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  1. In the UK that's actually illegal it's known as 'Constructive Dismissal' a friend of mine who used to be a big noise in the unions would make mincemeat of them, and from what he told me anyone knows employment law very well, usually better than your employer can always find ways of tripping them up. Graham
  2. I don't get why they can't replace them, it's not like their bought in, it's just time and a cup of resin?? Still they do very well. Graham
  3. Here is a couple of shots of the first Bomb Trolley painted and decals applied. Graham
  4. Hi David, Yes we already do a 4000lb Trolley with Cookie see :- http://www.iconicair.com/cookie/ In the works is a David Brown Tugmaster and then after that the smaller 'C' Trolley with bombs, also the Trolley with the 8000lb 'Cookie' which is a generic version of our 12000lb but with one stage less and a drum tail. [ this last will be in a couple of weeks or so ] Graham
  5. Our new kit the 'E' Type Bomb Trolley with the 12000lb 'Cookie' Blockbuster is now available to go with the HK/WNW Avro Lancaster Kit, it's a resin kit with all the master parts produced by 3D CAD and CNC machining, the research was all done at our local museum and extensive measuring of the Trolley and the 'Cookie' on site. The link to purchase is :- http://www.iconicair.com/12000lb/ Graham
  6. The thing to do is have stainless steel rails [ much less expansion ] elevated track is the norm for us, It's a right pain running this sort of model on the deck. I've replaced the video with a better one. Graham
  7. This is my main interest British Narrow Gauge Railways and this is what got me into scratchbuilding models of them because you couldn't buy them when I was in my teens. Then consequently after college training as an Industrial Model maker with a spell in the Army in between. I'm now into the larger scale live steam models of them and have scratch built some coaches to go with my locos, the two coaches you see in the video [ Lynton and Barnstaple Railway models ] are one of four built during early mornings and evenings when I was working on the 'Isle of Dogs Films' to miss the traffic.... They are laser cut in plywood with 3D printed roof lamps and various CNC machined parts. The decals are made by myself with an ALPS printer which can print also gold,silver and white as well which is essential for those old heraldic railway coat of arms, the colours are literally the same paint as used on the real coaches which makes such a difference to the end product. Such is the interest now with these railways that the Lynton and Barnstaple in Devon for instance has come back from the dead with full size replicas and rebuilt coaches from parts that were rescued from farms etc, this was and will be the most beautiful railway once it's completely rebuilt. Graham
  8. No we've shelved doing any more parts for the HK Lancaster. Graham
  9. From us, we cast a few from a clear CNC machined master. the engines don't have motors in. Graham
  10. Here's another completed model by Bob Lawrence, It uses our Dambuster conversion kit and recently won Silver award at the Gravesham Model Show in Kent on the 19th May 2019. Graham
  11. Well this is on my bench, a bit dull! it's a 1:32 Lancaster bomb aimers window but without the holes for Bob Lawrence [ he used to have his collection of racers at Telford ] I'm going to have a go at casting this in clear this week, this has been 3D CNC machined from a block of clear perspex from two sides using a 3mm ball end cutter and 2D machined with a flat end 1mm to get the detail around the edge then a final run over with a 1mm ball end cutter with a 0.05mm overlap. Then polished with T cut. The two hole glazing is the kit original which I measured off. Graham.
  12. This kit is now available to order off our website: http://www.iconicair.com/attacker/ Regards Graham
  13. Just a few images and a short film from Telford 2018 of my new Attacker, We sold out at the show and they will available again later this week once I've finished designing the web page. Graham Iconicair Stand SMW Telford 2018 by Graham French, on Flickr iconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker Kit on display SMW 2018 03 by Graham French, on Flickr Iconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker on display SMW 2018 02 by Graham French, on Flickr Iconicair 1:32 Scale Supermarine Attacker Kit 01 by Graham French, on Flickr
  14. A good primer is clear acrylic car spray even on resin, you can spray Tamiya paint over the top and it won't peel. Graham
  15. I just noticed that picture of your cats! Can't zoom in, very funny! Graham
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