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  1. This is a fact... The purpose of Science is not to discover the truth; but to manufacture doubt by establishing which Theories cannot be falsified. Scientific Laws (Newton's Law, Kirchoff's Law etc.) are misnomers... these are merely Theories based upon accepted outcomes according to the limits of the available testing. Ergo, Scientific Concensus and Peer Review belong in the same category. However; Methodological Doubt, when taken to the extreme is the antithesis of Science. This is also a fact... Questioning everything for the sake of obstinacy. The current trend of deconstructing
  2. Calm down Dear... Skepticism and dissenting opinions are the cornerstone of Scientific advancement. Without them, we'd still believe that the Earth was flat, or would still be prescribing the inhalation of Mercury vapours to cure the Dropsy. As I've pointed out elsewhere in this thread; in May we had a Nurse working in an Aged Care Facility, who was merciless hauled over the coals by the State Government for going to work while experiencing Covid symptoms. However in September, the State Premier herself continued working for four days while displaying the very same symptoms; visit
  3. That's very good advice Gaz... What kind of birth control is everyone else using? S
  4. Neither is good for your health Fellas. I do any resin sanding or carving with gloves on in an ice-cream container filled with water. And afterwards leave it out to evaporate in the sunlight, then bin the tub with the lid attached. S
  5. Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose... Freedom is an abstract construct. Freedom is an individual's own opinion and sense of values that might make little sense to the next person. Freedom and The Golden Rule are at complete opposites of the behavioral spectrum. On Friday night here in Brisbane, an estimated 20,000 people were locked out of a Football Stadium when there was a ticketing glitch. 20,000 people crammed together in a 200 metre squared space, very few with masks and no-one Social Distancing. Very few seemed concerned. No-one was fined, after
  6. More likes are good... It seems that everyone I meet these days has run out of (cough) other nouns to give, so an appropriate substitute is always welcome. S
  7. Exactly the same Carl... The D-9 came first, and Hasegawa designed the Anton variants around that extant kit, even to the point that they've used the Fieseler late wing on their A-5 and A-6 kits. Anton fuselage on the spar and lower wing... Paired with the Dora fuselage in the same configuration. The wing sprues in these kits are interchangeable. Spar sitting in position in relaxed state, although exaggerated greatly here. Note the gap at the far edge of the U/C bay... Taping wing to wing tightens things up nicely and ensures the correct dihedral whil
  8. Forgot to say... Concentrate on one wing at a time. And run a bead of glue atop the wing spar as well, so that it mates with the top wing underside. Once that side is taped up, do the next then put the body in. The fit is snug enough that it will be fine.
  9. Happy Birthday Harv... Stay healthy and happy my Man! S
  10. No not as yet Harv... I've painted the motor rear bright silver, and begun to Maskol off the sections that won't end up being black, but apart from that not much progress unfortunately. S
  11. Yes. The wing spar/undercarriage bay piece has notches facing upwards to accept the fuselage; this greatly assists in getting a snug fit. Have the taped-together fuselage sitting ready to slot into place once you've applied glue to the wing uppers and lowers, and pop the fuselage in between without glue to ensure a snug fit. Use some tape across the top of the gun cowl from tip to tip while everything sets. HTH, S
  12. No... Dr.Dave is an actual Doctor, an ICU specialist Physician in the UK. When he says 'personally', he means there for them when Covid Patients drew their last breath. From the ONS data: Ostensibly, 1% of total deaths in the UK doesn't appear to be particularly problematic. However; the time, effort and the drain on resources caused by Covid is a major factor. Winter is coming, cases are increasing in the UK, and bed capacity (in green at the end) is filling fast. Standard medical testing and diagnosis of other conditions is being left by the wayside. For insta
  13. Harv, Just some advice for when you eventually get back to this build... A lot of Modellers, both experienced and novice alike, have trouble with the fitment of the cowl to the lower wing section on this particular kit. The engine facia part is usually a very tight fit within the channel inside the cowl parts, and if not seated correctly can force the cowling to be too wide especially at the bottom where it meets the lower wing parts. Because of the multi-part nature of the lower cowl and cheek bulges, it's easy to miss this extra width until you put it all together; only to find tha
  14. Wumm

    Big Day

    Glad the surgery went well Harv. Good luck with your recovery... And that audition with Dr.Hook You Sexy Eyes you!
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