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  1. Wow, Michael, my friend, it looks fantastic! Great progress!
  2. So, I still have to work a bit more on my first submission (with post-war Dannish W.29 diorama). But I want to put a start of a new project with WNW Felixstowe F.2A (early) I want to use several mods in it, custom paint-scheme and many figures. This nose piece, with my Davis gun and figure is what I have done so far, I would say it's very small piece of overall work So let's start...
  3. Porco Rosso's plane was named: Savoia s.21, which is a fictious plane in the cartoon, but it made to look similar to Macchi M.33, which was the real plane: There was some model of M.33, but nowhere to find anymore: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=27269 Gibli's Savoia s.21 in 1:48 scale can be found on eBay in 2 versions (with two different engines) just like in the cartoon.
  4. Model is finished by now, have to finish painting trolley and will do some pics then
  5. Thank you Jeroen! Both are historically accurate, however I already built 3 floatplanes, and all of them have same beaching dolly model, so I decided for my next models to make something new, and make it available to other modellers as well.
  6. Thanks a lot Francisco! I'm already thinking about configuration of a diorama, and all the figures I want to put there...
  7. Alternative beaching trolley wheels for your 1:32 german seaplanes (Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 / W.29) are available to order. As usual, for pure printing cost. Kit contains 4 wheels: http://shpws.me/MzTK
  8. Thank you, after checking photos I realized that prop on reference photos is bigger than any of W.29 options, and has different form. So I choose a prop from WNW "German Accessories", which came with another kit, this prop seemed about right size and about right form. I cut and sanded it a little bit, to make it more symmetrical, to better match photos. Painted it myself, with acrylic paint using brush.
  9. Floats are finished and bolted to the fuselage, customized big prop (bigger than usual, as it seems from the photos) is painted as well. Construction is supervised by Porco himself
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