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  1. It interesting to see people’s cars on the thread especially the enormous American types. I have a car which is much more ‘European’ in style it could be said and would be considered to be very small in countries that are big - America, Canada and Australia. Large engine capacity and big dimension are important when big distance needs to be covered. The inner city conurbation here in the UK is not a places for those big lads I am afraid.
  2. I have been making the back of of the Challenger II and trying to use the PE set. I tried but gave up with most of it as it is too much work for very little improvement.
  3. Getting the parts together.
  4. Here is the next tank build. I have put the wheels on and have started on the rear end. I have a detail set for this but on close inspection I don’t think I will use much of it as it seems to want to reproduce things that are already there and look perfectly fine?
  5. That is an excellent build and you have achieved a lovely finish. The dulling down the lozenge works well. I will need to do that when I complete the one I am working on now. I think I will practice on my Pfalz DXII. first. I will try Tamiya smoke first. I do like the finish on the exhaust it looks like heat damage and staining. Andrew.
  6. I have had the good fortune to have bought a Tamiya Challenger II from the Iraq conflict for £10 in a charity shop and so will have a go at this before the Stuart and alongside my AEG.
  7. I would be very interested to have a look at one of those Harv.
  8. I think you will be very pleased with the Stewart, it certainly suits 1/16 scale. I have looked at the Takom 1/16 scale Japanese tankettes and they look to be too small? I think a 1/16 scale Bren gun carrier would be a good idea if anyone Takom just happens to be reading this? Andrew.
  9. Sorry I forgot this is an armour thread shall I remove the photo? Andrew.
  10. Thank you very much everyone I do appreciate your comments. I am now into a WNW AEG. GIV (early) but have been bitten by the amour bug as I have just taken delivery of the wonderful 1/16 M5A1 Stuart tank by Classy Hobby. I have never heard of Classy Hobby before but they have produced an excellent kit. Below is the cockpit of the AEG
  11. This post covers a few firsts as I could be described as an aircraft modeller. So this is my first 1/16 scale tank and in fact my first tank model since I was very young a long time ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the kit and have set about doing more more tanks. It is also my first post on this forum and so please let me know what you think in a critical friend kind of way Thank you, Andrew.
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