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  1. Hi Rob... I had to look, because I'd forgotten. I did canvas covered aluminum. But all of my Albatrosen and Pfalz have leather. I was never really happy with it. Tried to make it look scuffed and dirty as I imagined the pilot would have stepped on it every time he got in and out of the plane. And no cushion... because I believed that a late-war pilot would have had a parachute to sit on.
  2. GazzaS

    F16 C

    Five shots of rum, and contemplate another kit in your stash?
  3. Thanks for that recipe! I'll give it a go on my next roast. After last years bush fires, beef an lamb prices went very high. Because both are range animals, they died out there in millions. But I was raised on grain fed beef grown on my uncles farm. But it's been so long since then that I really couldn't tell you how it was different. I know they didn't get fed hormones, just grasses, grain, dried corn, and silage. ugh... this fat man needs to quit thinking about food!
  4. I'd originally thought the seat was covered in black leather. Seems I was mistaken. looks great! I haven't really seen a lot of real WWI seats. Only one, and it was covered in leather. So, I really have little idea about them.
  5. I do like the look of your black leather... Any tips?
  6. Good bloody show, old chap! ... sorry... that's as Brit as I git. Ooh... I forgot! "Innit!"
  7. Thanks for the offer, Harv. I just got some tailwheels in from Hannants and the long gear are coming from S.O.W. in da USA.
  8. We're having BBQ'd chicken tonight... Had steak last night. I don;t know that I've ever heard of another way to get beef other than the local butcher or grocery store here in my corner of Australia. Besides... I don't know if my little chest freezer could deal with a quarter of a cow.
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