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Fokker E.III control cable rigging?


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Hi guys,


Looking at Wingnutwing's instructions for their E.III I get a bit confused. Are the cables to warp the wing only attached to the control stick at the underside by the moving bracket on the U/C framing? Or also from the upper side at the pulley?


See the front/rear schematic to see what I mean; in this case if warping is only induced at the bottom side of the wing and the opposing wingtip is pulled up  because the top wires slip over the pulley by the tug of the downward warping wing:



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Hi Erik,


Yes. I believe (from memory) there are only cables connected from the control column to the underside of the wings. No cables run upwards.

The cables on top (running over the small wheel) provide the opposing forces.


Now stop drawing! and build..

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