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  1. Well that's quite full bodied... But a horrible nose though.
  2. Hasegawa's A-5 kit utilises the wing parts from their earlier D-9 release; much like the real aircraft, only of course in reverse order. As such, specific parts needed to be generated for the short nose variants, and again like the actual aircraft are not precise in their fitment (as others have mentioned in earlier posts in this thread.) As I mentioned back on page 6... I should have been more specific in the above post. After taping all of the wing parts together, and ensuring that everything is in place and the cowl parts fit; then follow the kit's instruction sequence, exce
  3. Harv, IJA dark green is close to FS 34082, the closest Tamiya to this is XF-61. S
  4. The one-piece resin cowling in my example of the MC 200 kit was warped into an oval shape. I tried to get a replacement through both the Australian distributor and PCM, only to be told that none were available, and none would be made available. Subsequently, I on-sold it at a swap meet for a much reduced price. This makes me curious to find where these kits have been sourced, especially as Kitlinx aren't showing most of these as available on their site. S .
  5. Limited run-style plastic with Spartan parts count; overall fairly accurate outlines and dimensions, with some engraved panel details but no alignment pins for assembly. Most kits contain resin cockpits, wheels and some motor details to bolster the parts count. Great decals, with multiple options for most boxings. Not for beginners, but excellent results can be achieved with much application of effort and patience. S
  6. I can sympathise with you Gaz... This sounds like my work and domestic experience about a decade ago. One place worked me increasingly harder year upon year, as I constantly struggled away out of some misplaced sense of duty. While the other, I was just expecting to get scr#wed on a daily basis. What a pity I got the two completely mixed up. S
  7. I dated a Girl in the 80's, who lived on a Rural property between Rocky and the Coast. Every now and then, they would send a Cow off to a Mate they knew, and the deal was he'd keep half after butchery and send them half back all sliced and diced. Seems I've heard of this since as well from others about the place. I came over one Saturday morning, and their Pig was strung up headless in an adjacent tree, being bled ready for collection. Let's just say, that kind of sight leaves a lasting impression on a young Man courting a Farmer's Daughter. S
  8. Great preparation is really paying dividends here Harv. Starting to look every bit a Butcher Bird. S
  9. Agreed, just catching up on this build. You're doing sterling work here Phil. S
  10. And this is a bad thing? If you're feeling blue, you could always cross the border and do something unforgettable (or is that unforgivable?) *Disclaimer: Never drive your 3PH thru KCMO while DWI. S
  11. Well, Sunday here now and everything back to normal, at least on the Groceries front. No crowds, no queues, plenty of supplies at the shops, and hardly any traffic... The Queensland Government pulled this lockdown out of their backside on a whim at 8am on Friday morning. The Health Department weren't informed and had no idea it was happening; they admitted as much to my Wife when she called them at 9am find out if her Factory workplace was considered "essential"... They had no idea, as they told her there had been no communication from the Government and as such no guidelines put in
  12. Welcome back Buddy... It was certainly an eventful year for you. So sorry to hear about Jerry's passing, but comforting to know that at least you got to see him again that last time. All pain takes time to deal with... Fix what you can, work through what you can't. He's hoping you find comfort in all the unresolved things in life, and bounce back even better than before. Take care, Guwapong Lalaki!
  13. Just finished an eleven-hour shift here in Brisbane, wearing masks and gloves all day. Haven't worn a mask since the 1st of October, when the Health Department stopped the requirement at Hospitals. Masks must now be on whenever outside the home, not sure whether this also means in your own car on your own with the A/C on. Hard to get any sense from the Government, this is all a reaction to a single case, but only a lockdown for 3 days when a case in Sydney recently tested possitive after quarantining for the mandatory 14 days... 3 days doesn't seem anywhere near enough time to smother this out
  14. It depends on how close you get. S
  15. Thank you Fran... My usual Hobby pace is very slow, although this suits me well. I am enjoying the painting stage of these Motor components as I try to work out how to best add the breather tubes between cylinders. I thought I might expand a little on the techniques I'm using here to apply shading and depth to the cylinders. A wash of diluted black pencil solution is dabbed into the baffles on the front and back, and allowed to dry. After this, the top surface ridges are buffed to remove excess paint. Then, the colour is dabbed onto the parts that require a little depth. The AK penci
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