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  1. But... how else... do... you attach... your... Gut flap? S
  2. Human nature Phil... Simplified kits are criticised, because people want a challenging Hobby. Then complex kits are released, and we bemoan the intricate internal inclusions that may never be seen, and yearn for simplified details. The poor bl**dy Model manufacturers can't win either way. The Eduard Brassin motor is very accurate in this regard. The resin cylinders impart much more details than ever possible in injection moulded plastic, and the baffles on the tops are the correct shape and handed as explained here: Zoukei-Mura seem to have moulded the baffles as a separate
  3. That's a great start though Gaz all the same. S
  4. It was just on here in Au last night. Also, the 1943 Bogart Sahara was on one of the channels last Saturday afternoon. Then if you consider, Dan Akroyd's tank in 1941 was nicknamed "Lulubelle", and Jim Belushi was in the 1995 Sahara re-make... PS Carl... S
  5. Thanks for that Dave... Local authorities are constantly looking to the UK for guidance on the vaccine roll-out, and there are calls from some quarters to extend the recommendation for Pfizer to also include the 50 - 59 age group. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-14/calls-to-review-age-cut-off-for-az-vaccine-after-latest-death/100214896 Not here, not for the foreseeable future. For instance: Federal Government gives a special dispensation to allow a fully vaccinated couple to travel from the US, so that the man can see his dying Father. Couple arrives in Sydney New
  6. Cognitive dissonance Brad... You want to get vaccinated because you don't want to die from a communicable disease; yet conversely you also don't want to die from willingly submitting yourself to the medicine that's supposed to prevent it. Quite the dilemma, isn't it? My 88 year old Uncle faced the same problem recently. He is in a wheelchair, so is petrified of people's 'splatter' as he puts it. However, he's in the wheelchair in the first place because his legs were amputated due to Peripheral Arterial Disease. In the end, he opted for the A/Z jab, because if he was going to go he'd rath
  7. It's patience that's wearing thin up here... After the Melbourne lockdown had started, a middle-aged couple decided to go on a little holiday, driving 2000 klms north through New South Wales and into Queensland. Having arrived a week later, of course they've now both tested positive for Covid, sending over a thousand close and casual contacts into enforced isolation along the way. 5 other Victorians have also been found to be up here in breach of the lockdown, and will be fined $4000 each by the Queensland authorities. Meanwhile, the Queensland Premier had her first Pfizer Vaccinatio
  8. Wisden's just called Gus... They'd like their 1981 Almanack returned please. S
  9. Wumm


    That would very soon have the Police around. You get arrested here just for having a replica. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-02/man-with-replica-gun-detained-in-rochedale-south-brisbane/6994344 Quick Gaz, try that now while it's Winter. From September to April however, that would soon turn into a melted brown puddle! S
  10. Wumm


    The Rats here are also far too clever to fall for mechanical traps... We live near bushland in F'Lake, and there's often 'evidence' left around the BBQ. Rat traps invariably have their bait pilfered, and we don't use poison baits as there's Powerful Owls in the nearby park who would perish after eating the carcasses. So we resort to keeping the BBQ area as clean as possible, and putting the occasional trap out. Thankfully, they don't seem to get into the house. We sometimes hear them at night on the roof (could also be Possums) but there was no evidence in the roof cavity last time I
  11. So, the Vaccination rollout has now slowly descended into farce here. The first Queensland Vaccine Hub has opened at a fairground here in Southside Brisbane. This is particularly apt, as some might describe the situation as a bit of a Circus. It's only open to 40 - 49 year olds, and only dispensing Pfizer vaccine. The reason for this being, the Queensland Government has sent back their stockpile of Astra Zenica, and directed the Federal Government to sent our share of the A/Z to private GP Clinics instead. They have completely washed their hands of the responsibility of dealing with the A
  12. The W.Nr. is very small, at the base of the fin near the tailplane. I would use the small numerals included in various 1/35 Wehrmacht kits that are provided for number plates. S
  13. Some more information to complicate things... Werk No. is 15912, it is an Erla-built G-6 variant although technically a G-5 airframe... G-5's were pressurised, and built alongside standard Erla G-6 batches, but they lacked the fresh air inlet under the windshield on the left side, as well as the plate that sealed the cockpit behind the main canopy... Note the normal headrest with gaps here. This photo also shows the typical Erla process of painting the gun cover in the lighter RLM 77 grey. As you can see, the wings and tailplanes featured saw-tooth Camo demarcations, and the wh
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