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  1. The figure is wired for sound, and the first dunkelbraun is on the turret. He was supposed to have some binoculars... but they aren't there. I'm afraid he's gonna have to steal the canteen from the other dude.
  2. Thank you Peter! Here we go with the dunkelbraun test. The main goal was to have a color that didn't show up well in color, and virtually disappeared in B&W. Just like we see in historical photos. Here is a monochrome photo of the PZ gray with my 'track brown', both colors united under a matte coat. I was advised by a friend to go more brown, and here is the B&W result of that test. Obviously too brown ins too easy to see in monochrome. Just to give you an idea of the difference, here is a color photo of the two comparison tests toge
  3. Nice! Glad to see some paint!
  4. Any plans for a figurine or some dock works?
  5. Oh... sorry. All the pics I have are black and white and don't show the difference between the two colors. It's one of those things that is widely accepted as being true but not visible.
  6. Oh... you can count on it. But that's a ways away yet as the sunlight is fading and my paint booth is outside.
  7. Ok... lets compare your Mirage and a Sturmgeschutze. You can make broad, long strokes with your hand and sanding material without hitting anything in many areas on the Mirage. Whereas in a 1/35 scale StuG, the longest distance between details (excluding the barrel) is a mere 2cm.... in many places shorter. So, it's not feasible to sand the StuG any more than absolutely necessary. Now... I wet sanded my FW 190. So, water and the sanding debris ran following the direction of gravity and I wiped it off with a soft cloth. But with a StuG...that debris is going to find a crevic
  8. It's dark! Very dark! I've painted the upper half with SMS Premium German Gray RAL 7021. For your comparative pleasure, I've placed a bottle of Tamiya flat black, and a bottle of Tamiya Panzer Gray near the tank. And taken pics from three separate angles to allow for lighting. I've also laid the tracks across because I think the color I made for 'track brown' is actually a very nice match for Dunkelbraun #45. I used about 1/4 of the bottle of SMS paint just to do everything above the return rollers. It's a big model. Happy modelling!
  9. Kai, thank you for your faith. There are some major differences between painting an armor model and painting a streamlined airframe. Even the Albatros I just did... I had to treat as an armored model instead of an aircraft.
  10. Thanks Peter. I wouldn't say it's flawless... but the extra effort certainly takes a lot more time than my teenage method of twisting the parts from the sprue and gluing them together without a hint of dry-fitting.
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