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  1. Just spoke to my Mum... My Cousin is still in quarantine; he was on an aircraft with 50 people, 16 of which have subsequently tested positive to Covid 19 (they came off a Cruise Ship and flew out of Sydney before they could be detained.) He has no symptoms, yet despite being in close proximity to known cases in an enclosed space for over an hour, the Authorities are refusing to test him. He is expected back at work next weekend once his 14 days are up. Again, no-one seems concerned about this.
  2. I should clarify... The new fortnightly $550 Covid 19 supplement, when added to the maximum $565 per fortnight unemployment benefit for Australian Citizens brings it to around $1100 per fortnight. They are not simply giving everyone a grand a week. This is mainly for people who lose their jobs or business because of this thing. There will be a $750 supplemental payment available soon to Disability and Aged Pension Australians. However it is still unclear if the threshold for a Partner's earnings is to be adjusted. They are doing this for the next 6 months, that's how long the Australian Government expects this to be ongoing. For now, at least.
  3. Yes I am Phil... I don't get much bench time, but when I do I always show my work.
  4. Japanese Slayer of Dragons I don't think we have one started here on LSM yet. But I will probably need the help of an IJAAF Meijin if there are any here? S
  5. Next release for Zoukei Mura was meant to be the Hs-129 B-3 around May for the Shizuoka show, then the third incarnation of the Ki-45. With their kits manufactured in China, who knows when any of this might occur now; including the P-51 B and the Fw-190 kits, which have been in gestation now for longer than the entire Production sequence of the actual aircraft. Edit: This of course excludes the SWS 15 and 16 Skyraider kits with weapons suite included, that are already out but for some reason not showing on the ZM website.
  6. Isn't it obvious Carl? To stop someone from Stealing Home!
  7. Paint... Just a jar of Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green, for the ZM Ki-45. To my eyes it's the closest match to Japanese #29 Ki Midori Iro interior yellow-green colour. Their instructions suggestion is a little too brown for my liking.
  8. Pardon my ignorance... But is this like Crush Fetish for Modellers?
  9. "Hey out there, all you Cool Cats and Pretty Kitties... Love is free and so is the Breeze... So let's all sit back and relax on a trip into the sunset..." Free your minds, Don't fight the feelin', Let's join George Benson and all go Breezin'
  10. Overheard in the backwoods of Missouri... "Don't look Ethel... Harvey's out on the Lake nekkid again!" Well, it ain't called the 'Show me' State for nothin'.
  11. M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck... Ford version of the Jeep.
  12. The Elefant would be my choice, for so long all we had was that ancient Nichimo Pachyderm. That or the Mutt, which would be a simple little build to start you off Dale. S
  13. The Queensland show in August is still being considered... I'm not optimistic however. The latest appears to indicate that the Covid 19 Virus can survive on hard surfaces beyond the currently accepted 14 day quarantine period. Which means that everyone currently isolating might be doing so all for naught. What's everyone doing for Christmas?
  14. I am still working. We are quite busy at work and deliveries are going ahead with social distancing rules applying. Traffic is generally light and there are hardly any Children in the School zones despite Schools being open here, so it's actually a very enjoyable time out on the roads. My Wife's workplace can't get parts, as they've closed the Docks to Shipping. They let go 60 staff on Monday, and they've been told that may not be the end of it. Her Mum inspects Properties for a Real Estate company, and they're not allowed into people's houses at the moment so she's been stood down... Her B/F lost his job two weeks ago, so they have no income at the moment. My Daughter is a Fast Food store Manager, and was at home and due to be tested as she had flu like symptoms over the weekend. Similarly, I have a Cousin in Rockhampton who works in the Mines out west; he is in isolation as he was on a contact trace list. My 83 year old Mum is bringing his food and supplies during his quarantine. I really hope she isn't going into the house; she tells me she's not but I'm worried all the same. Australia's tally: 2136 total cases, 8 fatalities, 11 serious or critical cases as at 24/3/20 S
  15. Just look at you lot, buying up kits like there's no tomorrow... Oh.
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