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  1. Wumm

    1:32 Fw 190d-9

    Yes, I like it Peter! Wonderful treatment of the mottling and the wear on the upper gun cowl. This forthcoming book of yours should be worth the wait. Steve
  2. Jim, thank you for the Red Arrows display Perhaps what I should have written, was "couldn't find that the radar arrays or rear cockpit parts were specifically highlighted; given that these are the main differences from the standard B-series, and the reason for releasing this variant." Steve aluded to your reviews of the earlier HKM variants for those interested to search for, and we can see that both the actual and theoretical rear canopies are provided, but i was just hoping for a closer look at these items and the stovepipes that perhaps look a little clunky from a distance. Not a criticism, but it goes to the opening line in my first post. Cheers, S
  3. A good review, but less weighty than you might have given us Jim. Can't see, but presuming we'll get the cannon-less wing leading edge parts, and couldn't find the radar arrays highlighted either. But still, it is a test shot so more will be forthcoming I'm sure. Interesting to see the box-top illustration seems to feature an A-series front windscreen.. but at least HKM have included the correct one in the kit. The mention of HKM's "ongoing love affair with 1/32" is also pertinent... the other Company with the big Dornier in their lineup have gone quiet of late, seemingly concentrating on 1/48 Phantoms these days. S
  4. That feeling when you finally finish a kit... S
  5. The lower panel... er, panel, was from Department of Corrections in Poland... http://www.ww-model.pl/p9365,d-o-c-32007-1-32-fw-190-a-bottom-fuselage-panel-with-small-oval-cover.html As for the outer wing gun delete, a flat panel was already in use on the G-1 Jaborei variant, which was based on the A-4 Fighter airframe but also lacking the outer weapons. However there was probably no need to source these for a field mod, as the overall speed gain would have been negligible. S
  6. Wumm

    1/35 Flettner Fl 282V-6 Kolibri

    Thanks Jim. Great review of an obscure subject, but looks like a well executed little kit. S
  7. Lovely tight mottle Spads, looks every bit the part. Another Italian triumph! S
  8. Wumm

    21st Century Schizoid Gustavs

    I have but one thing to say... " "IT'S ALIVE!"
  9. Wumm

    1/32 Bf 109G-6s

    Always good to see some new Bf109 subjects from Eagle editions. Great variety, and lots of stencils and extra side numbers for the spares box too. S
  10. ... or this. A solution for when your Donkey just can't be moved... Faced with situtations like those above, no wonder Donkeys are so stubborn! S
  11. An interesting subject, that seems well detailed. You could replace the "Tommy" and use practically any other figure from other Forces or situations and it would still work... Such as this one: "Shrek and Donkey!" S
  12. Wumm

    Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

    Well kind of Mike... It does actually fit where it's supposed to, all the mating surfaces line up and make contact inside the lower wing. An acceptable solution would be to add two small window boxes at the strut ends to fill up the see-through blanks, and to fill and re-drill the inner cannon holes so that the gun barrels run parallel to the centreline. But not on this build though... as I'm going to be adding the Eduard motor set the top side of the wheel will be well visible, and the amount of resin to be removed is just one last hurdle too many to clear. The Aires D-9 resin firewall is exact for height according to the position of the kit wheel well. So that's the path I'm following for this build, the Aires bay can go to another kit in the stash. S
  13. Wumm

    Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

    Yeah, that's what I thought about shrinkage as well Doc. Especially as it doesn't seem proportional across the whole length; only the end sections seem short, because the resin part as moulded follows the curvature of the leading edge section of the kit parts. The cross braces that contain the wheel uplocks are also in the correct place. I took one of the wheel bay parts from the Aires D-9 set (mentioned in post #1) and placed it against the A series resin bay for comparison. This piece is also 2mm short at the end! It's not my imagination, the curves of the bay and the braces all line up where they're supposed to... but the part is still short in the same place. Cutting the bay and adding a 2mm shim adjacent to the mis-alligned gun mount now becomes problematic, as it will affect the curvature of the front of the bay, and won't sit properly in the mating surface between the kit wing halves without further adjustment. To my eyes, it appears to have been deliberately made 2mm short at both ends, as this seems consistent with the parts from the D-9 set. Steve
  14. Wumm

    Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

    So, I got ahold of the Aires set No.2039 Wheelbay for Hasegawa kit, expecting it to be a simple drop-in replacement for the kit supplied parts. Once again, lovely detail here; much better than the kit part, and without the hassle of filling the latter's numerous sink holes. However... once inserted, it becomes clear that the main resin part is short by a couple of millimeters at both ends. I make it 3.33% of the total part length, not sure if this is an acceptable shrinkage percentage but I wouldn't expect so. Furthermore, it's clear that the mounts for the inner wing MG151's don't line up with the gun positions moulded into the kit wing parts. So if used as-is, either the existing holes will have to be filled with new ones drilled into the wing leading edge, otherwise the gun barrels will splay noticably outwards. The Aires main part also requires a lot of cleanup on the reverse side, otherwise it won't fit under the top surface of the kit's wings. Not sure if I'll be using these parts now afterall. Hmmm...