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  1. Hahahaha! Strange as it may sound, the wingless chickens take me more time to build than the winged ones'! This one however will have a semi retracted gear. I hope that counts for something!
  2. Hi Guys I bet you didn't expect me to tackle this subject... but I am! As you may know I always try to incorporate a piece of the original airplane to my builds. 'Fat chance!' I hear you say.... Stay tuned. A review done by Cees Broere and me of this Resin kit can be found here.
  3. Visibly not a lot of progress but i spent long evenings careful dry fitting and sanding. Most challenging are the nose panels. Everything is smooth now but rescribing needs to be done. Resin is not my favourite material to work with, but I've learned to keep my patience... The wings fit nicely. That's a plus. The tail seems to slip on nicely too. The dark lines along the spine are not gaps but transparent superglue.
  4. Lovely camo work! Sweet..
  5. Welcome back! Looking forward to see what you've done.
  6. Very very cool... Now all we need is the kit
  7. Tight masking! Pretty cool item to pose next to your models..
  8. Cheers guys! Now... back to the Spiteful. Almost ready to close the pit. Oxygen hose to add. Side wall and console details to paint. Aded HGW harnesses and changed the lock to a later style Sutton.
  9. Hi All! Today I received the first 2 printed Tripod Jacks from Shapeways, modelled by Ronnie Olsthoorn. The detail is amazing and the accuracy the closest you can get. I had to adjust a few parts in order to prevent them from getting too fragile. Just a little bit of smoothing is needed with fine sandpaper on the legs. Even small details like the eye-lets on the fastening pins are there! Even the screw wire on the Ram is there... This jack is perfect for a 1/32 Mossie or other RAF subject. But looks great under a USAF subject too. If you want to order one yourself, visit the LSM Shapeways store! I will publish this and possibly other detailed models in co-operation with Ronnie Olsthoorn (Aviation artist) on Shapeways, so you can share in the joy. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/jeroenpeters
  10. Cool... Will this be part of a diorama??
  11. Ohhh that's sweet... so cool to touch up models. I can imagine it takes you back! Great job!!
  12. wow.... loving the layered radiators!
  13. Lovely/. In every respect.
  14. Just ordered two Jacks from Shapeways. Fingers crossed!! There's some delicate detail in there I might have to cut off and replace. We'll see...
  15. The jack (without the ram) is 5,8 cm high. I placed the jack on a 3d printing rig and placed the ram separately next to it. The prize to print one of these is 19,5 euro's. I'll do a test in Ultra frosted detail material. Fingers crossed!
  16. So Ronnie Olsthoorn replied on Facebook, saying he recently drew a 3D jack. Let's see if we can have this 3D printed!
  17. Cheers guys! Really trying to speed this build along. Did the instrument panel: Putting the wings together. Small gap at the rear of the insert, but thats an easy fix: Putting the prop together. Blades need a bit more smooth sanding: And I'm thinking of scratching two of these. Why? Because I want to build this plane with it's gear halfway retracted.
  18. Really cool and clean build. Great to see what can be achieved with these relatively basic Revell kits... Loving the FOD covers too.
  19. Damn sweet Maestro!!
  20. Still it seems to be correct. First the square plate and the rudder controls behind that:
  21. Not too much progress to show.. When detailing the rudder controls, I broke the part. Had to scratch it. Also had to scratch the handle on the seat, since that part was nowhere to be found.
  22. That's some in-between build! Nice work on the nav lights.