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  1. That is quite simply a breath taking display of craftsmanship. Very humbling. Thank you for the excellent tutorial!
  2. Hi Ralph, You're just crankin' them beauties out! Nice one! Cheers, Dinesh
  3. That's just fantabulous! Two thumbs up...heck 3, if l had 'em! That wood effect...are they decals or an incredible paint job? Either way, kudos! Cheers, Dinesh
  4. Really nice job! Tight, controlled weathering and dusting. Just how l like it! Cheers, Dinesh
  5. Steve, She looks the business. Really great work! Gotta ask what wheels you're using...they look so good! Not the kit vinyls surely! Cheers, Dinesh
  6. Great work Ralph! Welcome to the dark side! Regards, Dinesh
  7. Hi gents, Thanks very much! I'm most happy to share what little l know, but l'm sure l'll be learning a lot more from the talented pool of modelers l see gathered here. Cheers, Dinesh
  8. Peter, What an absolute pleasure to watch this masterpiece come together. When engineering, artistry, ingenuity and skill patiently merge, the result is just spectacular. I am quite simply gobsmacked! Thanks very much for documenting this product of your glorious insanity! Dinesh
  9. Thanks for the kind words gents! Here are a few teaser shots of projects I've worked on. I will try and figure out how to upload more pictures into the gallery. Please accepy my apologies for not having any 'in-progress' pictures, as I never took any. Moving forward, I will certainly try to do so for new projects. By the way Steve, l used the venerable Tamiya 251/D with AFV Club's Wheels & Tracks set. The late war 2cm recon turret is a DML offering, left over from another project. I paint with Gunze lacquers and weather with oil washes and acrylic filters. Dusty effects are usually created by Tamiya flat earth tones. I rarely use pastels as l find l lose control over weathering effects. I prefer the precision and deliberateness of washes, filters and spray effects. Hope this helps! Thanks again for the encouraging reception. Regards, Dinesh
  10. Hi guys, Newbie here. My name is Dinesh and l'm from Singapore. Thanks for letting me in. I'm primarily an armor builder but when l see the phenomenal work being done here, l kinda feel like working on a large scale aircraft pretty soon! Meantime here's something l did some time ago. Its the elusive Sonder Kraftfahzeug (SdKfz) 251/23 German WW2 halftrack. There's this sneaking suspicion it existed but pictures are rather thin on the ground. http://www.themworkshop.com/mgallery/buildpanzer/bp_20060404/bp_20060404.html I'm not sure how to post pictures here so please accept my apologies for posting a link. Looking forward to your feedback and learning lots of things, esp from all the airplane gurus here! Regards, Dinesh
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