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  1. Thanks for the great responses and the great photos, guys! I love those factory shots! Imagine how modelling would be if they had developed (no pun intended) decent color film before the outbreak of WWI. That blue on the p-40's is totally interesting! Anybody know anything about it? Gaz
  2. I really like the look of things right now!
  3. Thank you! Actually, many of the early 'Mg-3's' were actually had MG 42 still stamped on the receiver. But I haven't looked up the complete rundown on the MG-3. I image outside of some small external differences, everything is the same except that it got altered a bit to use disintegrating belts like the M-60 uses.
  4. Looking sweet! Gotta say, those ammo belts look fabulous!
  5. Just beware that this idea may exist somewhere else, and may have been written much better than I can. I only claim originality insomuch as I haven;t seen it somewhere else before that I can remember. I know many people argue about paints, shades, historically correct, and a thousand other notions. But this is mine, and I started it a couple models ago. The basic idea is that the sub-contractor that made the radios, and the sub-contractor that made the floor, and the sub-contractor that made the fuse panel, and the sub-contractor that made the IP didn't all get to use the same pot of paint. They all didn't necessarily get their paints from the same paint supplier. In other areas, this expands to storage panniers, canopy framing, and anything else that arrived at the aircraft factory ready to be installed. This example is in the Sturer Emil by Trumpeter: Instead of having the shell racks, the powder canister containers, the gun breach, and the inner walls of the fighting compartment looking like they were all painted by one guy at one time, I've tinted base colors to reflect that they were all painted prior to assembly and probably came from different sub-contractors. I did it on this small scale Me-262 pit as well. The IP and the stick are tinted differently from the rest of the tub. And on this Dornier Do 217. I reckon that one company made the seats... so I used the same color/tint for them. Now I can't claim to be particularly gifted when it comes to wielding the paint brush. So streaks appear, or sometimes my wash will be less than neat/perfect.... But I think that this 1/32 Hasegawa bf 109F's cockpit is one of the best I've ever done. The unpainted parts were inspired by a Kagero book on the 109F. I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think of it? Gaz
  6. I just use CA to stick them where I want them to stick. I never expected them to lay like real belts will lay.
  7. Steve, I hate to seem under-informed... but I have no idea what OBC stands for. I looked online and found an application applicable to the Indian class structure. Could you enlighten me, please. Gaz
  8. I just got a car payment... So I'm gonna demur. But I was surprised by what they have. They'll be gone tomorrow.
  9. Those PE parts rock the build! I hate trying to paint tiny details like that. Killer build, mate!
  10. I bought the Nano Ceramic paint protection, so I'll never have to wax it, or worry about the paint oxiding or being eaten by flying fox shit. Got a mango tree in the neighbors back yard. I think there is a bulls-eye located near my carport. Despite the ute being completely under the carport, they still hit it. They must be reincarnated bombardiers from WWII. Karma.
  11. Yeah, it's funny. We don't get the Tacoma here. The Tacoma, I think, was meant to compete with the larger US pickup trucks. But those big US trucks are few and far between here. I find the tray is much handier than the standard pickup truck bed, called 'stylesides' here. I can fit two full-sized sofas in the tray or lay down 8' X 4' sheet with none hanging out the back. And the tray sides drop down or can be removed altogether to make loading and unloading easier. Like an old stake truck but easier...lol.
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