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  1. Say that phrase very carefully when you first meet people... As for the Bf-109 G canopy... The 20kg main cover is held in place with just 4 small rods; two fixed on the starboard side, and two on the port side that extend or retract into the bottom of the frame to lock it in place or allow entry/exit to the cockpit. Remarkably, that's the extent of it. Each side of the front canopy has a compensating hole at the base... Seen at the starboard here, and also visible on the port side in Kai's photo above. The rear canopy has a similar notch at the base to receive these rods. Also note the two circular brackets on the inside of the rear frame and the brace across the base (more about these in a minute.) Now for this portside lock... Shown here on the Erla Haube canopy, but the internal mechanism was the same on the standard frame. The canopy lock on the inside of the bottom rail moves the rods to lock or unlock the canopy (detailed in 'Point A'). Note the hole here in the front of the frame on Theo Weissenberger's G-2 (plus also the hole on the outside to access the lock.) The rear canopy sat atop two small rings at the base of the angled rear shelf. Remember the brace in the photo above? It contains rods within, that sit inside these rings to keep the rear canopy in situ. Above this on the rear shelf, were another two rods fixed in place with small springs inside (that fit inside the round housings mentioned before.) In an emergency when the canopy release lever was pulled; the brace rods withdrew from the rings, the springs on the shelf pushed upwards, and the entire centre and rear canopy sections fell away with gravity or the slipstream... Alleviating the need to open the massive 20kg canopy to the starboard while under duress. Whether you can be bothered to add all this extra detail is a matter of personal taste. But that's the mechanisms at play here for a standard '109 G HTH, S
  2. You could cover the notches with strip styrene on the inside of the canopy, as the bottom horizontal bezels were hollow inside... I have a few photos to explain the Bf109 G canopy system, just checking as I didn't want to dump a lot of info without prior consent. S
  3. Or... The Polly Waffle... https://watsoniabugle.com/2019/01/24/public-pool-lifeguards-across-the-nation-brace-for-return-of-the-polly-waffle/ S
  4. (Or : The perils of operating outside one's own sphere of expertise) Today is Father's Day here in Au, and my Wife was out half the day visiting her Dad and Siblings. At one point in the afternoon, it began to rain a little, so I did the thoughtful Husbandy thing and brought the washing inside, and bunged it all inside the dryer. So Mrs.M comes home; and having navigated the Spaniel obstacle course and after the customary cheek peck, went straight out to check the washing... Which I thought I had taken good care of. Little did I know that I hadn't put it on for nearly long enough. "How long has this been on? It's got 5 minutes left and it's still damp." "Oh, about 45 minutes I guess" was my answer. "OH MY GOSH! There's towels inside. It needed at least an hour or more." "Well, I just turned it to 'Sports Wear' because it has togs and towels in there, and that's what came up" said I. Again. "OH MY GOSH!" A brief and calm discussion then ensued, wherein the two of us spoke of the perils of operating outside of one's own sphere of expertise. So I asked... "OK then... How much oil does it take to fill the engine of your car at the next service?" "One point eight litres. It has a 1.8 litre engine, that's what that means doesn't it?" OH MY GOSH S
  5. They can stop when someone finally does them justice. S
  6. Fishing for compliments Carl? I'll get Bach in my box now... S
  7. You have a very good technique for metals Doc. I especially like the burnishing at the ends of the exhaust pipes, not an easy result to achieve. I have the Tamiya Desmo kit, to be used with the Studio 27 transkit to backdate for the 2003 version. The only difficult choice... Whether to drill all the holes in these gorgeous resin parts for the Catalunya GP Capirossi first win bike? S
  8. Maru, This was mentioned back in May... S
  9. Unfortunately with the Delta strain becoming the predominant variant of the Virus, and according to the Medical Journal of Australia, children aged 5 to 12 are at five times more risk of contracting Covid than the elderly cohort that were the early Pandemic concern. https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2021/215/5/covid-19-children-time-new-strategy The other two measures, while seemingly unreasonably harsh under the circumstances, are most likely a function of the extended Victorian lockdown last year... I don't think your Premier wants a repeat of that situation. While drinking in a public space has always been illegal here, I can see how the consumption of alcohol reads to people letting their guard down. Curfews however, are and have always been all about control. Which is what's been sorely missing in New South Wales... Over a thousand cases per day now, and it took them so long to implement consistent restrictions that they've lost control of the outbreak there. The NSW Premier is even talking about easing restrictions before Christmas when the Nation reaches the 80% vaccinated level... Despite possibly having hundreds of daily positive cases still. I can't see it happening. S
