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  1. And then a Moderator posts straight afterwards without correction, making the behaviour acceptable. It's so hypocritical that it's laughable!
  2. Happy Birthday Ernie! FWIW, I think you've discovered the Fountain of Youth... Having asked for your Trojan review to be removed from TOS, apparently you've regressed somewhat are now Infantile! Eat your heart out, Benjamin Button!
  3. Mine was the Revell 1/48 Showtime 100 in the early 80's... With the see-thru intakes. I put a battery and a couple of wheat bulbs in the back end, backed up with crumpled foil. Ah, kids... !
  4. No actually I am quite serious. My former Partner had MS-like symptoms, that occurred just after an MRI to pinpoint the exact position of her Breast Cancer. She had a severe reaction to the Gadolinium dye used in the scan; as this was just a day or two before her surgery, the lines were blurred as to which caused what when her symptoms started to appear. She initially experienced the Lymphoedema expected in Breast Cancer patients in the left arm after surgery; but this soon extended to swelling in all limbs, face and torso, vision problems, trouble swallowing, numbness and trembling, and SEVERE nerve pain all over her body including headaches. There were 3 schools of thought so far as what was happening... It was either sudden onset of MS, from a result of poisoning from the MRI dye, or Conversion Disorder. MS couldn't be proven as she was now deemed to be allergic to MRI dye and regular scans do not show the MS brain lesions. The Hospital that administered the MRI denied all liability as she had signed the usual waiver before the procedure and they claimed that such an adverse reaction had never happened at the facility before or since. Conversion Disorder was not officially recognised in Australia at that time. The theory is that it's a Neurological condition in otherwise healthy Individuals that manifests after a significant trauma... Such as being told you have Cancer, or having a chemical dye injected into your body that gives you a small Heart attack. It's symptoms often mimic those similar to Multiple Sclerosis. There are 3 Optho-Neurologists in Brisbane, she saw two at her own cost who gave her different opinions, MS and CD. Her Insurance denied looking at CD because it wasn't recognised, and wouldn't cover MS because it couldn't be proven because they couldn't use the dye to show whether the lesions were present. And they weren't interested in pursuing the Hospital, and Karen could no longer work so it wasn't an option for us either. Conversion Disorder is now recognised here as a real condition, as it has been for some time now Stateside. Please have your Medical people at least look into it at your next visit Harvey. S
  5. Yes, that's good... But more joy... Perhaps a Madame with the old Man? Or with a hand on his shoulder, clutching the Tricolour to her bosom.
  6. Speaking of conversion Harv... Next time you're at the Doctor or especially the Neurologist, ask them about the possibility of Conversion Disorder. It is a real condition that often mimics some of the symptoms you are displaying, that cannot be readily diagnosed through an actual cause or event. S
  7. Huh? You buy your Green Tea out of a store in Kentucky?
  8. Or simple gratitude... From the sublime To the ridiculous Or somewhere inbetween.
  9. We have Cocker Spaniels, so there's hair on everything already. There's a cute Calico on our daily walk route; my Wife's Girl thinks she's a Dog like her, and I let her go off-lead and they both roll around on the ground together! Such an awesome Cat, so full of personality.
  10. Carl Sagan gave the Human Race a 40% chance of perpetual survival... I think Sagan was an Optimist
  11. Not my bench this time... But someone else's. On my rounds yesterday, I came across this sight through the front window of a House I was delivering to. On closer inspection, someone inside had Model Kits spread out over the table. So I sent the photo to my Wife to show her... You know; here's a kindred spirit, someone like me, who also occasionally let's their Hobby invade a little of the shared living space, and that it might not be such a bad thing after all. Her reaction? "Oh, can we have a Cat?"
  12. This ^ I only got to spend two hours on Saturday on mine. I'm dreading the p/e components when that side of things comes up. But you're making progress, and doing good clean work. Looks great so far!
  13. My preference is for 'A'... Although rather than consistent lighting and angles, perhaps showing us a variation in both might give a wider selection of scenarios to able to better decide. S
  14. According to the PMMS site, the Tristar is the more accurate base Phil. I've put that whole section aside for the moment until I decided what's the best option going forward. Back to the Half-track proper... The basic tub is utilised in all the Dragon D7 kits, with a separately-moulded rear end to be added depending on whether an early or late type is being built. Attached to this is the tow hitch apparatus, which has a rod section on the bottom that is too long to allow a flush fit. No mention is made of this in the instructions. Rather than trim the rod to fit, which would need to be done in a curve to accommodate the lower end of the tail piece, I decided to drill a hole and have the rod inserted within this part. This allowed a flush fit, and a firm hold while the glue set. Despite these small setbacks with the instructions, and the fit and finesse issues; I'm actually enjoying this build and the challenges it presents. Chassis parts are gradually being added now, to complete the basic tub assembly.
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