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  1. Thank you, Sir! I know that the hardest part of being AFV crew is trying not to hit your head on all of the metal bits that stick out everywhere. Gaz
  2. Thank you sir! I was happiest most with the paint job as it's been high on my list of things to improve. Gaz
  3. Hi everyone! I completed this today: You can see more over at the RFI here: Gaz
  4. Hi everyone, Finally completed this model. I don't time my models, but between life and other kits, Iit's been 45 days start to finish. The snow was a bit of a failure, and I really need a better way to take photos. Anyway...here it is: Thank you for looking and sharing your comments! Gaz
  5. Excellent, thank you! How in the hell do you find these pictures. I typed in "Mig 25 landing lights" and got nothing useful. Thanks, Mate! Gaz
  6. Hi folks! My Foxbat has three lights on the belly for which clear plastic is provided. Is there any color behind the lights, or is it just white metal reflective? Thanks for your thoughts. Back in the day I was building a F-104... and I couldn't find info for some of the lights. Then I had an inspiration and looked for the Federal Aviation Administration's regulations for aircraft lights. Gaz
  7. Peter, That's just amazing! Did you turn the spinner, or did you beat it into shape with a hammer? A few years back I tried to make a B-29 nose in 1/48 using a hammer and stakes. I could get close, but after about 30 tries, I decided there was no way it was going to be good enough. I would start as if making a bowl from a 125mm disc of aluminum, shrinking it, then annealing it time and again. But in the end, what I wanted just escaped me. Gaz
  8. *applause* Very well done, mate! Really love the weathering. Gaz
  9. I have no idea what you're saying, matey!
  10. Another update... I'd better slow down before they raise my quota.... Anyway... The day started with gluing the large fuselage Dorsal section to cans and bracing frames. I had started on the twin rudders yesterday and had them puttied ready for sanding today. When first dry fitted, they showed some warpage: Each one also had an intake which needed a bit of work to make look neat: I had also closed up the nose cone with a 32g sinker glued in place with CA. Dry fitting showed a small bit of trimming was required: I tried cold-bending the rudders, but with seconds, there was a seam pop. So, I went with the hair dryer. Seems a little straighter. Hopefully the angles and dihedral are right...Anyone wanna input? There is room to squeeze the rudders closer... or I'll have to add a fillet. Back view: A side shot... She's big! Takes up more space than a 1/32 109. Anyway... all input appreciated. Hopefully I can find a useful plan drawing somewhere... Thanks for looking! Gaz
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