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  1. My 2016

    Here we go guys in no particular order Kitty Hawk P-39 in 1/32 from the box with HGW seat belts RB Productions Ohka in 1/32 scale From the box HK Models Meteor with Fisher Conversion to T7 in 1/32 scale Kinetic Hawk 100 1/32 with Xtradecals Otherwise from the box Kinetic Hawk 100 1/32 from the box Trumpeter 1/72 Sea Fury with Xtradecal markings Resin Mutley just for a bit of fun although it was a poor casting and took forever to clean up. Bandai 1/16 R2-D2 Bandai R5-D4 1/16 There are a few projects which have made a lot of progress in the year and will be completed in 2017.
  2. Ok Gs here are some of the final completed model in all her glory. This model should feature in a future issue of AIR Modeller magazine so the images of the finished model are not the same as those in the article. Hope you like her I enjoyed the build and a special thank you to Paul Fisher for the conversion and Neil for the kit to start with! John
  3. Where there was going to be decals I made a simple mask and sprayed white to avoid any under colours being seen. Recently I have been using this clear car lacquer to gloss my models and it is rock hard in 30 minutes and will hold up to decals etc.
  4. Tamiya AS-12 was decanted to a bottle then sprayed through the airbrush to represent the silver under sides of the aircraft. First time I have used this but not the last! Another First and the Mr Paint in this case WWII Dark Sea Grey Gunze Mr Colour 335 Dark Green using Tamiya flexible masking tape
  5. After that I proceeded toAlter the undercarriage using the kit gear legs and the Brassin Resin wheels which are superb, The mud guards were quite delicate but with some patience it worked well. Then I found the clear resin parts were very thin in places so I cut out the flat panels and replaced them with clear PETG 0.5mm. It was attached with a clear adhesive which is UV activated. I used a product called Bondic but there are other cheaper versions of the same thing on eBay, With the model essentially built it was onto paint and because I had used plastic, resin, etched, PETG etc I bought it all together with a coat of Tamiya Fine surface primer from a can.
  6. Ok Guys a little later than planned but there have been loads of things getting in the way but this build was completed before Telford and was on display there. Firstly I added the eduard etched set for the flaps and they were a challenge but they worked well in the end.
  7. If you mean the fuselage upper spine it was ok, I took my time and worked a little at a time to get it all lined up. If you mean how does the fuselage fit the wings then not so great although I did overcome this by opening the lower fuselage with a couple of cross rods?? John
  8. HI Guys here is another completion for the year in the shape of the RB Productions Ohka in 1/32 scale. This is a cracker of a kit not without a few issues but one which builds nicely into what you see here. This is essentially straight from the box and will hopefully appear in a future edition of Tamiya Magazine.nThis is why there is only one image to show you here. Hope you like her. John
  9. Slow but sure progress has been made now with the Fisher conversion. First off I started with the resin parts for the front cockpit and in a very short time span I had everything cleaned up ready for paint. After a lick of paint things started to look a little dark so it was all lightened up a bit. Any small details were picked out adding as much colour as possible. I also used Airscale decals to dress up the cockpit as well as the Eduard set too. Here is the Eduard instrument panel with a few small tweaks I have used the front instrument panel with a few weeks from the Eduard single seat version, The rear is almost from the kit resin conversion parts. I used clear tape to provide the glass for the instruments and it works well. As for the seat belts I used two sets of the excellent HGW belts although there are several anomalies in the instructions and some care and logic will need to be applied to get everything fitted correctly. The problem is the numbering which is all over the place. Once everything is together it all fits neatly inside of the front fuselage. The original kit weight was used to assist in this model remaining on its gear later on. Providing you have chopped the nose off at the right point and straight then the rear fuselage will fit nicely with minimal need for fillers. I have used a couple of straight edges taped to the fuselage to get it all square and lined up before it was secured with superglue. Providing you have followed the instructions then you should have a set up like this with an almost perfect fit! Next up is the engines and wings and I have attached the small engine intakes provided in the kit. Next step will be joining the wings and fuselage together which will follow soon. John
  10. HI Guys here are the first images as promised these were taken a couple of weeks ago and I have made some progress since then the first image is of the fuselage cut line and you will see that the line on the kit is not straight. this isn't a problem if you know about it and make the cut along something like I have done here using some ink to make the panels visible, then mark with some thick tape and cut along that line. It is worth noting that this anomie;y is only on the left fuselage and not on the right side. Nest up is the fuselage after cutting along with the new nose section and this will slot home into place later in the build. For the image it has been held in place with some tape just to see what the fit is going to be like I am happy to report that things look like they will not be an issue as everything lines up nicely. So far so good with nothing to catch the unweary out. This Fisher conversion looks like its going to be a swift build and I am hopeful that it will not throw any curved balls at me. I will be adding Eduard etched brass sets as well as HGW settles and resin wheels too. P.S. I am having all sorts of issues with Photobucket at the mo is anyone else having issues?? in order to prove to the Mods if they want me to that the model is still in the early stages I am happy to write a code or something on a piece of paper and photograph it with the model to confirm the state of it today?? John
  11. Hopefully I am not too late to play along with this one? I have just started the HK meteor with the fisher conversion to t7. I will put up some images later on if I am admitted to the group build? John
  12. Latest model from my workbench it is the 1/32 scale KittyHawk Models P-39 Airocobra built almost from the box with the addition of the HGW seat belts. Kit decals used. Hope you like here as she is hopefully going to be a build article in a future issue of Tamiya Model Magazine.

    There is one in my range Tigger models.
  14. LSM in the Modelling Press

    As you may know I have been doing this for a long time. Approx 25 years now. I have written for model airplane international, air modeller, scale aircraft modelling, scale aviation modeller, scale models, pamag, imps uk. And have also been published in the French version of the tamiya magazine. I have included a couple of covers of my work http://shop.afvmodeller.com/customer/product.php?productid=17695&cat=308&page=1 http://shop.afvmodeller.com/image.php?productid=17695 http://adhpublishing.com/shop/store/products/mai-issue-118-may-2015/ http://adhpublishing.com/shop/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/mai118-1.jpg http://adhpublishing.com/shop/store/products/mai-issue-116-march-2015/ http://adhpublishing.com/shop/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MAI_116_P01.jpg John