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  1. No problem, it's an issue up here as well... On Saturday, they let some random fly into the State with the Virus. Apparently he was given Diplomatic immunity by the Feds, even though he was only a security guard working in Kabul, and flew into Sydney... New South Wales Health never checked his creds, or for the Virus, and just gave him a pass to leave. Queensland health also just took him at his word apparently, and when he arrived on the Sunshine Coast from Sydney he tested positive. Now they can't find two of the 14 other passengers on his flight, because they gave false contact details. Over 100,000 people have flown into Sydney from Melbourne in the past month since the second wave hit there, and no-one is checking them. There is simply no cooperation between jurisdictions. Since the second round of lockdowns, Queensland has been trying to get New South Wales to move the inspection points south of the border, to alleviate the congestion being experienced there and to simplify the process for Residents who live either side and commute into the neighbouring State for work and business. New South Wales somehow see their own Citizens flooding north to escape the Winter like rats deserting a sinking ship as a Queensland problem, and refuse to budge even an inch. They've had six months to work this out. To come up with policy, co-ordinate resources and organise contingency. Meanwhile, it still seems like the people in charge are always chasing their tails. S
  2. Well, that won't last long! Happy birthday Carl
  3. Brad, you Goose... What else were they going to do with them?
  4. Occasionally, you get one that smells a bit like sweaty crotch... I think I know why now. S
  5. Well just remember, if you feel the need to do that Brad... Still wear your mask!
  6. Peter, You're definitely in luck, in that the V18 prototype was built from the A-0 W.Nr. 0040, and had the new standard wing, unlike the smaller wings of the initial 14 examples. This scan is from the Aero Detail #2 book on the Fw-190 D-9, and it's the reference I'm using for my rivet patterns. There are a couple of differences to mention between the early '190 wing and the late wing. The Dora utilised the late standard wing, which was prepared to the Fieseler pattern to accommodate the addition of outer MK 108 30mm guns on the variants so equipped (A-7 MK, A-8 R2/R8 and theoretically the D-11). The area under the small rectangle shown was left open to allow the rear of the 30mm cannon to clear the surface, and then covered with a small rectangular bulge... So this rectangle would not exist on your wings. Secondly, the inner wing MG 17 cover on the A-0 was a different shape than seen here for the later MG 151 wings guns that later became standard. I cannot find a clear photo of these covers on the V-18, so it's your call I guess as to whether these were changed to the later standard. Lastly, I have circled an area of extensive rivets in the centre of the wing between the main spar and the U/C bays, this was to attach applique panels on the inside of the skin in these areas, and is correct for all Fw190 wings. HTH, S
  7. It's now 3 young Women, and they're right up to their necks in it. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/brisbanewest/2020/07/30/three-women-charged-under-the-public-health-act/ We are fortunate, in that the Authorities have gotten straight onto this and have acted swiftly. Free testing Centres had queues of between two and five hours yesterday depending on location, such was the demand by the community to find out if they had been exposed. You can still get a test done easily however at a local Pathologist by getting a referral from your GP. Nursing Homes have all been shut to visitors as a precaution. Only time will tell as to the full impact of these idiots' actions, but hopefully we can smother this without too much community spread. We were issued a list by my Workplace on the possible places put at risk. Any Employees who went there for any reason were to be isolated, apparently none of us delivered or otherwise went there. My Mother-in-Law was at the Springfield shopping centre on the day, but she's not too worried. She and my Wife were due to meet up there this weekend for coffee and a chat, I think that's still going ahead. Most if not all of these places listed will be closed for deep cleaning, and the Employees told to isolate for a fortnight... All due to the stupidity of a few. S
