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  1. Now looking like a plane, John! Can't wait to see the paintjob you lay on it.
  2. Tamiya and Testors do not get along. If you paint Tamiya over Testors, you get problems. You can put Testors on Tamiya... but Tamiya on top will always attack the Testors. Learned it the hard way quite a long time ago. I have seen it mentioned before... but not much lately as fewer and fewer modellers use Testors. Gaz
  3. Now we come to my personally most hated part of aircraft modelling: Scribing... rescribing.... and fault finding. First some black along all of the seams: And a nice smooth leading edge with rescribed lines... And I get to do it all over again with the nacelles, too.... I'll save that for the next episode. Thanks for looking! Gaz
  4. I know a lot of people don't like to buy from the People's Republic.... But the prices are much better there. https://www.cyber-hobby.com/collections/dragon-armor However Covid has lengthened shipping times. It took me a while to get my Meng Fokker's. But they both came. One from Luckymodel, and the other from a club member who is a Meng distributor.
  5. I'm all-in on Dragon. I check to ensure it doesn't have the DS tracks and click on the 'buy it now' button. I bought some Tamiya kits on the cheap last year and have to consider how I'm going to do the tracks.
  6. Amazing looking Phantom, Frank! FWIW, I think it's almost impossible to get perfect in-scale replicas for the ejection handles. If memory serves, the black bands are only 1/2 inch wide on the real thing. ...and your handles look better than most. Keep up the good work! Gaz
  7. A little bit of engine research: Nice and pretty.... with black cylinder jackets... kinda impedes my artistic desires.... This relic bears some black on the jackets as well as cool looking turquoise sparkplug wires. And at the far end of the scale, a truly thrashed Bramo Fafnir.
  8. I love magic tracks... but all of my armor kits are not Dragon. And I have gotten a few sets of AM tracks. But yeah... doubling the kit price is a punch in the guts. I've used both Friuls and resin with pins. I imagine the real reason they're expensive is because there is always someone willing to pay, and no competitor is trying to undercut the market with lower prices.
  9. My friend... it's not by any particular skill, or finger control. it's technology. Using this little knob, experimenting with air pressure, and thinning your paint to very thin will enable you to do just about anything you want. Not saying you have to buy an Iwata. But this little control on any airbrush will save you from those embarrassing paint spiders. I wear a rubber glove on my free hand, and test on that before spraying on the model.
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