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  1. Yes! Of course the time is now. I'll get on with my Sturmbock as well if you do.
  2. All through private email Ernie? He never seems to have anything on eBay anymore. S
  3. Wumm

    Ey up guys

    I remember that advert... Brings new meaning to "See you Jimmy!" S
  4. Wumm

    Ey up guys

    Welcome to the Forum Alan, Good start on the Revell kit. An Fw190 obsession isn't necessarily a bad thing, so ask away if you have any queries, plenty here will be able to assist. Steve
  5. I guess you could call it that... This from a Reddit chat with Director Luc Besson a few years ago... Also love that movie.
  6. We're extremely fortunate here in Au, that we're isolated down at the end of the Earth. For once, the tyranny of distance is working for us, and not against. We went hard early with border control; not as severely as New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands, but it still probably ended up saving thousands of lives. I look at Brazil... A large Southern Hemisphere National in summer when this started much like us, but without the benefit of being an Island Continent and the inherent security that affords. Australian cases March 26... Brazilian cases March 26... And now today, Australia... 7204 total And Brazil... Half a million and counting. It's a big deal here when they discover another new case. We truly don't know how good we have it. S
  7. False Positives, and False Narratives. OK, so now this morning it turns out that the deceased Man from Blackwater that I made mention of last week has now tested negative to Covid-19 during a later Autopsy. So either he's the first recorded case to make a full recovery from the disease after actually dying, or the initial post mortem test was a false positive. After thousands in the town were tested and isolated for no apparent reason, this has got a lot of people very, very angry. Somehow, a Nurse who was working at an Aged Care Facility in Rockhampton 200 km away became implicated in this man's positive diagnosis. The Government is alleging that she lied to Government Officials after testing positive. It has been alleged that she failed to tell Officials that she had been overseas at the end of March, that she failed to tell them she had gone to Blackwater to check out a possible job interview in April, and that she went to work while showing symptoms after being tested but before her results were confirmed. The Nursing Union is backing her, claiming the Government is making her a Scapegoat to keep the borders closed. Her workplace is a State Government run facility, the Union claims the State should have stopped her coming to work as she was never told at any point not to do so. The State Member of Parliament is calling for her to be sacked and criminally charged. Of course, there is an Election due later this year. Not as tumultuous as other parts of the world but nevertheless, watch this space. Meanwhile, the Tanzanian President claims the Country has beaten the Virus using only the power of Prayer. https://time.com/5841441/tanzania-coronavirus-defeated-prayer/ Either that, or it might be because they just stopped testing people on the 8th of May. No tests, ergo no-one tests positive. Why didn't we think of that? S
  8. K59 Production 2cm FlaK ammo set... Ammo cases, magazines and rounds for the SD.Kfz.10 build. S
  9. Back to the Wehrmacht figure I've been working on intermittently... Backside is the base Tamiya Buff colour, front has full Camo pattern and has been weathered with AK pencils. S
  10. Here's hoping that the tubes at least line up with the openings at the front, this will make things a whole lot easier. Some more tid-bits from the Schußwaffenanlage Handbuch should you wish to open things up a little... Port rear weapons bay: And the same without MG151 installed: Good luck!
  11. I'm willing... I've seen a Horse milked... But it didn't involve teats! S
  12. This takes me back Harv... Growing up, my best friend's older brother had a massive record collection. He was in a Garage Rock Band and wrote a column in the local Newspaper; and he had some of everything in there, including old Blues and even some C & W stuff. Every time I went over, there was something different on the turntable, pumping away downstairs in his insulated bedroom. This was a huge contrast to home, when I wasn't allowed to operate the HiFi, and the usual fare was a more sedate Sinatra or Perry Como played at an even more sedate volume. S
  13. I was also thinking, You may need to do the same to the underside of part 42, if this is possibly the reason the new gun barrel tubes are forcing a gap in that area of the underside weapons tray. S
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