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  1. GazzaS

    Heinkel HE219 A 2/5/7

    Great job on the camo! I applaud you for painting the 76 over the 75. Most guys do it the other way around, and it just don't look right. Gaz
  2. GazzaS

    where east meets west

    If it's any consolation, my friend, I believe that all Trumpy rivets are too big and too deep... So you're making two corrections in one. Gaz
  3. Looking good, Buddy!
  4. GazzaS

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    That's not good, Mate. At your current rate your max bench time for 2019 will be around 17.6 hours. Gaz
  5. GazzaS

    My First Heartbreak 19/Jan/19

    Thanks Phil! It's not been too hot in my neck of the woods, this year. I find the best thing to do is drink a lot of water and avoid thinking about the heat. You do get used to it. Gaz
  6. Of course, it won't really be done till it has a bum[er sticker: But watch out for this one: Perhaps some family stickers? Heh... dig this one: That'll get a couple of rocks chucked at your car for sure! Gaz
  7. GazzaS


    I fear we've hijacked Ryan's thread... I hope he likes Star Trek. And although Patrick Stewart is a great actor I refuse to become embroiled in a Start Trek debate which may cast me deeper into the depths of nerd-dome. Gaz
  8. GazzaS


    I love Start Trek... Even though they worked hard with subsequent versions (Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, and even with Scott Bakula) to make it suck.
  9. GazzaS


    I do hope you mean models.
  10. GazzaS

    My First Heartbreak 19/Jan/19

    Hi Everyone, Through trials and tribulations, I have her ready for some paint. The propeller is dry-fitted, and will probably not need any glue to hold it on for eternity. I had to fabricate the muzzle aperture from sprue because I lost the original one, and it fits very snugly. But...I can still pull it off to paint. I'm gonna give it a day for the paint to harden, menawhile I'll be working on the Silhouette Portrait to make the markings for which I have no decals. ...the pics were taken outside so are a little bright. Thanks for looking! Gaz
  11. GazzaS


    Welcome, Ryan!
  12. GazzaS

    CSM Nieuport 17 (Late)

    I like it! ONe up on the Germans and their gray-something interiors. I didn't know there were degrees of color-blinded-ness. I thought you either were, or weren't. Gaz
  13. GazzaS


    Willkommen bei Large Scale Modeller