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  1. Wumm

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    That's very considerate of you Max... It's the modelling equivalent of feeding a starving Family for a year!
  2. Wumm

    So, what did you pay for gas ?

    Sehr interessant... Remove your tax component, and that's $133.85 AUD converted... our tax component @ roughly 50 cents, and the prices we pay for just the fuels are almost identical.
  3. Wumm

    So, what did you pay for gas ?

    Currently paying $1.359 per litre at my local here in Brisbane, Australia. We are in the middle of a fuel cycle that fluctuates around 10 cents per litre higher or lower. A tank fill in my 2.0 Mazda 3 is usually 43 litres, and gets me between 650 and 700 klms combined, for an average of 65 to 67 ltr per 100 klms, or approx 9 cents per klm. Of this $1.359 per litre, 12.35 cents is GST (VAT) that goes to the Federal Government and get re-distributed back to the individual States (also not necessarily the State it was earned in), and 39.5 cents is Fuel Excise that goes to the Federal Government and disappears into the Ether. Fuel is one of the few commodities here that is double-taxed, and no-one is able to satisfactorily explain why this is the case. We also are forced to pay the Singapore bulk price, even thought Australia only actually imports 40% of its Petrol / Diesel needs, supplying the majority of it's own requirements.
  4. Wumm

    T minus six days...

    Think of it as Providence. Things are going well, because it's meant to be. Have a good trip, and may this new chapter in your lives be all you hope for. S
  5. Wumm

    T minus six days...

    Too bl**dy right... One of our Subbies is from India originally. He has 2 other guys in trucks driving for him as well, and drives Uber on the weekends. Last year he got married here, and went back and had a 2 day 2nd Wedding celebration for the whole Village. He's the model for how self belief and working hard can grant you limitless opportunity.
  6. Wumm

    T minus six days...

    It sounds like my Workplace as well, probably Transport / Logistics? Half of our workforce is from the Sub-Continent, and a good many more are from Aotearoa. If you can get here and can drive, are physically fit and have common sense there's plenty of work. Young Aussies don't want to work. I'm a Driver Trainer amongst other tasks, and this year I must have had half a dozen young Men train with me for their first day and then just not bother to turn up for the second... too much like hard work.
  7. If it was the A-4 boxing, I'd take you up on it Danny!
  8. Wumm

    Kitchen 1.1

    Just a tip, look up and check the pipes before they get the ceiling on. At my Daughters' house, the original Builder cheaped out on the plumbing and instead of all copper piping installed PVC for the cold water. At some point, either a Rat or Possum got inside the roof cavity and gnawed through the plastic. Daughter #1 came home from work, and thought Daughter #2 had shaken up a Pepsi bottle as she described it, there was a brown patch on the ceiling with little drops formed. 15 minutes later... Water had filled the cavity above the shower over the day, the brown she saw was the colour leeching out of the beams. $8000 damage! So yeah, make sure you check ALL those pipes before you seal it up. S
  9. Wumm

    Package from Poland!!

    So, apart from a resin figure... It's just an M/T box then?
  10. Wumm

    Kitchen 1.1

    Did they ever find the source of the leak? Steve
  11. Wumm

    Package from Poland!!

    Dear Trading Standards Bureau... Make up your mind please. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Trellis.
  12. Wumm

    HO 229 Mysytery Ship build

    I wouldn't worry... He can't do accents either. Whether it's the English King Arthur, a Russian Sub Captain or an Irish Cop after Al Capone, it all shhounds the shhame!
  13. Always Gus When my Kids were little we had a Couple living next door from Glasgow, she and my Partner became best Pals. So you had to keep up, or they'd get up to allsorts together, especially after a wee Dram. Steve
  14. In a similar vein, there was much ado recently on the IL2 Forum regarding the Fw190 A-8 variant overheating with the cowl gills closed ( counter-intuitively, the later Fw variants run cooler with the gills closed so that air circulates around the engine, and is forced by pressure through the oil radiator inside the nose ring) Sometimes Game Developers are better served by listening to SME's and Enthusiasts.