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Fokker F.I/DR.I. - Albatros WWI Scale Model Anthology Series - Windsock


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Fokker F.I/DR.I.
By Ray Rimmel with Richard Alexander
Volume one
Anthology Series


Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/



         The new Windsock book is a most expecting one by Ray Rimmel, with an extra collaboration of Richard Alexander, former Wingnut Wings General Manager.


            Dedicated entirely to Fokker DrI, it has been directly think for the new Meng Fokker Dr.I 1:32 and 1:24 scale.


            Yes, both of these were to be release by Wingnut Wings before it went down.

            Thankfully, Meng pick them up and release them to the market.



            As you can see in the cover, this is the volume I so more is to come in the future, probably with a full construction of 1:24 Meng Fokker Dr.I and with new fantastic pictures and profiles.

            Speaking of cover, in this case it is a digital composite from Jerry Boucher with Ray Rimmel models, representing Rittmeister Manfred Von Richthofen flying his newly-painted DR. I 425/17 in a dogfight with a British SE5 in March 1918.

            Let`s see what do you get with this book.

So there`s several parts:

  1.  1:32 and 1:24 F.I/Dr.I kit reviews from Andreas to Meng.
  2.  Detailed painting notes from Richard Alexander with a model paint comparison chart.
  3.  The pre-production Triplanes with archive photos and Ray Rimell's highly detailed build log of the Meng F.I in Voss' colours-all supported by Juanita Franzi's multi-view artwork.
  4.  How the original WNW kits were designed-a unique Q & A with Richard Alexander.
  5.  Colour close-up images of Mikael Carlson's superb airworthy Dr.I replica.
  6.  Authentic diorama incorporating the Roden Dr.I with a railway transport wagon.
  7.   Fully detailed build log of the Meng Dr.I finished as von Richthofen's iconic red-painted DR.I 425/17 by Ray Rimell with fabric analysis and colour profile.
  8.   Detailed and authentic all-new 1:32 scale colour profiles of 10 early production aircraft by Ronny Bar-all supported by reference photos and Meng modelling notes.
  9.   Gallery of archive portrait and close-up photos chosen with modellers in mind.
  10.   Appendices with bibliography, manufacturers' web links.


With 73 pages on gloss paper of which at first glance has the typical structure and winner receipt of the previous datafiles but with almost the double of pages of a normal datafile.


In the opening (back of the cover), as usual, a fantastic profile by unique and unmistakable Ronny Bar. The particularly profile is from Fokker F.1 103/17, flown the famous Werner Voss.


After the foreword (Richard Alexander) and author introductions, the opening chapter is about modelling Foker DR.I history. All, or almost all existent or pre-existent models are reference here.


            Then the first “tecnichal” article on this book and a very interesting one to all modelers:


            “Streaking to the finish line” by Richard Alexander where talks extensively about the colors of the Fokker Dr.I, in the various operational moments. Its "new" appreciation is with the appropriate historical justification. Richard also doesn't escape the supreme controversy: the unique cowling of the Fokker F.1 103/17 – Werner Voss plane – yellow or grey??

            Well you will need to got this book to know which Richard thought is.

            To end this article, a fantastic and very useful model paint conversion chart for Fokker Dr I is given by Richard Alexander.



            Next, the reader get a F.1 Pre-Production folio, a very interesting reading and several pictures of the three pre-productions examples: F.I 101/17, F.I 102/17 and F.I 103/17.


            Then the author takes us to a full build 1:32 Meng Fokker DRI representing the F.I 103/17 with some after markets included from Fokker Nutz, Master and HGW.

            All steps are cover with a full text explanation and several pictures of the ongoing build with close-ups and real pictures in detail to help the modeler out with location and specially, with detail.






            On the final part of this building, the new Hangar from Aviattic was built and I must say that, after seeing it, in a pre-production phase, it`s an fantastic addiction to a WWI diorama. Not a cheap hangar but a fantastic one.



The next chapter is “Recreating a Legend”.



It´s an exclusive interview with Richard Alexander, the first one after Wingnut Wings closure.

I have had the pleasure to interview Richard in the past, while he was WnW General Manager and it`s was a blast to talk to him, back then, about wingnut wings and how Wingnut Wings fans got me that chance.

After that I have had a better yet, a personal meet in Telford and the opportunity to “work” in WnW stand in Telford and its was crazy.

I can call Richard a friend now and it was amazing to meet him. I even got, thanks to him a picture with PJ with a Wingnut Wings T-shirt.


Back to this interview, the major subject is, of course, the work that was made to turn the Fokker DR. I reality and a dream come true to many WWI modellers.


 The "under the skin" chapter has some great pictures of an undress Fokker DRI


Next, one of my favourite parts: Ronny Bar Profiles!! And several ones, eight to be more precise, and all with a picture or two of the real aircraft. All the profiles are from Ronny Bar.


Now, the reader is bring back to modelling with Ray Rimmel upgrading a 1:32 Roden Fokker DRI with several scratch building, and display in the top of a railway wagon. The article is to be concluded in the second volume)



A marvelous modeling article comes next: Fokker DR.I 425/17.

Ray immerse in building this iconic plane from the Mengnut Fokker Dr.I, and as many, we assume that it could be straight from the box… ahhh, looks like not, and if you want be totally accurate, you will have to get this book!!




The next article contains several amazing pictures with more the 100 years and in very very good condition with tons of history and details.


Finally, two appendix are given with tons of information with productions changes and recommended reading.  




A fantastic book for historians and for modeler, with great pics with amazing quality and very inspirational.

If you have a Fokker DR.I in your stash or you want to get a Fokker DR.I (the new Meng one or Roden ones) this book is a must have.

If you`re not a WWI modeler but a WWI lover/liker, this is a must have!!


Worth every penny.


Very Highly recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for the opportunity and the review sample.



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