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  1. Dear Friends, Meet our new release model #32-022 - the DH Tiger Moth in 1:32 scale. Despite the initial difficulties related to situation we are facing globally, the kit is available in sales and can be shipped nearly any destination. Please be sure to check our website www.silverwings.pl for more details. You can place your orders by writing us at silverwings@silverwings.pl. p.s. The majority of pre-orders have been shipped now. This week we will start shipping to the US, as borders for commercial flights have been opened back.
  2. Hi, As the postal services remain temporarily suspended between most countries, we searched for alternative ways of delivering our kits to those who placed orders right before and during the pandemic spread. Luckily, some postal services are available for the UK, Germany and Czech Republic. For other European countries, we expect them to be restored early May. Unfortunately, it is still unknown for the non-EU countries, especially for the US, Asia and Australia. We could optionally switch to the courier services, however they are 4 times more expensive from the standard shipping co
  3. Hi, We are delighted to announce that our newest kit for 2020, the 1:32 De Havilland D.H.82A, will be available in February. This iconic 1930s biplane has been repeatedly requested by you, our customers, via the web polls, emails and in forum discussions. When creating this model, we went the extra mile to ensure our edition is the most accurate 1:32 replica of this aviation icon ever released. We focused on cooperation with the Polish Aviation Museum (which displays the original aircraft in Cracow), as well as one of the most knowledgeable people on Tiger Moth’s - Mr
  4. We're not stopping. The Tiger Moth is about to be announced for pre-ordering. Stay tuned!
  5. Happy New Year everyone! The new 1:32 DH Tiger Moth is almost complete and will be announced pretty soon. To keep you inspired whilst you're waiting are some photos and images taken during project's development.
  6. Dear All! We are delighted to announce our upcoming release, which is going to be a continuation of the British 1:32 series. This time, it will be one of the world's most popular trainers of the 1930s - De Havilland Tiger Moth. The kit will be available in six schemes: • De Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth, K2573/24, No 24 Squadron RAF, Hendon, 1935 • De Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth, MO-159, LeLv26, Finnish Air Force, 1943 • De Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth, PG-712/2, Royal Netherlands Air Force, 1946 • De Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth, N6919/26, probably of No 1 EFTS, R
  7. It is official! The Yak-9 M/T kit has left the Silver Wings hangar and is available for purchase. All pre-orders are being shipped now. If you wish to place your order or simply ask for individual pricing, please contact us at silverwings@silverwings.pl The Silver Wings Team
  8. Dear Friends and Customers, The time is up, let's spread the news! The 1:32 Yak-9 M/T is official now! Out next Silver Limited Edition series kit is about to be released. What's in the box? - 99 resin parts - 70 photo-etched elements - 4 film parts - hand-drawn box art - metal gun barrels - more photo-etched elements - A4 poster - historical and museum photos of the aircraft - scale resin figure of a Soviet fighter pilot - seven marking schemes: 1. Yak-9T code no.14, Fighter Regiment Normandie (Régiment de chasse Normandie) (1 отдельный ИАП "Нормандия"), pilot
  9. Limited Edition 1:32 kit, the Yak 9 M/T - available September 2018. Pre-orders to become available soon. Stay tuned for more details!
  10. Hi Martin, we are about to post the announcement (probably this week). Stay tuned!
  11. After a long break we bring back the build guides of our kits. Step-by-step assembly guide will take you through building of our recent 1:32 Re.2000 Heja/J20. Please visit our website to access the full article - LINK
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