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  1. Wumm

    Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

    Added to the various Aires and Eduard sets going into this build, will be the Eagle Editions resin cockpit #EC51-32 specific to this kit. This set includes a resin tub, sidewalls and instrument panels; along with brass etched cockpit rear deck, rudder pedals and seatbelt details Two seats are provided; one each with moulded-on seatbelts, and one without. For this build I've chosen the moulded-on option. After a coat of Tamiya fine primer and two coats of Tamiya TS-67 IJN Gray (which is my preferred choice for RLM 66), the seatbelts and cushion were painted in Tamiya acrylics, with the shadows and highlights picked out using Artist's watercolour pencils. The separate etch and belt approach is probably the more aesthetic option; but once squared away in the cockpit it will only visible through an inch-wide gap, so I'm going to call it fit for purpose.
  2. Wumm

    Need hugs

    My condolences Harv for the loss of your Brother. Hugs from down here... Steve
  3. Wumm

    Another P-51 build.

    I have his Ta152... the later copy with the resin wings. Don't sell yourself short, if the Mustang is anything like the Ta then there's quite a bit of effort to get it to mate up. It's well detailed, but there's a lot of resin to remove and dry-fitting to be done. Are there decals available?
  4. Wumm

    Another P-51 build.

    So... this is a Jerry Rutman maybe? S
  5. Wumm

    Another Returning Member

    Welcome on board Ernie! Won't ask you to drop a dime on the whys and wherefores, but it's good to see you over on this side of the Large Scale Universe all the same. Steve
  6. Wumm

    Future Nats builds..

    Well then; in for a Penny, in for quite a few Pounds by the looks of it! (Some nice interior shots there John)
  7. Wumm

    2018 Phoenix IPMS Nationals Pics

    Ditto. The talent on display is astounding, certainly bodes well for the state of the Hobby.
  8. Wumm

    2018 Phoenix IPMS Nationals Pics

    Yes, I saw of those exploits on the Book of Face... "National Security is in jeopardy Mr. President... our best Man spent most of Sunday carousing by the pool in a terry-cotton Onesey and is unfit for duty!"
  9. Wumm

    2018 Phoenix IPMS Nationals Pics

    So... and what else did you do this weekend?
  10. That's a whole lotta resin... A bit big for my tastes (and display options) but it's certainly a unique subject and would stand out in any collection. Also intrigued by this photo held by a friend of a friend... we're none of us getting any younger! S
  11. Wumm

    Coming back

    Hi Harv, Long time no see... welcome back! Steve
  12. Wumm

    1/35 Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.A

    Thank you Jim... An important release of the early Medium SPW. Thanks to a multitude of kits already on the market from mostly Dragon and AFV, there's a whole suite of aftermarket available for the basic '251, from wheels (to replace those tyres) and running gear to stowage equipment and a variety of small arms to add that extra finesse. A definite must-have for the Heer Halftrack fan.
  13. Wumm

    Group Builds

    If the Exotic Dancers could somehow do the "Monkey" while shaking paint bottles in both hands, and also with Rivet wheels attached to their shoes like spurs... that would also help! But in all seriousness; as always with me, simple lack of time is the major impediment. S
  14. Wumm

    Returning member

    Welcome back John, Ernie. The pace is a little slower over here, but you'll probably also find it a lot less... er, frantic shall we say? S
  15. Wumm

    1:32 Dambusters Lancaster Conversion kit

    That sir, is the Bomb!