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  1. SG4 Wappen is both sides for these airframes and Theatre. Eagle Cal's sheet #92 is from late 2005, so I would not consider these 'vintage'. If stored properly in good condition, they should be fine to use. I do not know of an alternative decal release by another Company for these markings in 1/32nd scale. HTH, S
  2. According to this BS 381C reference... https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Colour_alternatives.asp?cRange=BS 381C&cRef=BS381C 693&metallic2=False&cDescription=Aircraft grey 693 Aircraft Grey is close to FS36231, for which GSI Creos has an acrylic equivalent, H-317. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Colour_alternatives.asp?cRange=BS 381C&cRef=BS381C 697&metallic2=False&cDescription=Light admiralty grey 697 Admiralty Grey is a close match to FS36480 Canada Gray, the equivalent of which in GSI Creos is H-417 / RLM 76. Although note, technically as this is a semi-gloss, it is actually FS26480 (the first digit in the Federal Standard denoting 1 for gloss, 2 for semi-gloss, and 3 for Matt.) These are close but not exact of course, were there FS exact matches I'm sure they would have been duly noted. S
  3. Hmmm... I didn't think this through, did I? Where do I send the photo?
  4. This photo is of a small portion of my stash, neatly arranged in a moving box so that it can be either easily accessed or hidden when the Relatives come for a visit. I would gladly exchange it for a short glimpse of Minnie Driver's ankles. Thank you. S
  5. Think of Lacquers as more like nail polish... Hard wearing, fast drying, goes streaky if you brush it on. Requires specific thinners and fast airbrush cleanup. They go on "hotter", so can react with enamels and ruin the finish, especially if applied over the top. FWIW, I use Tamiya rattle can Lacquers for painting large areas on my kits, and have never had a reaction with Acrylics applied under or over. RLM colours are Luftwaffe-specific, but are based on the RAL colour system. So RLM colours are not applicable to 1/35th scale armour, even though many of the Heer colours may have an RLM equivalent. Likewise, many RLM colours like Merrick's interpretation of RLM77 have equivalents in the BSC, FS and RAL ranges. https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/rlm_matrix.shtml You can easily do your Nut if you stress too much about colours. Learned this very quickly concentrating on Luftwaffe subjects. S
  6. It's not for everyone. And it doesn't mean you lack a sense of humour if it's not for you. Python is of a certain time and place. If you 'got it' and were privy to it at that time and place... It is simply timeless and ubiquitous. No matter how lame or infantile it might seem when compared to what's accepted as funny these days. The absurdity of conducting a major motion picture, and all of the logistics involved; whilst skipping along in full costume, yet like a child pretending to be riding a horse and making your own clip-clop noises!
  7. Tamiya call-outs for their 1/48 F-15 kit are a mix of their own brand. Really surprising that they don't offer exact acrylic colours for their range of modern US aircraft; considering they regularly release specific and unusual colours to match single kits elsewhere in their line (Coral blue rattle can for the Leyton House F-1 car for example).
  8. It's an applique piece that sits over and above the wing surface, with a noticeable lip around the perimeter. (Photo from IPMS Stockholm site, used for limited research purposes.) *Edit: Also note, the Hasegawa wing has a prominent depression that runs out to the wingtip along the line of the wing spar that is moulded on the reverse side of the wing parts. Many Modellers fill this depression; but you can leave it there if you choose. As this photo clearly shows, this depression is correctly reproduced by Hasegawa; you can see it in the oblique light as it runs out from the bulge and through the Balkenkreuz. S
  9. Well then, I'm not surprised in that case. Going in all Elmer Fudd on her. Masher!
  10. I understand the dirty look. I mean, all those eyes staring back at you. But can you explain how you taught a Spider to throw a slipper?
  11. This sounds like... You have an understanding with a hairy-legged Lady called Deb, who comes around occasionally and does your cleaning!
  12. Big fan of the Ki-61 and it's Ki-100 derivatives. I have a few of the Hasegawa Tony kits tucked away, but missed picking up the Alley Cat conversions at their release. Interested in the different ways the Axis powers used the DB601 motor; with Japan's Tony and Seiran compared to the Bf109 and Italy's Serie 1 and 5 fighters, and the various design approaches undertaken. Not at all interested in Kate, Val or Jill. However, I would love to see Zoukei Mura do a J1N1 Gekko to compliment their Ki-45. S
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