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  1. Fantastic result Dan! Love the controlled weathering. What's that your third aircraft build?
  2. super clean build. I'm definitely sold on the kit...
  3. Hi Kuya, thanks for the kind words. For the exhaust I basically just build colour in layers using dullcote tinted with various colours. I start by discolouring the area around the exhaust with greys and buff. I then I start adding the darker exhaust tones. I think the key to getting realistic exhaust staining is to avoid straight colours especially black, unless you're modelling a skyraider or something.
  4. Wow... I just followed this thread from the start. I was looking at the amazing PE work and thinking "Damn, I hope this guy can paint"... and then I got to the bit with painting and thought "Damn, this guy can paint!" Beautiful build... can't wait to see more.
  5. Thanks once again folks. Appreciate all the feedback.
  6. Thanks folks. I'd like to do "Gigi" a G-10 with the early style tail as my next 109 project. Waiting so see whether I can achieve this from the Revell G-10 boxing or by cross kitting their G-10 with their G-6 (you can't do it from the Hasegawa kits without surgery).
  7. That is awesome. Love the mud and dirt underneath and the appearance of the metal cowling.
  8. Thanks Bevan, pretty much exclusively Gunze RLM colours... some custom mixing going on for tonal variation. No decals other than for data stencils, Montex masks.
  9. Not sure this can be legitimately counted as a 2014 completion, 99.8 per cent of the work was done in 2013. Here it is anyway, my finished 1/32 109K-4 Not worried about flattening the main wheels, it sits in long grass on its base! Tried one against a white background Link to WIP posted earlier http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1646-hasegawa-109k-4-wip/
  10. Time to make a first post, in this case my first 1/32 build, Hasegawa's 109K-4. In the paint booth getting glossed up...
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