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  1. That looks fab! I've been wondering about the "glass" fitting. I'm really anticipating discovering what you will use.
  2. Well... at this moment, I don’t want for anything. But for quality and presentation I’d have to go with Gaspatch Models. Anyone besides me got their 1/48 Henschel Hs 123?
  3. For me, the best movie means if you see it on TV, you'll stop whatever you're doing to watch it despite the fact you've seen it before. 1. Cross of Iron: Best land battle scenes ever.... and James Mason 2. Das Boot: Best Submarine movie. 3. The Blue Max: Great flight scenes, and of course.... James Mason 4. Zulu! .... Color Sergeant Bourne!! 5. Tora Tora Tora Others that continue this list: Gettysburg (1993). All Quiet on the Western Front (original and Johnboy Walton versions). Blackhawk Down. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The best war movies usually don't have any plot and very few or no women. Gaz
  4. Carl, glad you’Ve come through!
  5. Welcome to the Forums, Curly
  6. I like the G6 the best. Unlike the sleekest variants, it has a few lumps and bumps to draw the eye. And so many schemes available! I have 2 LS G6's and a few more 1/48 scale G6's waiting to be built. Gaz
  7. Welcome to the forums! I like cars, too... Looking forward to seeing some of your builds. Gaz
  8. I'm wondering what it'll look like under the greenhouse, Ern. Must be shitloads of instrumentation, not to mention the pizza oven and soda fountain.
  9. It's a tough time, Ernie. NO need to feel obligated to model. Relax.
  10. Interesting question, Dale. And some interesting answers. I was born in Germany but didn't live there very long. My American father didn't want the kids of his German wife to be anything but Americans. I don't feel it's rebellious, but I have been more interested in Germans and German history than any other peoples. He hated it. I model German subjects almost exclusively. Anything USAAF/IJA/IJN that I can foil has some interest. I recently built a MiG-25 and a T-34. One is an interesting aircraft, and the other a was inspired by it's appearance in the movie Cross of Iron,. Planes, Ships, and vehicles with guns. No gun, little interest. Gaz
  11. Wow... Interesting project and a nice start, Rob. I know only too little about this machine. But I'll be glad to watch. Gaz
  12. Your 70/71 looks great. It's the hardest combo to do I reckon. I'll have t look Mr. Color up. Gaz
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