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  1. This one will only make sense to half of you... Ben Stokes was the Man of the day With flair, and an ounce of sashay He survived the appealin' (Though born in New Zealand) What a pity he beat the Affray!
  2. Or... An affable Royal named Andy Would flat with a Pal who was Randy His American chum Soon turned out well hung An excuse for the Press would be handy!
  3. Rob, I'm trying for a sooty effect around the gun and compass, with browns to follow later around the deck and vehicle. I'm taking inspiration from this Museum piece... But trying to keep the soot and grime a little more subtle than this. I experimented with various techniques to get the balance right. The Tamiya spray lacquer is very hard and can be repeatedly worked over without removing the finish. I am using watercolour pencils for the weathering; alternating between working the pencil directly on the Sand base finish, and applying the colour with a brush diluted with water. After the colour dries, I'm using a gummi Eraser over the top to create highlights, with a light scrub over the top with silver and yellow pencil. This is after a slight re-working to tone down the weathering. The good thing about the watercolours, is that you can scrub with an old toothbrush soaked in detergent, and start over if you're not happy.
  4. Agreed, Lots of great progress being made here Robert.
  5. My Partner at the time and I were in Melbourne in June 2011 for Model Expo, when the Chilean Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano erupted. We were due to fly out early on the Monday morning, QANTAS had already announced that they were cancelling flights due to the ash cloud now encircling the Southern Hemisphere but we were on Virgin, who told us they were still flying when we went to bed at 7pm on the Sunday... I was due back at work on the Tuesday. We woke at 2am, and their website said the flight was still proceeding so we checked out early and headed to Tullamarine. Arrived Airport, to be told at the Counter that all flights were cancelled and would be for some days. At that point, it was like a scene from the Amazing Race. I and about half a dozen others ran to find whatever Rentals were available before the penny dropped with everyone else. Managed to jag a Lancer but had to pay for a week because we wouldn't be returning it to Melbourne from Brisbane ourselves. It's over a thousand miles and 18 hours, so we took our time and got in Tuesday evening and I only missed a day. Wasn't happy with Virgin, if they'd not specifically told us on the Sunday that the flight was on we could have arranged a Rental on the Sunday and made it back in time... This and it took over a month and quite a few phone calls to get the ticket and Rental costs reimbursed. But, at least all that wasn't because we were being held ransom over an 11% wage claim.
  6. This would look lovely in a diorama setting, with subtle rust and patina added to the finish.
  7. Thanks Man, I think everyone's back now, so the other builds seem to be powering on. Back to barrels briefly... I picked up the Dragon Ausf.A '250 Cäsar Half-track recently, and the kit includes the same KWK sprue with identical notch on the back. However, it also comes with a full length Flak barrel as well, that wasn't fitted to the '250/9 variant. Bizarre... Looking for opinions now on weathering techniques. What do we think... Looking alright, or a bit heavy-handed?
  8. Guy on a Buffalo? Amateur! (Says Guy in a Bear...)
  9. This will unfortunately always happen in today's 'Look at me' digital age... conversely, KH's main online Detractor is no longer on this Site, so at least they'll get a fair review here. It always puzzles me, as to why people complain about inaccuracies in Model Kits that aren't in their scope of interest.
  10. Ok, I'll simplify things then... Because they make them money. I can pick an Arado-built Fw190 A-8 from a Fieseler from a Dornier-Wismar simply from the camouflage. This is all part of the enthusiasm generated for me by the Aircraft type, and are particulars I like to highlight when I model them. However the lack of knowledge and/or enthusiasm of others for my chosen subject doesn't lead me to complain incessantly when a Manufacturer releases a subject I'm not interested in (such as the entire WNW catalogue for instance). That to me becomes far more boring than grey Aeroplanes.
  11. This is half my stash of radial-engined Hasegawa Fw190's (the rest are deeper in storage and it's 1am and I don't want to wake the Wife) I have almost the same number of Hasgawa D9 variants as well. There are probably plenty of other Modellers like myself. Almost none of the other subjects in the second half of the post interest me. And of those Modellers who are interested, how many are going to buy 20 kits of each one? If you're a Kit Manufacturer, what are you going to invest your time, effort and money in?
  12. Wow, I just glanced over the cost of that bastard. When you guys were talking about a $70+ Zoukei Mura file, I thought you meant a Concept Note or similar.
  13. Bear is really interested in that Muffin top
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