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sWs with 20mm Flakvierling Upgrade Set


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sWs with 20mm Flakvierling Upgrade Set

Catalogue # 36195
for Great Wall Hobby kit
€22.95 direct from Eduard




Great Wall Hobby have produced a number of versions of their German sWs half track kit, including two variations armed with 20mm Flakvierling (literally, flak quad); one with an armoured cab, one without. I had for some while thought that unlike their 37mm armed version, the Flakvierling was a so-called 'Paper Panzer'. Aircraft modellers have their ever popular 'Luftwaffe '46', and basically both terms are used for projects that essentially never left the drawing board. However, I have since read on PMMS - where you can find an excellent review of the GWH kit here - that there is photographic evidence at least one of these vehicles existed.





The Great Wall Hobby sWs (armoured cab) with 20mm Flakvierling [Great Wall Hobby]


The Eduard set comprises two medium PE frets and a piece of small acetate film. This is standard Eduard fare: crisp brass etched metal with fine connectors to the fret, good instructions, and an excellent product page on their website. Although you can see on their instructions page pdf, I think it is still worth stressing that this set does not contain replacement gun shields for the Flak. It is more a general update for the whole kit, although it does include some items to upgrade the guns.





Two spare barrel cases are provided – it is a shame that no internal detail is provided



The acetate films which always go well with PE panels laid on top


The cabin / driver's compartment gets a new instrument panel (the acetate film) as does the radio, which also has a new frame. Pedals and footplates are provided for the driver. Elsewhere we have tie-downs and clamps for the pioneer tools, started crank and jack. These parts are detailed but will be pretty easy for even a novice with PE to use.








Things get a little more complicated with gun upgrades. There will be some fairly intricate bending - and possibly soldering - required to make the most of the new 20mm ammo racks and the curved plates through which the gun barrels fit. There is a spare barrel case, but no internal detail is provided so this will have to be displayed shut. I do like the replacement gun sight - this is not just the kit part but in metal, rather a different and more correct set up altogether.


Making the 20mm ammo racks will require experience with PE, and possibly soldering to get them looking spot on


Nothing spectacular, but a good solid upgrade from Eduard for the very good Great Wall Hobby kit. If you invest in this set, you'll also want aftermarket barrels, but thankfully there are many good options for those.


Highly recommended.


With thanks to Eduard for the review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


Nicholas Mayhew



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