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Huck starter 1:32 - Beck Resin Model Kits

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Hi everyone!!


I just found an exciting news from Beck Resin Model....

I don`t really the quality on the models of this manufacture but the huck starter (ford t) in 1:32 it`s quite thrilling and the perfect match for our WnW :)


Check up these pics:











I think that they will be at Telford but i can`t confirm this infomation.





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I have just tried their website, it seems to be down, is there anyway of finding this somewhere or have Back gone out of business...?





I try since Oct to get in touch with Beck Resin Models but I didn`t get any luck.  This model kit should be announce in Telford but i didn´t hear anything about.

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I've just tried the site and the message that comes up is that the domain has expired - Perhaps they've forgotten to renew it???  I hope it's just that - I'd hate to see that sweet Huck Starter come to nothing!

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Hi guys!! 


After some long time, we finally got some very good news from Beck resin Models.


The Huck Starter will be ready for sale in July but you can already pre-order it by sending an email to beck.dar@poczta.onet.pl


The price tag is 45 euros plus shipping cost - payment is paypal only.


We, at LSM/WnW fans will have a full review of it as soon we get our hands on it.


Here`s the new pics for a final test shot of the Huck Starter in 1:32



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