  10. Nah Mate, All of my spare and weekend time these days is spent renovating my Daughters' house (along with most of our spare cash!) in the hope of getting it on the market before Christmas Holidays. The timing of the recent Covid lockdown opened up nicely and played well into their hands, it wasn't looking too promising at the end of July. But great to see that it went ahead this year after all. S
  11. A good haul there, and also good to see someone other than the usual suspects pick up an award for a change. S
  12. Henri? Bah... Forget about it! S
  13. Just be careful Harv... If you happen to run into Mike Tyson... Keep running! S
  14. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has lost control of the situation as regards Covid-19. He has no power over the individual States, who are all following their own rules to varying degrees of success. Couple that with every Man and his Dog blaming him for the Vaccine failures, and he's on a hiding to nothing at the moment. What is becoming clear however; is that there will be no end to lock-downs and restrictions until the people running the particular State you happen to live in decide it to be over. They have complete control of their populations, the ability to imprison or deny entry to out-of-State visitors (in clear breach of the Constitution), and declare emergency laws based on dubious evidence in the name of Health directives. There is no consistency in decisions, nor common sense or reason in many cases. They can do this for as long as they want. They can break Individuals' lives and Businesses with the stroke of a pen, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. So long as there's still active cases; whether vaccinated or not, we'll all be isolating and wearing masks until they decide enough. Every time you enter a commercial Premises here in Queensland, it's compulsory to log onto the Government App and scan in on your 'phone (or sign in if you don't have one). The Government has passed legislation that allows the Proprietor to Barr access should you refuse. There is no choice or other options. If you force the issue, the Police are summoned and you get fined. If you resist further, you get arrested. This also includes your Workplace... My Employer requires me to clock on and off to account for the time to pay me. But I also have to scan into the Government App to first get inside, or Security can deny you access. The Union have been told that everyone must comply, or be sent home without pay... The Union position is that the Employer has the information if and when it may be required in the case of a Covid-positive Employee, in which case we will all be sent home to quarantine for 14 days as the Factory will be shut down for cleaning. Nonetheless, it's now become a condition of earning a wage that you must tell the Government where you are at all times; work, rest or play. As it was in this case... Police at the entrance of the local Hardware store... "Where do you live? Why are you here? Is it essential that you buy a wrench because your kitchen pipe has burst? Where are you going after here? Give me your details." "Why do you need my details? I've already logged onto the App..." "I can ask you for your name, age and address at any time and you must comply." It's becoming a little too Stasi-like for my comfort here. This used to be a free Country. S
  15. I am in complete agreement with Brad. He's talking about having to show that you're Covid vaccinated to access a shop on the local High Street, not to travel abroad. Vaccine Passports are an unnecessary form of segregation. Some in the Community aren't eligible to receive vaccinations yet, or live in a regional area where they aren't available. Until we get to 80% community vaccinations, everyone is subject to lock-downs and restrictions whether fully vaccinated or not, as apparently you can still carry and pass on the Virus through breakthrough infections. However, once we reach the 80% mark, which is the level of coverage the Authorities here are promoting, it won't matter who's vaccinated or not as this is the level they're telling us we need to get to to lessen the severity of the Virus. This of course will all change at a whim, as is their wont. S
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