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  1. 1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190-D9

    Cracking paintwork and weathering Peter. Keep us posted as to publication details... S
  2. I'd like to like

    Wumm likes this :thumbsup:
  3. P-47 Thunderbolt " Dottie Mae"

    Great start Frank, And props to you for working a kit that others might consider a Collector's piece, and tuck straight away into the Attic. S
  4. And another... Forum will only allow to start a new topic in selected sections. WIP section will, but General Discussion is blocked. S
  5. And here in Au as well... This is what I get when I try to view, let alone edit my own profile. S
  6. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Picked up a few odds and ends to add on to my Hasegawa Fw190 in the Resin Group Build... S
  7. Scratchbuilders 32nd aircraft

    Yes they are rare Ian... The Defiant moreso. There is an Me410 on the market now from HPH, that apparently is an easier build and more readily available. You may find someone willing to part with their Scratchbuilders '410 due to this, but be aware... there were 2 Scratchbuilders versions; the second one being updated and much more accurate in its detail than the initial offering. HTH, S
  8. 3D Printing Anyone doing their own?

    Not yet Douglas... There's a great difference between the resources at the disposal of a Manufacturing Company, and that of the average Modeller. Anything around the price range that I would find reasonable for such a set-up, is still producing objects that require excessive clean-up. So not for me yet, I'm sorry. S
  9. Soo.... What did you just get???

    And also the Hanomag... The stand-alone kit looks great as an option in Luftwaffe diorama.
  10. Indeed, PCM did one, as did 21st Century, in a plastic medium a little like resin. Both were basic kits and had their flaws, but easily could be turned out as nice examples with a little work. Special Hobby also announced an early Macchi C200 variant a few years back, but nothing has come of it to this point. My thoughts are that this airframe seems more to fit Hasegawa's M/O... same basic wings, tailplane, undercarriage and cockpit across the C200/C202/C205 range; with the various engine panel and armament changes it would allow at least half a dozen kits from a core of common sprues. S
  11. Well in that case... nice save! Certainly looks the part. S
  12. So... a full upper camo first, or just a quick undercoat to get the show-through the white?
  13. Focke-Wulf Fw190 Type A8

    Even better in this condition, showing to good effect the elevator fabric and wing underside rivet details. The wings at some stage were also probably from an F/G model... the small strip sitting proud of the wing surface indicating that it's been reinforced internally to carry bombs or tanks. Thank you for posting Laurent S
  14. Revell Spitfire IX is out

    Rog, Once again, I apologise for the delay. As you very well know from Private Messages between the two of us, my former Partner committed suicide in 2015, and my 18 year old Daughter came home from work and found her body. My Daughter is now no longer able to work and 21 months later still cannot leave the house without bursting into tears. My former Partner's affairs have still not been settled, and her Will still hasn't been read due to interference from her Father who is doing his best to see me suffer. I am not only paying rent on my own premises, but also the mortgage, insurance and utilities on the property my Daughters are living in that is still half in my name. I do not own a Computer as I lost mine in the settlement when we split, everything is done on Mobile Phone at this time. The small second hand Computer that I managed to source crashed along with the information I had assembled, and replacing it has been rather low on my list of priorites at this time in my life. All of this could have been conducted via Personal message had you any concerns about delays (you haven't read the pertinent PM file since July 2015), but in the name of Civility, here we are. You may well feel insulted at my offer to return the above mentioned kits, that is your choice. You may also continue to take pot-shots at me here and on other Forums, despite my giving you an undertaking to do the reviews you requested... that is also your choice if you think that's the best way to get results. I chose to put Family and other things above little bits of plastic. That was my choice. S