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  1. Silverwings

    Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    Limited Edition 1:32 kit, the Yak 9 M/T - available September 2018. Pre-orders to become available soon. Stay tuned for more details!
  2. Silverwings

    Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    Hi Martin, we are about to post the announcement (probably this week). Stay tuned!
  3. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    After a long break we bring back the build guides of our kits. Step-by-step assembly guide will take you through building of our recent 1:32 Re.2000 Heja/J20. Please visit our website to access the full article - LINK
  4. Silverwings

    Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    The Yak-9
  5. Silverwings

    Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    Our upcoming 1:32 release. Stay tuned!
  6. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    A quick glance at the content of our new Reggiane Re.2000 Heja / J20 in Hungarian, Swedish and Italian schemes. You can place your order via Silver Wings website (www.silverwings.pl). The kit is available for purchase with a guaranteed shipping within 3 days upon purchase. More photos available here: http://www.silverwings.pl/reggiane-re2000-intercettore-hej.html
  7. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    We are proud to present a continuation of our 1/32 scale product line - the Reggiane Re.2000 in Swedish, Hungarian and Italian markings. The kit is our response to modellers' request for filling a market gap and manufacturing "the other Re.2000 version", very well known for its famous Heja and J20 variants. The kit includes: - resin parts - film elements - photo-etched elements - color instruction - different interiior and exterior elements for different variants - decals sheet including 3 marking options • Swedih Flygvapnet J 20 "45" s/n 2355 from 3. division, Gotland, September 1944 • Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő Reggiane Re.2000 Héja, V.421, 1/1 vadászszázad, flown by 1st Lieutnant István Horthy, Ilovskoye, August 1942 • Regia Aeronautica Reggiane Re.2000 “74” from Sezione Sperimentale of 74a Squadriglia, 230 Gruppo Autonomo CT, Comiso, May 1941 The kit will become available early March 2018 but you can place pre-order via your favorite distributor or directly via our website or by writing us at silverwings@silverwings.pl now. Sincerely, The Silver Wings Team
  8. Built by Tomasz Szpądrowski (Poland/UK)
  9. Silverwings

    2018 Kits Availability

    Dear Friends and Customers, In order to expand our range of products and better focus on new releases and upcoming investments, we have decided to discontinue some of our older kits. We are hereby announcing that we will be discontinuing another three kits. 1:32 Gloster Gladiator 1:32 Heinkel He-51 1:32 Heinkel He-51 B2 Next in 2018 we will follow with another four, but as of now you can still make your purchase until stocks run out. 1:32 Gloster Sea Gladiator (32-006) 1:32 Polikarpov I-153 (32-012) 1:32 Boeing Stearman (32-015) 1:72 Supermarine Southampton MkII RAF / IJNAF (72-002 / 72-003) For more information, please contact us at silverwings@silverwings.pl Simon
  10. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    We are pleased to be able to kick off 2017 with our first new kit of the year, the Reggiane Re.2000 Falco in 1:32 scale in three colorful markings. We are now ready to promptly ship all pre-orders for this kit according to the queue. Please write us at silverwings@silverwings.pl for order details or order via you local distributors website. For more details please visit our website www.silverwings.pl or Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/SilverWingsAircraftModels/. Thank you for your patience! The Silver Wings team
  11. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    coming soon
  12. Silverwings

    1/32 PZL P.11c

    built by Dariusz Kowalczuk (Polish markings) and Borys Szczypka (Russian markings)
  13. Silverwings

    New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce the long anticipated continuation of our Italian 1/32 scaled line - the Regiane Re-2000. It will be offered in three colorful options, with decals for the following aircraft: Regia Aeronautica Reggiane Re.2000GA, MM 5072 “10” from 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Caccia Terrestre, Trapani-Milo, October 1941. Regia Aeronautica Reggiane Re.2000GA, “4” from 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Caccia Terrestre, Pantelaria, end of 1942. Regia Aeronautica Reggiane Re.2000GA, “5” from 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Intercepttori, Bocadifalko, May 1942. Projected availability date - November/December 2016. For more photos of the master building, please visit our website www.silverwings.pl. Stay tuned for additional information! Silver Wings Team
  14. built by Carl Schneide
  15. Silverwings

    1/32 PZL P.11c

    On 11th November Poland celebrates National Independence Day. This special day in the history of our country seems to be a perfect date to announce the model kit of an aircraft which played major role in Polish Air Force history during the World War II. Deep analysis of documentation, a pursuit of perfection in each detail and struggle with getting the complex surface detail correct - have eventually paid off. After many hours of conversations, planning, prototyping, modelling and fitting, our PZL P.11c in 1/32 scale is finally ready. We are very excited that we will are able to produce this model, and hope that you are pleased with it as well. The P.11c begins the Silver Limited Edition line. The kit does not only have a fancy box-art but also includes separate metal gun barrels, 82 photo-etched elements, 4 marking options, A4 poster, PZL logo sticker and two discs including museum photos and original manual. Here are a few photos of the new kit. Please visit our website, www.silverwings.pl to see all the parts photos of this exciting new kit and for ordering information. Sincerely, The Silver Wings Team