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  1. I've sanded down the bleed through and Resprayed the white, you can still the blue through it, unsure whether to give it another coat since I'm going to spray the bule again in the same place.
  2. Personally I'm not keen on alclad, it's extremely fragile and quite pricey
  3. This is the finished result. I enjoyed this kit so much I built 2 other versions of it can post pics if you want
  4. Thanks Jeff Another update.
  5. You can't see it in the pics but I thought I show the boiler(it's a spray paint can)
  6. Hi all this was loosely based on a Vic Smeed plan.
  7. Hi all this was a great kit and a pleasure to build
  8. Hi all I loved this when I saw it I had never seen one before but after a bit of research I discovered it was converted into a myriad of unusual designs
  9. Hi all built this a couple of months ago. IMG_5507.MOV
  10. Hi all built this kit last Christmas(its a great kit although the fan belt is far too stiff and slips when the motor is running) IMG_4796.MOV
  11. I built this a while ago was a great kit lots of kit for the money .
  12. I once built a yam 250 based on the video game cosmic wartoad (how many of you remember that game) I cut the front indicators off and put them either side of the head light and then made it into a toads face added lasers to the side panels and toads feet to the rear light surround then painted the artwork on the cassette tape on the tank (who knows what a cassette tape is) you're showing your age if you know.
  13. Hi all many moons ago I won model of the month with this in fact it was the first time I won anything I didn't even know someone on another forum told me.
  14. Hi all I do a bit of drawing and painting.
  15. Hi all a a modeller on another kindly forum gave me this I was having a few problems not being happy with the results of my builds at the time I think I was being over critical at the time. He sent me this and said just build it oob don't worry about the end result, well it seemed rude to just do oob. I used to build full size custom bikes so decided to give it some of that treatment, in my defence I was in my 20s when I did that.
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