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  1. He has that Marty Feldman look down pat though... You could always make the eye with the hole into a squint maybe? Brilliant work otherwise Gaz. S
  2. I can definitely vouch for the Rivet-R Alan. This is the 1mm wheel applied to the wing, shown alongside the Eduard resin cowl pieces for comparison. S
  3. It turns out that the Doctor in question eventually passed the Virus on to only a couple of people. It took over a week for these cases to surface, and Brisbane was put into a snap three-day lockdown last week until they could confirm the source. Through back-tracing, they found that there was another cluster of cases also linked to a Nurse at the same Hospital; who also had been treating Covid Patients but was also again inexplicably not vaccinated. This caused a lockdown in the Hospital in question, which was from that point being deep-cleaned, because they think there might be issues at the
  4. Yes, that's it Rog... Because it's within an oblong rectangle, it's an armoured flamethrower. So, a Hetzer or more likely an Ausf.M Panzer III, attached to the Staff of l and ll Companie. S
  5. Thankfully Rog, With the internet, and the proliferation of Hobbyists and Enthusiasts in both the Modelling and Gaming spheres, there seems there's always information about major battles and turning points during the war. The key to the Wehrmacht is finding the Order of Battle. I managed to find this one on a Gaming site for 4/7/43... https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4673348&mpage=1&key=&#4715300 Being more of a Luftwaffe Enthusiast I can't vouch for it's complete accuracy, but the layout seems logical to me. Notable that according to this
  6. So many questions Gaz... Was you seller local or from Overseas? Are they an official distributor? Were they guaranteed supply of the goods before offering them at pre-order conditions? It is illegal in Australia to offer goods for sale that a Retailer knows they cannot supply, or not be able do so within a reasonable time frame. https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/non-delivery-of-products-services By the sounds of your story, if another local Retailer has the item in stock 5 months after you paid for the item, and your Shop still cannot supply you, you are well with
  7. Lol Rog, There's more WIP pictures from your Ute than any of your models here! S
  8. You'll not be disappointed Alan... It's a stunning piece of miniature engineering, from the details to the way it all fits together. Just picked up for my example... Some Hobby Design 0.8mm resin connectors (yes, I know they're meant for scale model autos, don't judge me). I'm needing to replace the spark plugs on my '801 motor, and want to see if I can make these fit for purpose. Time will tell... S
  9. That thing needs a Dickie seat... (Plus a Tommy gun, some white spats... And a bunch o'fives!) S
  10. The up-shot is... It's great weather for Frogs! S
  11. This is part of the problem Jeff... Stoopid people out driving around, pushing waves of floodwaters through other's houses, instead of staying at home. S
  12. It's very serious in some parts Jeff... Not so much where Gaz and I are in South East Queensland, some localised flooding in parts of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Hinterland. Last week; one place halfway up the coast got half a metre's rainfall in a day, half the yearly average in one 24 hour period. My Mum lives 30 miles away, and got absolutely nothing on the same day! New South Wales is copping it worst. There is a mass of warm tropical air moving eastwards, mixing with moisture-laden air out over the Coral Sea coming back west after the remnants of Cyclone Niran from a fort
  13. It's the least we can do. Until 1975, PNG was an Australian Territory, and even now Australian Mining concerns rip billions of dollars of resources out of the Country. But I'm not convinced that we're looking after them from a largely philanthropic point of view; rather than we don't want the collateral Health risks from incidental contact between Traders, or the Virus being brought back into the Country by fly in / fly out Australian workers. Apart from the Towns and the Mining settlements; it's still a Jungle up there, both literally and figuratively. Lots of lawlessness and superstitio
  14. That great to hear John... They have been slowly rolling out the Pfizer vaccine for the last month here now. The AstraZeneca variant will be manufactured locally in Melbourne at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory. On March 4th, Italy decided to suspend supply of the AZ vaccine to Australia; citing the fact that we don't need it as much as they do because we have kept Covid-19 largely under control... and the European Commission backed them up. Then, some EU Countries (including Italy) stopped their own vaccinations of the AZ variant due to blood clotting concerns. So for all it mattered, t
  15. Technically, sites like this one are Social Media. As are other Modelling-specific sites that we as a group are prone to visit. It's just about finding a space in which you're comfortable. S
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