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  1. Thanks guys hopefully will get time to start next week
  2. High guys been away and this be my first model(& 2nd after a long break) on this Forum. Just saw this so will post pictures of the kit and a little brass I'll use. Regards Crossy
  3. Looking Great mate. Will be watching closely. Thanks for your advice
  4. Hey guys thanks for that. I'll differently take on your advice. I'll get some Barracuda details(been looking through their website). I've also got Masters Spitfire C wing Hispano cannons(are they right for mkVIII's?) Aires MkIX wheels(are they correct if not what Barracuda wheels would i need) and SAC mkVIII Landing gear. Any advice on these guys? Also picked up Tamyia's P51D the other day with a stug IV. What suggestion would i need for the P51D(want to do 4th FG A/C)? Thanks again for the help guys much appreciated Regards Crossy
  5. Thanks mate, I'll start a WIP over Xmas leave, thanks again Regards Rodney
  6. Hey guys new to this forum and am returning to the hobby after a few years break. Wanting to do my 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire MkVIII in Burma markings. Got the Eduard Big Ed set and Montex Burma markings. Question is is the Eduard set any good? Don't want to fork out any more cash for my first real foray into large models.Any thing else i need to know about this kit or montex markings(there meant for PCM spits?)? Any help would be appreciated Regards Rodney
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