the easy option and just do black panzer uniforms, unless anyone has any good tips for painting this difficult looking camouflage... So many thanks for my friend for doing most of the hard build work on the Marder, I hope to do it justice as the central part of a ruined street scene diorama, and possibly enter it into the eastern front build. Colin
  12. Yes thanks for the advice. I suppose weathering etc is a very debatable subject, and obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I recently showed a close modelling friend of mine a model Wespe self propelled gun. I was telling him how wonderful I thought the weathering and paint chipping was, and how realistic I thought it looked.He immediately brought me down to earth when he said: "it looks like it has been sat in a field for forty years after the war, not how it would really look in operational service." This immediately changed my perspective on it, and like you said, there in a fine balance between the "manga comic" look, and an operational, realistic look. What path I take, only time will tell...
  13. Having grown up in the 70`s, before computers and play stations etc, some my friends and I indulged in building model planes and tanks. Most of mine were 72nd scale and have become lost or broken or both over the years unfortunately. In my late teens, I bought just a few copies of "Military Modelling" magazine. One of the subjects covered in three or four issues was called "painting panzers", and had some pictures of German tanks and armoured cars that had been beautifully painted and weathered; weathering was a concept that I had never really seen before in my youthful model painting. These pictures sort off kick started my interest in modelling, and I built a couple of 1/35 German panzers, which now again, are lost. Around this time I was in a modelling shop in Manchester and found, and bought some magazines and catalogues by a comany called "Verlinden Productions". These models and, more importantly (to me) dioramas, by Mr. Francois Verlinden where as good as, or even better than the "painting panzers" pictures. He seemed to be trailblazing a method of making models and dioramas to actually look like real life in miniature, rather than look like a plastic model, which I was used to as a child and teenager. These inspired me to build the following: The Tiger is a Tamiya 1/35 mid production, (I seem to remember) and the building and bricks are, I think, are Verlinden Productions. The wallpaper is the reverse page of my wife`s wage slip, and the propaganda posters are Tamiya. The debris is bits of gravel from my old back garden, and the floor joists and boards are general balsa wood. The paints and weathering are just humbrol enamel washes, combined with pastel chalks. Zimmerit was just milliput patterened with part of a small hacksaw blade. This is now a restoration project, because parts of the tank such as the machine gun and hatch are missing, and some German troops I placed behind the tank, and main doors to the building have been lost. Twenty-plus years on I really can not believe how things have moved on from when I built this. Things such as colour modulation, filters and hairspray paint chipping OMG! So I look forward to restoring my old diorama with modern technology and techniques, any advice is more than welcome... Colin
  14. I really can not believe that this is sat in my living room, waiting to be painted. Many thanks, I hope to bring to life all your hard work on this one.
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