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Czech post war green colour

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Hi All,

I've bought a 1:32 scale conversion kit for the Avia S-199 from werner wings http://www.wernerswings.com/avia-199.html Its a little project for myself as at one point I planned to do a Hispano Buchon conversion kit, but I still have the donor Hasegawa kit I was measuring up so rather than waste it!

Trouble is I can't find the colour reference for the particular green that was used for the Czech planes, I prefer to have a RAL or Pantone reference and then match from them.

I have a couple of links below to give an idea.






Any ideas would be most welcome.




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Thanks Rick, Yes that colour certainly looks right to me, I plan to do the 262 alongside as well, I have ordered some matching Czech decals, though I have lost track of where we are with 262 kits in 1:32 scale, there's been quite a few new ones [i think] in recent years.



Any of the Trumpeter 262 are good.  Pit, wheel well and gun detail nice.  Get Barracuda resin wheels.  Trumpy's 262B-1A would be your Czech 262.

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Where did you order your Czech decals from?  The only ones I've been able to find is the old Superscale #32-33 Me-262/Avia CS-92 sheet


...and Rick might have answered my question for my Czech He-219 colors as well....



Cheers,   Ian

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