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1/32 Hispano Buchon and Spitfire Mk Vb

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Ok these aren't mine, they are Keith's; or as I call him, dad. I pretty much got my interest in aviation, history, model kits and strange colour schemes from dad.


First is his Buchon he built well before there was a resin conversion of them. The basis of the kit is the Matchbox 109E fuselage with the Revell 109G wings. The nose was made from balsa wood along with auto body filler. The prop was made from the kit prop, with a scratch built extra blade and spinner. I think this model was built when I was in either prep or kindergarden, making it 25 years old.










Second is the captured Spitfire Mk Vb that had a DB engine fitted. The kit is the old Revell Spitfire Mk 1 with the engine, prop and spinner from the 109G used for the Buchon. This kit is about 33 years old, making it older than me! Dad doesn't build anymore, his interest is in the historical stuff these days.









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