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  1. A sound build and strong fundamentals provides a canvas for an outstanding finish. Well done Doc!
  2. Using photography and lighting direction to highlight and deepen shadows in a diorama setting, will also effect any figures and hardware taking part in the scene. Therefore your whole painting effort will need to be geared towards the strength of your light source. Bright sunlight or an LED trained on the subject within a display case will need less shading, as the light source will provide most shadow for you... Diffused indoor lighting will need more shade and highlights added to the groundwork. I would shade the "snow" with varying shades of baby to medium blue if it's to be just put on a shelf once completed and not meant as a featured display piece.
  3. Wumm

    Kitty Hawk F-5F by a clueless prop guy

    Good to see this build wrapping up with such an impressive finish, especially considering how far from your comfort zone you've ventured and the hiccups encountered along the way. S
  4. Wumm

    Hataka Lacquer paints - OMG!

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but always remember people... The Human body is basically a sponge. Whatever particulate matter you're working with; if you can smell it, you're ingesting it.
  5. Amen to that... They just featured a 47 vehicle pile-up @ KC/MO here on the news. Over here where it's still Summer we tend to forget what miserable weather you're all having there. Good to have you back safely Buddy!
  6. No work there I say! You've merely plopped it out and played with it a little. Ooh, that came out all wrong... S
  7. Wumm

    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87D-3, "T6+CT"

    At home now, and after checking of course you're right. A quick measurement shows they're a much closer fit for the Eagle Ed resin Fw190 pit I'll be using though. Back to you, good work so far.
  8. Wumm

    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87D-3, "T6+CT"

    Is this a thing Mike? Or just for the Stuka kit... Haven't used the Airscale Luftwaffe dials yet, but plan to shortly.
  9. Wumm

    Where I'm at

    Sending some warmth your way Harv... Currently 35°C here, feels like 100°F. Was 29°C @ 4am when I shifted the car so Beck could go to work! Safe travels when you eventually get a break. S
  10. Wumm

    My other hobby........

    Some very handy skills there Scott... I'm slowly replacing the support posts of the Pergola at our house as time and finances permit, using my some of my Dad's tools where possible (he passed in 2005). Some are worse than others... I find it very relaxing, much less stressful than Scale Modelling. And it gets me a lot more credit in the SWMBO bank! Steve
  11. Have a great day Buddy! S
  12. Wumm

    AK True Colors

  13. Wumm

    AK True Colors

    This seems to be the current trend. However, it is contradicted by Jerry Crandall stating that he possesses a dark green colour swatch marked as Farbton 83 sourced from an Italian paint manufacturer. Ullmann also contradicts himself... Stating that there's no possibility of giving "an old paint a new number", and then claims that "This darkgreen is a darkgreen variation of RLM 81". So Farbton 81 can have 3 or 4 variations ranging from chocolate brown to dark green... But Farbton 83 is blue and can only be blue. Furthermore, in the same document naming 83 as a dark blue, we have Farbton 70 named as "Dunkelgrün". RLM 70 has always been noted as Schwazgrün... Under this logic, is RLM 70 now a different colour? Do we now change our nomenclature and understanding of Schwazgrün because of a single document? More unknowns... For every case for dark blue Farbton 83 there is a contradiction in favour of dark green... and vice-versa. To me it is becoming increasingly clear that there must have been blue and green variations of RLM 83, in much the same case as Farbton 76 and the brown variations of 81. S
  14. Wumm

    AK True Colors

    That is a given. However, it was not common practice to completely remove the paint from the airframe at Unit or depot level to accomplish this. The underlying paint would stay in place. Therefore, the airframe would already have been primed, either as a two-part process or with a single coating of 7121 paint with anti-corrosion added... The same as with the formula noted by AK. Therefore, to develop such a finish only to have it be oversprayed onto already primed surfaces is a complete waste of resources. Then in the Ullmann document above, what is meant by "und 70 dunkelgrün für Landflugzeuge"? Are we lead to believe that they were also evaluating Dark Blue with Farbton 70 for overland use? Or was a Dark Blue 83 merely a variation of a Green 83 being tested?