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F-4 Chico 1/32 Tamiya

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Hi guys,

I am new to your forum and I am about to start a new build, but I thought I would post the final steps of Chico. All of the decals and stencils (PITA) have been applied, Pro Modeller wash applied and this is the first matt cote applied.





I still have to attach the pylons, center line fuel tank, gear doors, the gun pods and then the weathering. This was my first jet and I am ready to get back to props!

Thanks for looking in.



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Welcome to LSM Rocky!

Not a bad looking F-4! Looking forward to some of your Props too!



Thanks Dave!


Nice!! I hope your first jet didn't ruin you on building others!

Thanks SMeek! I am inept when it comes to jets, with the exception of the cockpit, and the stencils drove me crazy. I do have a 1/32 F-4J in my stash with Black Bunny markings and I will build it at some point. Now it's either the ZM P-51 or the Airfix Mossie and I am leaning towards the Mossie.
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Thanks Jamme!


I placed the ordinance although it is not finished. I couldnt resist getting an idea of what it will look like. The gunpods are AMS and I sourced the rockeyes from a member at LSP.







I should be done this weekend, fingers crossed.

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