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  1. Congrats on the job, Matt! And do tell, how does that Black Widow look??
  2. Started applying decals today. Hopefully I'll be able to finish tomorrow before getting my fishing gear ready for Saturday morning. Enjoy!
  3. Ok, with most of the construction completed, I've moved on to slinging some paint. Luckily I just had a decent couple of hours painting, with no real steps back. Seems like the Jinx Fairy took the last two days off. I got the bottom sprayed with some RLM 65: Then I shot the upper surfaces with the RLM 70/71 splinter scheme: And that's how it sits currently. I'll give it a day to cure, then hit with a clear coat and get ready for some decals. After that, we'll have a little bit of weathering and get close to being complete. Enjoy!
  4. Ok, I started this topic on the original SPAR forum but, yeah. Now that things seem to have settled down and we're still keeping the group build over here, I'll put my entry back up. This is Eduard's 1/48 Bf-109 E-1 and I'll be doing Hannes Trautloft's rig. Here are some pics to bring us up to speed. Had a bit of a problem with the propeller shaft coming out of the engine. It was sacrificed to the carpet monster. I decided to turn a new part on my dremel. It came out alright. Luckily, it won't be seen. Here's the part with a little brass rod reinforceme
  5. I either keep my feet on the stool, or, in front of some of the kits. There is a little bit of plywood that I can put my feet on in front of the Eduard kits and in front of the Squadron in Action books. I only put the balls of my feet on the wood as there is quite the overhang from the bench.
  6. Well, I had showed off my bench on SPAR but it's unrecoverable so I guess I'll show it off again! Here it is: And some stash close-ups:
  7. Looks like a great place! Don't worry about it being unkempt now; if it was clean that'd mean that you weren't building.
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