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TVMC milestone!!


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With Jack Munroe, a builder of the car kits, joining the ranks of Temecula Valley Model Club our membership has hit the century mark! Mike Witous and I started this adventure 4 1/2 years ago. Just a innocent "whatcha' ya working on now" phone call one night and here we are now. The most difficult person to get to the meetings was the Mikester, and he lived closet to our meeting venue. Which is, Hobby Town USA, Temecula, California. With a trophy stash of just under 150 and 6 Best of Show awards, this club has some top notch builders covering every genre. We recently had our annual BBQ and drew a crowd of 73 souls representing 3 IPMS chapters, the Southern California AMPS chapter and several non affiliated clubs. I have been asked on a few occasions to consider starting our own IPMS chapter. But we stay true to our motto. "Haud Sceptrum, Haud Sentio, Haud Forsit". Latin for "No Rules, No Judges, No Problem".

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Ha!  I think the onlly meeting I missed (except for work) was when the box of models that I was bringing to show turned over in the car on the way there.  It looked like a post-war Luftwaffe junkyard!


Miss the meetings and the post-meeting calzone and Newcastle at Stadium Pizza!

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