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  1. This one? Or this one? Or maybe the venerable Sea Magnet?
  2. Thank you, Harv! More work, plus the Focke Wulf I been working on... pardon the grammar... tired of apostrophes... Also... than and crew are mostly ready for paint. Got some work to do on the canvas mantlet... not happy with it yet. Crappy photo... too much light.
  3. Be glad you have it. That LVG might be worth a kidney or something.
  4. Hey, what was everyone's first car? Mine was a 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88' Royale with a 455 Rocket Engine. Looked just like this one: One night while camping, I slept on the hood with my head resting on the windshield. My feet didn't overhang the front end. It had a huge bench seat and was the only car I've ever owned where my legs didn't have to bend. (I'm 6'3") But, I got it in 1980... when we worried about the amount of gas we used. She got 17 MPG. Loved that car. But like many young idiots, I wrecked it.
  5. Just my 2 cents worth. We're now at over 3/4 of a million Covid 19 deaths. Regarding the stats, people make all kinds of claims and counter claims. For many, it seems that this "small percentage" doesn't matter" when 50,000,000 people died from Spanish Flu. I'm guessing that many of these people are sharing their opinions because their businesses are failing, their stuck at home, or otherwise inconvenienced. Call it self-interest. No other name for it. My father's 5th wife (yeah, I know all of the jokes) is always putting out shit on farcebook about fake stats and the small percentage not mattering. I know she's happily sitting on 'Blessed Assurance'. Both my wife and I have put her on 'hidden' a couple of times because we're so sick of reading the crap. Governments are giving away a lot of money to stave off collapse. Though I live in Australia, I've received a letter from Donald Trump saying that I'll be receiving a check for 1,200 dollars. I don't know how I feel about cashing it, yet. It's still in the mail. I haven't missed a day of work or otherwise been troubled by the Covid mess other than having to queue up at a few places for groceries or hardware. I haven't taken an opportunity to get ten thousand dollars from my superannuation fund, though many have fibbed about their economic straits. I know one guy who bought a new motor for his boat with it. I have trouble about lying on federal forms. I know if I was jobless, faced with losing my home... I would probably have a stronger opinion. Personally I feel sorry for everyone adversely affected by the pandemic. But I love to see what it's done for the environment. We've fucked the environment, and now... just maybe, it's fucking us back. But I don't know how long that millions can stay out of work. Some countries have already stated that they cannot survive further lockdown. I've no idea what's next. Hopefully a vaccine.
  6. The blue tint is just liquid mask. I place it over clear small parts when I can;t leave them to be added at the very end of the build. I also use it on areas I expect to put a glue joint. It comes off easier than paint.
  7. Queensland has had no new cases in 15 days. Now, we have two teens who sneaked in from Sydney and are being tested. Hopefully they are clean.
  8. More practice with Figs and more work on the M47. The tallest figure is the Göring 1/32 from the Wingnut Wings kit. It is an amazing likeness that will most likely be spoiled by me. The Dolp metal figures are even harder to paint.
  9. Thank you for the great review! I'll definitely consider these next time I consider getting new paint.
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