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  1. Hello Dennis. Thank you. Kit is easy to build.
  2. Hi Doug. Thank you very much! Final coat is a Mr.Color 182 matt varnish in thin layer. Cheers, Jan
  3. Hello Gentlemans. Please let me show you my new model. More photos in WINGSPAN 2 book by Canfora publishing soon. Cheers, Jan
  4. Very nice finish! But I´m missing rivets Rick :-) Cheers, Jan
  5. Peter, I´m out of my table last months. I bought a motorbike in spring and now only riding. (I have something in progress, but it goes very slow )
  6. Amazing weathering job you did. Like it a lot! Applause. :-)
  7. Hi Loic, I will write you over weekend. Now I haven´t too much time. Thanks. Jan
  8. Thank you! :-) Ralph: KTM 640 LC4 was my dream and now comes true... this summer models going out I think. :-D
  9. I´m not sure... I used what was at home... some red, brown, white...
  10. Thanks! Training of salmon as a base for chipping.... (In real looks much brighter)
  11. Hello gentlemans. Conectors are made of brass tube ( Albion Alloys). Wires (copper) are glued mostly only at the start, and the end. (out of wheelbay) And If I have to glue something in wheel bay, using extra thin cyanoacrylate glue. (Alteco ace D)
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