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  1. Looks nice, Kevin. Couldja get a little closer with the camera, please.
  2. Wow, that is an impressive work! Excellently detailed and well put together. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Thanks for you kind words and thoughts, Rob. I appreciate it. As for the arrangement... I had to make compromises due to space. I only have space for maybe eight 25cm X 25cm bases/dioramas. Those dimensions don't include the frame that fits around the foam base. And none of these are protected from dust. To put the Marder perpendicular to the T-34 would have required another 5 cm at least. So... we will have to think of the T-34 as flank protection.
  4. Time to call this one done. My first diorama... it has some warts. But it was fun at times and always interesting. You can find the photos here:
  5. Hello, Friends. Many of you have followed through this build since it begun so I will spare you long descriptions and captions and just leave you a barrage of pictures. I hope you like it.
  6. Not me. I had leftovers for breakfast. Liverwurst and cheese for lunch. And am having BBq'd chicken drumsticks for dinner. But on my bench...
  7. I appreciate the approach the mods take to this forum. It's probably why 70% to 80% of my online comments are here.
  8. Looks nice, john! Feel the power of the dark side flow through you!
  9. Love this build and how it came out. I'll be referring to it in the Future. Sorry... I said the 'F' word.
  10. Thank you, Kevin. It's been so long since I saw that, that I can't even remember the scene. I've been watching a lot of Nightshift (the armor modeller) and he's gone from just doing models and began making bases and figures with his builds. Everything just looks more impressive when there is even a small dio around it.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Peter, very glad you are in full remission
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