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  1. OK then, in the spirit of your own post... I would just like some clarification please. You're more offended that I highlighted a case of abusive that the actual member who posted it asked me to include, than the actual abusive post at the time... That you as Moderator allowed to stand on the Forum in the first place? Just so we know what kind of behaviour is acceptable from this point onwards of course. S
  2. You still don't understand, do you? You don't get to make that call. Annoying isn't it, how other people sometimes make the rules and you have to abide by them? S
  3. *Asks for an example... *Gets given an example... *Straight away, doubles down on the abuse and makes light of the consequences. You really don't realise your own behaviour, do you? You think that Krow interrupting someone else's thread and attacking him there is acceptable behaviour? You think that abusing complete strangers is par for the course? You think the rules don't apply to you? No, Smitty. I'm not the Hypocrite here. S
  4. From the Border Lancaster thread... Abusing an individual you don't know, about a situation you don't understand or have first-hand knowledge of. Then... Laughing at the consequences. That only took 5 minutes by the way. Unsurprisingly, it's so second nature to you, that you don't even realise when you're doing it. S
  5. This was answered in the eighth post of this thread. The Moderator made a decision. As hard as this may seem for you to understand, that's how online Forums work. Probably also hard to understand... You don't get a say in it either. Both you and Krow seem to want to operate in an on-line environment where you can say whatever you want, and offend anyone you want, yet when someone complains or the Staff make a decision for whatever reason it's like the sky is falling. Krow was really big on moderation when it suited him. Even hid behind it. When you demonstrate that you know how the Forum works in such a manner, and use it to game the system, it only goes to show that your constant transgressions are just like holding a middle finger to the rest of us. S
  6. Yeah, I was furious about the censorship and subsequent banning by the Moderating staff at TOS. But my conduct there, and the subjects of the post removal were never about abusing others, or expecting preferential treatment. I had one Staff Member take a set against me for whatever reason, and the others lacked the intestinal fortitude to do the fair thing and assess the situation and the reasons for the posts being removed on their merits. Krow's behaviour here is completely different. He brought this situation upon himself with his own conduct, and got what he deserved. I migrated here because I wanted a space to discuss my hobby and share with other like-minded individuals, not because I wanted to be free of the consequences of abusing people online. Despite your assertion, I don't despise Krow/Steve. However I found his previous behaviour appalling, and I called him out on it. He always thought the rules never applied to him. Turns out he was wrong. S
  7. You migrated here to retain the right to abuse people?
  8. 'Respect' is the key word here... Having a flexible and easy-going attitude on the Forum, doesn't exclude you from the consequences of your own actions. Contributing more content than others doesn't give you more rights or allow you different behaviour than the rest of the Members. Sometimes posts are removed, either by accident or by the Moderators. The way to address this is by PM through the back-channels, not on the Forum in a dedicated post full of abuse. We are all experienced enough now to know that every Forum operates in this manner. I didn't see the relevant deleted post(s), but I don't consider any other of the OP's reactions in this thread to be out of character for this particular individual. S
  9. Well... A salient lesson in the subtle difference between pushing your luck, and knowing when to quit. Ain't karma a bitch?
  10. Not trolling. Merely calling you out for your own actions. That's how you roll, isn't it? Advocates free speech, but doesn't like to hear it from others. Advocates loose moderation, except for when it aligns with your own narrative. All about living your own truth, doesn't like to hear home truths. Completely not surprised that the art of civil conversation makes no sense to you. S
  11. Poor Steve... Go running to Teacher. Boo hoo S
  12. You're a great advocate for free speech Steve... Except for when it offends your own sensibilities that is. Now THAT'S laughable. S
  13. Scotland a fortnight ago might be considered a square-up for the World Cup loss... But Eddie Jones is inside the Wallabies' head. He has revenge in his heart, that twinkle in his eyes, and a far better squad at the breakdown. So long as Australia continue to base their play on the running game, I don't expect any improvement against the Taffs tomorrow night. As for the Cricket... Yet another Australian Captain crying overnight during a press conference over the consequences of his own actions. As a life-time lover of the long form of the game, they're dead to me now. All of them. S
  14. Sorry Steve... Abusing people and stealing people's stuff is not my idea of fun. Your mileage may vary. S
  15. No-one prospers in Mainland China without the support or at least the permission of the CCP. However things are changing, albeit slowly in some cases. I am also a member of some Horological Forums. Many counterfeit watches these days can be so well made that even the experts can sometimes be fooled. As in the recent case where the Rapper Lil' Baby was sold a fake version of a $100,000 watch by a Jeweller in the USA who put a 300% mark-up on it first... https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/lil-baby-patek-nautilus Many fake watches are made along side the originals in the same factories that are hired by various high-end watch brands to make the cases and dials that will later be assembled in Switzerland or Japan by Company employees. Often the only difference between genuine or fake is the type of movement within the watch that in most cases will never be seen by the end user. China is now cracking down on the fake watch industry, as it is with many other counterfeit ventures; but as this article shows, whether the fakes made with your brand on the dial get seized or not often depends on whether you pay off the Authorities in advance. https://www.europastar.com/the-watch-files/watchmaking-in-china/1004091677-in-the-labyrinth-of-counterfeit-watches.html So there may be some cause for concern if you breach Chinese Copyright Law, and your adversary has deep pockets. Probably a good idea to have at least a basic knowledge of the law, if you intend to call an Individual a prick, an asshole or a liar on an open Forum. Especially if that Individual is a Billionaire and also in a litigious mood... S
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