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  1. Wumm

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    I believe it's a spin-off band with members from Jefferson Airplane.
  2. Wumm

    New large scale project.

    That's what she said! Niiiiice score Ernie. You could fit a body in that trunk. S
  3. Wumm

    I'm a bad boy

    "Hey... they're not Squirrels!"... Says Panda to Rabbit.
  4. Wumm

    OK, I need an optivisor for my optivisor.

    I make do with a cheap pair of generic 3.5x magnification reading glasses from the local Pharmacy. Although I suspect it makes me look like the Lady from a Gary Larson cartoon...
  5. Wumm

    I'm a bad boy

    My apologies Hubert, I did not notice that this earlier post was directed to me. I meant no vulgarity earlier in this thread. I refer to this definition... So whether it's a Cornetto, or someone on a Forum who is put in their place by a Moderator, sometime you have no choice but to suck it.
  6. Wumm

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    Much better definition on those radios now. Lovely work!
  7. Wumm

    1/32 A6M2-N

    Great work Bill. I'm cutting up a perfectly good Hasegawa Fw190 over in the Resin Build section, and the first cut was definitely the hardest. S
  8. Yeah, I find it a little weird as well. Don't know why though, can't quite put my finger on it...
  9. Does it work on Analogue Phones as well? Or only Digital...
  10. Wumm

    Lavochkin 7

    Gorgeous build Bill! S
  11. Wumm

    Crazy nature !! :)

    Sounds fun Doc, I'm surprise you remembered!
  12. Wumm

    Crazy nature !! :)

    Not weather related, but... Completely authentic dude Nick Cave. I would often pass him on my delivery route in Melbourne early 2000's around 8am having coffee in St.Kilda dressed exactly like that. His closet must have been like my Dad's only with a long row of 3 piece black suits instead of camos.
  13. Different point of view are all good Danny... WNW already have the CAD data, their Boss loves Aviation, and they have access to all the necessary Manufacturing and Distribution channels. It makes perfect sense. It's not a subject I would ever consider buying, but if the kind of detail evident from the CAD work can be replicated in styrene it's going to be a very impressive kit.
  14. Wumm

    Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

    Speaking of cockpits... Interior details of the Hasegawa cockpit sidewalls have been removed, to be replaced by resin panels provided in the Eagle Editions cockpit set. At this point I also cut away the instrument coaming section, as the E/E set gives you a replacement cover with the top instrument panel moulded in-situ. Also gone is the gun deck area forward of the coaming. The Aires D9 set provides a resin alternative that matches up with the details on the firewall. The underside of the kit parts had a ridge that the E/E cockpit tub fits into, so another way of bolstering the tub to the interior will need to be found to ensure the proper alignment. More to follow as time permits.
  15. Wumm

    Würger Party!

    Never mind, small steps... I just sat down after lunch, to start sanding away the inside detail from the Hasagawa cockpit interior with the last Q of the Ravens / Steelers game on. Nek minute, somehow I'm now out in the back yard doing SWMBO's bidding. Get it while you can.