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109 F wheels


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They are the same.


From Bf109E to F and G-1/2 tyres are 650x150mm


Wheels appear the same, though I recall reading there were a couple of rarer variants... (some Bf109F a/c had a strange plain hub quite unlike the one that appeared on the G-4).



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Also, several G-4s ran the old-style wheels (the Italian 109G-4 I'm working on at the moment is a prime example...there's photo evidence and it's prevalent enough that the ProModeler G-4 kit includes old-style resin wheels)


I like those wheels in PM kit, they appear to be a bit wider to portray the 660 x 160 tire mounted on the spoked hub. 


Those North Star wheels looks really nice!

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The North Star wheels look to get the lightening holes in the spokes, and the fact that the spokes are kind o separate from the back or base of the rim (bit difficult to describe)


So basically very good indeed


But what are the three varieties of E to G-2 wheels?? They all look the same in their pics, and no extra info is given (if you have a great product, do it justice!).


But, have never seen of heard of them anywhere before!


White Ensign Models are listed as UK distributor, but they show no NSM products at all

Moreover, WEM's site is crap I find, and their prices for their import stuff very 'British' - I can deliver no more damning indictment!


Sprue Bros shipping for 3 sets of wheels is $16.90

THEN you would then get charged £8 plus whatever % customs fees!!


The NSM site is not clear at all on what int'l shipping is, and I have emailed them explaining who we are, and asked for a sample shipping quote...


I suggest they need to use someone like Hannants of they want to sell anything in UK / Europe


Will keep you posted on their response, but any thoughts on those wheels?

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Thanks for the link, simple, but very informative :book: .   It seems the hubs where the difference on the early tire/wheels.  Cool, I didn't know that :)


I just picked up two sets from Sprue Bros. ^_^


Cheers,        Ian

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Guest Kagemusha

It's funny how a foreign product amazingly sells for the same price in the UK, just substitute a £ for a $. Eg. North Star website; 1/32 Bf 109B/C/E early wheels $13.50, White Ensign; £13.50. Currency Convertor; $13.50 = £8.64. Why buy local when they take the pi$$?

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Could not agree more!

Try doing the sums for the B-17 - you will feel raped!


Anyway, back to the wheels, they do look very cool.


Will have a look at my (not huge) refs and see if I can get any pics of these different lightening holes...


Hopefully Matt or Mike may chime in too...

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