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1/35 Pickup with ZU-23-2


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1/35 Pickup with ZU-23-2

Catalogue # Velociraptor series VS-004





With its open cargo bay design, the Pickup is widely used in many conflicts around the globe today. Numerous models see activities not only as military supply carriers but also as light fire support vehicles. They are fitted with machine guns, recoiless guns, rocket launchers or as in this kit with light AA guns. The ZU-23-2 was developed in the 1950's by the Russians. Around 1960 mass production started and it became very popular due to its high firing rate, light weight and low costs. Large export orders were closed with Asia, Africa and Latin America. The ZU-23-2 saw combat in many conflicts and was extensively used in the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.



The kit carries no reference to the car brand but it obviously is a Toyota.


First impressions

I was very keen to get my hands on a MENG-kit. I already saw so many good things from them already and I was curious how it would be to see one of these kits up close and personal. I can assure you that this kit won't dissapoint. The box is sturdy and dressed with some beautiful artwork. On the sides of the box two full color illustrations show you the main painting schemes (creme and blue) and you also get the most important specs of the vehicle and the ZU-23-2.












The firm box holds 202 plastic parts on 8 sprues. There are four creme colored plastic sprues that are needed for the Pickup body work, one black sprue for the Pickup chassis and two green colored plastic sprues that hold the ZU-23-2. There is a transparent sprue that holds the windows and lights. The truck tyres are vinyl, and although beautifully detailed I'm not to happy about this medium. The tyres of the ZU-23-2 are plastic. There is a small fret with etchings and an even smaller decal sheet with two decals for the dashboard. A beautiful and crystal clear instruction booklet with 35 building steps and some color illustrations for the painting schemes complete the package.






The plastic on all sprues looks very sharp en crisp and the detail is impressive. There are some pin marks but not in visible places.

The first five steps of the building instructions cover the chassis and axles and although there won't be much to see in the end this part of the build is nicely detailed.








Steps 6 to 11 cover the cab. The interior looks superb with some nice seats, a detailed instrument panel and seperate gear shift and parking brake. The cab roof has a rearview mirror and sun visors. The doors are seperate pieces and can be mounted closed or open. The only thing you might want to add are a couple of safety belts.


Steps 11 to 20 cover the cargo bay (which is a well detailed and crisp subassembly), steps, bumper and mudflaps on the underside of the car end the wheels. The vinyl tyres are combined with plastic rims and can be pressed on the axles.

There are many location points and I don't see any reason to believe that somehow parts may be misaligned or cannot be precisely placed. The instructions are very clear and helpfull!


The ZU-23-2







Steps 22 to 35 take you through the build of the ZU-23-2. This is a little jewel of a kit in its own right. The plastic is crisp and nicely detailed. The gun barrels are fitted with impressive flash guards and the kit offers the possibility to fit the barrels in three different positions: horizontal, around 40 degrees up and about 80 degrees up. These are fixed positions so you will have to make a decision here. The ammunition boxes are nicely detailed and the same goes for the seats.






The gun base can be attached to a frame of beams that goes on top of the cargo box, and these beams come with the kit. It's also possible to mount the base on road wheels. These are plastic moulds, which for me personally is a much better solution than the vinyl ones that come with the Pickup. In this configuration the ZU-23-2 could also be combined with the Pickup in a towed position.





Meng has delivered a very nice little kit that is crammed with detail. Straight from the box this is a well detailed Pickup with ZU-23-2 but it's also a great platform for superdetailing. Whatever you do, when it comes to painting this is a very nice canvas with endless possibilities. I'm not overly enthousiastic about the Pickup tyres and would have preferred injection moulded ones. Also the lack of Toyota markings is a bit of a letdown but understandable in the light of copyright costs. Perhaps these are areas in which the aftermarket guys can jump in. All-in all I would rate this kit an 8,5 out of 10. Of course building this kit would really define its quality. In a couple of weeks I will start on this one and do a full build report on the subject. Now that is something I look forward to very much!


Highly recommended


Jeroen Veen


Our sincere thanks to Meng for the review sample.



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