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  1. Decalzzzzz.....with an emphasis on the zzzz Surprise, Surprise, Surprise exclaims Gomer Pyle. The hand-hold and toe-kick decals don't matched the molded surfaces. I dislike little decals. You can't apply as much pressure on them to get the air bubbles out. If you do, they move. I uh... look forward to slicing all of the tiny bubbles once the matte coat is applied. Anyway... this one can sit for a couple days. Happy Modelling!
  2. NO instructions?!?!?
  3. Sometimes Rob... it can be a lot of sanding to get a desired effect: Wish I knew the name of the JG 1 pilot.
  4. That will give you plenty of time to foil the B-36.
  5. Thank you, Kai. Clear coated and waiting overnight for decals.
  6. Individualizing the aircraft: I've done some brush and sponge chipping, as well as wearing the paint by sanding. I've added scuffs, painted the tail wheel as well as the leather boot around the tail wheel strut... I also scratched it putting it back into the tail wheel yoke. I've never done much in the past too illustrate the rubber seal behind the engine cowl. But, since it's molded there in clear view, I couldn't imagine the black rubber not shedding paint somewhere. Not sure how I like everything yet. Looks better from a foot or three away.
  7. Good to see progress, Harv.
  8. Oh... I didn't know this. I will make my starting holes bigger, then.
  9. You'd be amazed at my ability to get the hole off center... or the drill bit to drift off center... It is another of those simple manual tasks at which I have failed to excel.
  10. Stunning finish, Rob. Not sure how I feel about unsealed decals. But for me the point is moot because I weather everything with oils. Nevertheless... you've done well!
  11. Fabulous paintwork,Rob! Your demarcation lines look perfect.
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