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  1. This might be of some help Iain... https://www.ozatwar.com/380bg.htm S
  2. When the A-10 does squats... Does she go "BRRRRRRT"? Just wondering...
  3. Some gratuitous Beaver shots here: https://www.planesales.com.au/details/Listing/Warbirds-Classics/4803/1952-De-Havilland-DHC-2-Beaver-Aircraft
  4. Wumm


    The BK37 in the Ju-87 was fitted inverted from the usual attitude of the Flak or Maritime guns, due to the large breach. It fed from the right on the Stuka, with two rigid clips of 6 rounds each in the right side tray. This differed from the 20mm MG151 or even larger 30mm MK108 guns, which could be fed from either side, and in the case of the '151 even rotated about the axis in Aircraft fitments to allow it to fit inside the Fw-190 outer wing stations. The smaller calibre guns allowed for handed underwing pods, however the BK37 did not.
  5. Judging by his grubby fingers above, he's either been officially entered into their Database... or he's been dying the Busby's black. Either one, perhaps both.
  6. Just stick to fondling plastic Dale. The simple things in life are often the best.
  7. He is off smelling the Daisies at Her Majesty's pleasure. As opposed to the Duke of York's pleasure. Which never happened apparently. S
  8. It's a figure for the D-Day build I'm doing over in that section. Originally an SS Officer, I'm changing the head and converting him to Wehrmacht service, with an Anorak in Splittertarn 31 pattern. This is a little ambitious; but I want to give it a crack, as you never know what you're capable of unless you venture outside the comfort zone. Doing small sections at a time helps give the eyes a break.
  9. He does this on a regular basis, and continues to get a pass on it. He complained long and hard about the pre-release photos of ZM's Ta-152 kit almost a decade ago, where the panel above the heat exchange was shown elevated in some shots. To the point where his behaviour was becoming embarrassing, and I called him on it. Following that, he deleted all his posts, then complained to Kevin Futter, who expected me to apologise. The complely ironic thing about it, is that he now stocks ZM kits on his online shop! And were he on this Site carrying on in the manner he has for he last week elsewhere, I'd have called him on it as well (much as Rog did)... Fine upstanding Member of the Modelling community or not.
  10. OBC? I must say, I never experienced any of that kind of service from TOS. Although in hindsight, LSP_Matt did his level best to screw me over though!
  11. Yes, he is. He's even a Member here, although rarely contributes, which in and of itself is puzzling. The particular individual he keeps waging a personal war against has actually been banned from this Site; Radu could save himself a lot of grief by simply avoiding that Site altogether, rather than continue to conduct petty slanging matches in an environment that refuses to enforce their own rules.
  12. Heretic! Otherwise, thank you for the wonderful photos Phil. S
  13. The "right amount of weathering' is one of the hardest things to achieve. Right for you? Right for a fellow Modeller or casual on-looker? Right to replicate an actual photograph or scene? These are all scenarios that hinge on a particular perspective, that are invariably different depending on the individual, the angle of the lighting, the prevailing conditions etc. I took this photo recently, as it caught my eye at the time. It's one of the rear wheels of my work vehicle. Tyres are black, yes? Well, this one was brown. Try painting 1/35th scale vehicle tyres a mid-brown colour and almost everyone will tell you it's wrong. Weather a particular subject to your tastes, and stop when you think it looks enough. Because no-one sees it exactly as you would. Steve
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