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Everything posted by JeroenPeters

  1. Nice! But noo AK wash?
  2. Dammit! Lovely work here...
  3. Impressive! And welcome to the forum by the way!!
  4. Wow... do me a favor and post a photo next to a beercan. The LSM way to give a good size indication. respect.
  5. Hi all, Time for a new project! Bought a Zoukei Mura Ta-152H-1 cheap and decided to build it as the only surviving Ta-152H-0 as it sits right now in the National Air and Space Museum. This means the main wings rest on a special dolly and so does the fuselage. Different paint layers, dust, bended panels and missing parts... Started drilling out some instruments, as per walkaround photo's...
  6. The what??
  7. Nice! Finally a dual build!
  8. Nice! Thnx for sharing! Will come in handy when i start mine
  9. Some dry fitting on the base! Not much longer now..
  10. Thnx for the tips guys! Decided to spend this evening adding the struts that hold up the cowlings. Made them from 0.3mm copper rods.
  11. No problem. As it is for a good cause!
  12. Sweet!!
  13. Hi Rob, I've done a couple of tests on left over transparent pieces. But just looking at the way it sits now keeps me from giving it a go... Adding panels now. Note the latches on the right cowling panel in the 2nd photo. That was a b*tch!
  14. Supercool. And I thought assembling tank tracks was tedious. Really cool seeing this from step to step.
  15. Rivet the hell out of it!
  16. Holy Damn...
  17. I know i should... just have a feeling many modellers won't understand and it will take away a sense of quality from the build... Doubting my next move.
  18. Nice.. Looking forward to see it after the AK wash!
  19. Not. Decided not the age the glass. In reality most of it is dust.
  20. Thanks! Almost done. Final bits and bobs. Drilled the holes in the canopy that were actually not holes but containers filled with silica squeezed between the double layered glass to prevent fogging. (You were right Cees ) I did not drill the holes all the way through, but halfway. This comes closest to looking like the real thing. Added latches to the nose cowling: Adding loose brake lines to the gear: (made them from lead wired, wrapped with thin strips of masking tape)
  21. Looking forward to this!
  22. Hope to see you tomorrow at the Flanders show Danny!
  23. Did you place those roundels only to determine the location?