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  1. "Fermis", a member on SP&R and perhaps here, did this Wick's on the FSM 109 GB, this gives an explanation of technique too. see the link http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/2/t/143750.aspx?sort=ASC&pi240=42
  2. Nah, I'm used to giving them out to my kids, I guess what goes around....
  3. Ah, got it! Just making sure I wasn't a marked man........ yet.
  4. That's true, the fuselage panels meet up at the top and run the length. I've seen some sand the seam smooth, only to go back and rescribe it.
  5. Yes, several work fine but others give an error.
  6. Oh, so if you look at your post (the one above this or any for that matter) it shows "0 warning points" below the "Advanced Member"? So this is something only the individual member sees, not everyone else?
  7. I don't see it in your's Anderson. That would make sense scorpio but why would you list "0"?
  8. Just curious why I have "0 warning points" in my profile banner and this doesn't seem to appear in other member posts?
  9. Stunning Handi, The Fat One has been a busy beaver.
  10. Maybe it's just me but several of the vendor link banners on the bottom right of the home page seem disabled when I click them.
  11. I've heard great things about that kit, have the F-2 in the stash, great start, will be watching.
  12. Did I miss James or what color did you use for the paint? That has almost a SCW era look to it but the markings are more for home defense. I know many consider the early 109's (used in Spain) to be almost a NMF but a little more "primerish" in it's patina. Very wise to convert a better detailed kit like this into a "Jumoschimtt", love the surgery you performed, not much room for errors on a 1/32.
  13. Looks great owl, bet you're the only lady with model a/c hanging from your dorm wall there! How's the job prospects looking after graduation?
  14. Yes, I use the "Wings Pallet" frequently.
  15. Nice work to get back in the saddle, the decals do look great. So did you take the masks off, forgot and then shot the dull coat? That had to be a bummer.
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