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  1. Hi everyone! I've gotta have a plane going as well as armor on my bench so I can flip flop as required. However... as and added incentive, this build need to be done before August 25 to participate in our local show QMHE. (Queensland Model Hobby Expo) Here is the box art: Stay tuned for chapter 1. Titled: Fighting the Mad Rivetter Gaz
  2. The survivors clean it up, Jeff. Anything useful gets recycled. The government will step in, but it's also a lot of citizens doing their civic duty. Some battlefields stay littered for a long time. I know during the 70's, there were still wrecks littered about the Libyan desert. Remember Princess Diana and her crusade to clear up landmines? It's usually just ppl who jump in and do what needs to be done. Gaz
  3. Paint me.... oooohhh Paint me.... Won't we look awesome on display... oooohh
  4. I have this same kit sitting in a box in my old bedroom on another continent. Looking forward to seeing YOURS go together. Gaz
  5. Looking good, Harv! Ready to close up? Gaz
  6. Phil, What an awesome job you've done. The weathering is great... very realistic and not overblown. The added stowage and the little things like chains to hold the tailgate enrich the model significantly. Bravo! Gaz
  7. Thank you, Phil! Wow, thank you Jeff! I'd love to see your SE.5! Thank you sir!
  8. Hubert, Thank you very much. I can understand how you feel about the fuselage looking strange. Interestingly, though the first Albatros D.V prototype had a lozenge covered fuselage. This is a colorized photo:
  9. Yes... off the shelf of doom. Reminding me that my P-40 still sits unloved. Gaz
  10. Unfortunately, "easy" is only good when coupled with "hot". Gaz
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