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  1. Thanks Drifter. The figures will give the plane depth in scale. I am hoping to give the viewer the intention of looking further into the diorama to show each figure strolling through the grass to the plane. Just acquired the AK s white aluminium to use around the waist gunners area. Never used it before but will experiment on a small area to see how it goes. The black base is sprayed first then the aluminium is to be sprayed , hopefully as a highlighting colour as it would be good to see a little depth in the panels inside the fuselage. More to follow with this. Still have to clear the workbench of the Australian M1A1 Abrams , I'm in the fun stage the painting and weathering. Michael
  2. The images are showing good clean detail. Very nice. Michael.
  3. Thanks Peter, The worst part about the tracks is cleaning out all the holes from the drill shavings Michael
  4. Thanks Rob, First time using the Bronco working track,It was horrible and don't recommend it to anyone who thinks it will be easy. But when they are together and detailed they are the real deal and movable for plastic track and Bronco have excelled on this. Annnd yes I was drinking wine whilst building the second track Assembling the track together will be longer than building the kit. Michael
  5. Thank you, I appreciate your comments. The posts are going to be slow in coming. As with all modelers one build is not enough and we seem to get distracted with something else that comes along and takes your interest away. With saying that I too have again fallen into this category and have wanted to do a quick build in between working on the B17. Just quickly here is the reason why there are not many B17 wip images not coming through. It's an Aussie M1A1 Abrams with the Meng M1A1 AIM and some minor upgrades. This is going to be a quick build. A couple of month's sort of. 7 pieces for 1 track link Even drilled out each side of the track like the real thing. Michael
  6. Hello again, Thank you Maru and Phil. You may have thought the B17 has been buried into the abyss with the length of time to reply. With the Famo and trailer finally finished and visited the Brisbane Hobby show it is now out of the way and in the display case with the M26. So it's onward and upwards with the B17 commencing with small steps. One of them is to start with removing all the dam sink marks inside the fuselage. I know you will not see them when it's closed up but seeing other modelers post WIP build images of the HK B17 on the internet and they are still there all I seem to do is get distracted with looking at the sink marks. Here are a couple of images of the inside fuselage without sink marks and the tool used to remove them. Still a lot more work with the Internal fuselage sanding. Michael
  7. Thanks Phil, And you know the worst thing with modelling, there is always another subject that comes up and takes your attention away from what you are doing. I failed to mention there is an Italeri schnellboot complete with Azimut resin crew manning the guns, metal barrels , Eduard big ED etch set and base sitting off in the corner ready to commence. The build blog will be posted here in the coming weeks. Will try and post some photo's of the S Boot contents when the Famo images go up . Michael
  8. Thank you for your words. Apologies for the late reply. Harv, Have not moved any further on the B17. The Famo and trailer have been the priority over the last few months. The transporter has been on the bench since 2013. A five year project that has taken a lot of time, more than what I anticipated. There is a Model show over at Redbank Plains in a few weeks and with the vehicle being blogged for so long I thought it would be time to show it up close. It will be on the table all weekend. Here is the site with the info https://qmhe.com/ Will clean up the workbench and contemplate moving forward on building the B17 or complete the Takom Tiger 2 repair diorama. https://armorama.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=257763 Peter, Will show more images of the completed Famo and trailer in the coming weeks. The B17 sitting will be quietly on the sideline for the time being. Phil, The completed photo's are not that far away. Have built the Dragon Wagon as well and the Famo was by far one of the biggest kit builds. Michael
  9. Thanks Rob, I appreciate your words. Finally got the crew ready. The crew will sit on the temporary resin base till the large base is completed with the plane. Here is the completed result. Now back to finish the Famo and trailer. Michael
  10. Thanks guys. I appreciate your words. Just received some more additions to the B17 inventory. Whilst sourcing the external etch set from Eduard I came across 1/32nd scale 50 cal links. Wow, they are detailed. They also release them in 35th scale. There may be another PT boat build coming in the future. Watching the Memphis belle youtube clip I noticed in the Bombardier's spot with the draped 50 call links out of the 50 cal. If looking from the outside into the nose of the B17 the rounds would be prominent to the viewer. Could not help myself , had to get them. Here are the acquisitions.
  11. Hello Again, It has been a few weeks, here is the next stage of the B17 aircrew. Still further work to be done. Sitting at 80% completion. Michael
  12. Very Nice. Thanks for posting the images James, so much detail, everywhere. The front machine gun barrels look extremely well detailed. It is a tribute to HK Models high standards of detail with their 1/32nd aircraft. It will be an exceptional aircraft to look forward to building.
  13. Thanks Guys, Apologies for the late reply, still working on figures 3 and 4, here is the progress so far. Michael
  14. Hi Rob, Thanks , yes the board is huge and there will be a lot of rearranging the hobby room/man cave with this plane. The intention is to have the crew spread out on the field walking to the plane. Michael
  15. Thanks Guys, I agree Coolboxx the movie is pretty good. May not be historically accurate but the actors did a great job on an iconic aircraft and it's crew. Michael
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