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  1. 3 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

    I got some US Nats goodies as well.  All 1/32 unless noted  

    ZM Mustang lV

    Revell P-51D-5

    SH Yak 3

    SH T-2 Buckeye

    SH IAR 80 (on the advice of Radu I also ordered his book on the type)

    SH Radial engined Tempest (hi tech)

    ZM Horten two seater conversion set

    1/48 Kinetic CF-18 with red Maple Leaf 150th scheme

    3 sets of G Factor gear

    3 Eduard Look panels. FW-190, P-51, Spitfire

    various Eduard goodies

    Various RB Productions seatbelts. 

    Nice Marine Corps C-46 there cupcake!

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  2. Is there a reason that you want the weight its self? Why don't you use some fishing weights? I used them in my B-25 and had no issues...

    I could as I have lots of them, it just seems like space would better utilized with the cast weight.

  3. Hi all! I am looking for a source for the noseweights for the HK B-25 here in the U.S, and I was also wondering if there was a resin barrel for the 50 cals out there I could use instead of the brass ones. I know there is no resin barrel set made for the specific kit but I know there are resin barrels out there. Thanks for your help! John

  4. You're right, did look at the wrong version - but Tom Cleaver also did a -2 version,

    and this is what he said about the four decal options:

     Decals are provided for William T. Amen’s MiG-killer, an F9F-2 flown by my old Commanding Officer, VADM Damon W. Cooper, when he was CO of VF-91 aboard the Princeton in 1953, a grey-white Marine Reserve airplane, and a very colorful F9F-2KD drone controller used for the Regulus program from Point Mugu in 1958.




    I missed that review...thank you!

  5. Hi, found this in Tom Cleaver's Modelling madness-review, hope this helps: 


    Markings are for Harry Brubaker’s “Two-Zero-Niner” of VF-192 Golden Dragons (which was a real airplane flown with the “LT. H. BRUBAKER” marking for the rest of the time the squadron flew the Panther after it starred in the movie), a Marine Panther of VMF-232 in Gull Grey and White, and the Number 5 solo plane from the Blue Angels’ 1955 team.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look for the info but that is the -5 Panther, I was wondering about the -2.

  6. Thank you sir! We had whispers of the Salmson before and knew about the EI and the AEG. It seems the last couple years they have released something totally off the radar screen though, like the Hannover last year. I am thinking we may see something else in time for Christmas, how about you? I know this is a HK Meteor thread and will abstain from further WNW posts...sorry!!

    Hi smitty44!
    You can see it here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1645-wnw-hot-news/#entry23109

    And also on WNWF facebook page.


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