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  1. HUZZAH Progress. Finished up the upper side paintwork. Still have to do all the ancillaries, control surfaces etc. But im well on the way.
  2. Cheers for the comps guys. I got a it done over the weekend, but nothing pic worthy, just tidying up thin paint etc.
  3. OH THANK THE PLASTIC GODS!!!! I thought the GB ended next weekend, and i was panicking, cos i still have alot to do lol.
  4. Thanks Kojo, im currently saving up for an airbrush and compressor. Hopefully it doesnt ruin my brush painting skills.
  5. Cheers, the key is to use a large very soft brush with long even strokes and move quickly. If you stuff it up, let it dry before you try and fix it.
  6. Holy Crap, an update! I painted the wings. A few touch ups needed. But i need more masking tape first. The paint job should be finished next weekend. If i push i should get it done this week so ive got plenty of time to plan zombilicious.
  7. Ok, its been 5 days, im opening it up, anybody can ask a new question. The answer was the Ball-Bartoe Jetwing.
  8. Hey grant, will this GB be open on SP&R too? or is it now exclusive to LSM?
  9. yeah they've been linked incorrectly. Im sure the guys will fix this shortly. The links there, you just have to delete the lsm web addy before it. e.g. This is what comes up when you click the link. http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/www.wingnutwings.com It should read. www.wingnutwings.com So you just need to delete the eronious crud.
  10. I dont think ive come accross anyone else with it. I can only see mine. I assume its one of those private things.
  11. THE ADMINS HAVE ANSWERED! Long story short, its pointless, ignore it lol.
  12. Because you dont have any warning points yet. The higher it is, the naughtier you've been.
  13. It feels like you're messing with me. But it makes sense i suppose.
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