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  1. I haven't seen Picard yet. I hope it's better than the three series that followed the original,
  2. I use acrylics and glass cleaner all of the time. And I do have a brass area at the bottom of each cup of my two Iwatas. Never had any problems, tho. Nothing seems to be touching the needlrs. I think they're stainless steel. They do act unhappy if I don't wipe the needle clean after each use.
  3. And when your half done with those vortex generators:
  4. The paint lift scares me. Your masking material shouldn't lift paint that often. I think three outta five in that small area would inspire me to pull all of the masks, reprint them, and then strip the uppers, give them a fine sand and break out the lacquer primer.
  5. I've been working on these two kits for a while; Cheers!
  6. Looking great so far! I'm doing the exact same kit. We're even doing the same Gruppe. I'm doing a Gruppenstab machine piloted by Erwin Leykauf. Almost finished.
  7. That's a beautiful work area, Harv! Now, clutter that up with models! Do you keep a bottle of CA de-bonder handy. I've used it fro removing CA from the tiles where I work. The tiles are matte, and the CA shines brightly...lol
  8. Steve, I was wondering what machine you were doing all of your work with. This will be great!
  9. Whoa, this looks awesome! And Eddie looks bad-ass in situ!
  10. Steve, This is all very amazing! I've spent quite a few minutes catching up. When the mask cutters started becoming available, I wondered if anyone would attempt to do as you are doing. Thanks to great decal sets, more planes are becoming covered in decals than ever before. I feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the next update! Gaz
  11. Looks great Ern! Those HGW belts really add to the sparse cockpit.
  12. My wife and I have a policy: Try not to know your neighbor.
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