  8. Both we and NZ have an inherent advantage; that being Island Nations, as well as factoring in the tyranny of distance. New Zealand went hard lockdown straight away, and has eliminated the Virus there. Australia went into soft lockdown, relaxed that a little and now lets anyone in so long as they quarantine for a fortnight. That last point is the pertinent one. Take this example... https://7news.com.au/news/sa/sa-unsure-about-arrival-of-infected-woman-c-1064522 A woman arrived in Melbourne from the UK, having been given a compassionate exemption to travel in order to visit a dying relative. She tested negative upon arrival, but was held for only a week by the Victorian authorities rather than the usual 14 days. She flew to South Australia, where she self-declared to authorities who apparently had not been advised. When tested there, she was Covid 19 positive, and put into quarantine. So she missed seeing the dying relative, and put everyone she met on the trip from Melbourne to Adelaide at risk. If she hadn't done the right thing and self-declared, no-one would have been any the wiser. She would have gone about her business, visited whatever Medical facility the relative was staying at, possibly the funeral, and then gone home, exposing hundreds of people along the way. This has doubtless happened thousands of times in the last few months, and we might never know the true impact. People already living here in Au have had similar situations where their relatives have passed and not been able to see them or mourn their loss, we don't need to import others from Overseas to do so as well. Apparently, one in ten people who quarantined in Melbourne refused to submit to being tested before leaving isolation. S
  9. "So tell me Fred, how did you manage to impale your Frontal Lobe with a pair of Chopsticks, one through each Nostril?" "Well Doctor, I was just driving along, and eating my lunch..." S
  10. Well the mood in Australia has very quickly turned from one of "We're all in this together", to one of partisan Politics and saving one's own hide. The Victorian Premier, after last week taking a cheap shot at the Federal Health minister, has now doubled down in the press by publicly stating that he wouldn't put his own mother in a Victorian Nursing Home at the moment. Aged Care homes in this country are overseen by the Federal Government, but in his State they're run by Victorians, and staffed by Victorians. Over 70 Victorian Aged Care facilities there are now rife with Covid-19, and stories are emerging of Patients being left without food or care for long periods of time, because the Staff there failed to take the necessary precautions in a time of Pandemic, with many of them infected now as well. Australians generally have very good bullsh*t detectors. Standing at a lectern like a Deer in the headlights; and passing the buck on a situation you caused, while simultaneously throwing members of the Health community under the Bus is not going to end well. Nor is consigning vulnerable members of the community to a premature death, after twice refusing help from Federal authorities, when it was patently obvious that he had lost control of the situation a month ago. Meanwhile, in Queensland this morning it turns out there's been infected person who works at a School, who contracted the virus after returning from a southern State. The School has been shut for deep cleaning, and I confidently predict the State border will be closed again by midnight tonight. S
  11. Yes it's definitely worth the effort... This release is based on their new-tool F-8 kit. Like that offering, it is dimensionally accurate, with a few minor detail errors in some parts. It goes together well; some Modellers have had specific issues with the cowl assembly, but others have not. It is the only kit in this scale that can build an R-2 variant from the box, so has that advantage going for it if that is your goal. HTH, Steve.
  12. I'd have it in a pinch Harv, but postage would be a killer S
  13. We have replaced common sense with Civil liberties. A photo from Regional Queensland of a quarantine Station during the 1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic... A Century later, we have the enlightened Masses complaining because they can't play Golf or go to their favourite Café for a latte. Refusing to social distance or wear a mask when requested to. Crying foul because they're not allowed out of their four-star Hotel for a cigarette during quarantine, or worse still; bribing guards to let them out for a spot of shopping. And the epitome of Idiosy... 90% of people reporting as sick continuing to work and go about their business instead of isolating themselves. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-22/coronavirus-australia-live-news-covid-19-latest-victoria/12478472 As a Nation, we had this suppressed. Then Victoria loused it up for everyone, and now we're back to square one. Let that be a lesson for everyone.
  14. Oh Man, this was cool... The same aircraft departed Sydney this afternoon on her last flight to the Arizona Boneyard, but on the way drew a QANTAS kangaroo logo in the sky... S
  15. Or... A Wife is the one cause you should be happy to take a knee for. S
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