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  1. Thanks for the link some great shots, that second spit landing was a hard one! he dropped it on to the deck. Graham
  2. I'm not overly worried by this, I've found that model videos of my own products however good and complimentary of them they are actually increase sales by a factor of zero. I think there are armchair modellers and then there are youtube modellers who are just entertained by what they 'could' buy. The Internet is very fleeting in it's effect and I for one am now convinced that old fashioned print and face to face selling is the way to go as well as being able to sell via website if that's needed. Graham
  3. Yes will have it on my usual turntable display. Graham
  4. Still a few details to do like the Dashboard detailing, engine block, seat and rear cable drum and frame. should be available early December. Graham
  5. Looks great I like the rivet detail and straps in the wheels, I noticed on that photo of the vehicle with the holes in the wheels the thickness of the metal, It looks like cast iron to me? especially with the triangular ribs around the edges, which would account for the weight. Graham
  6. The MK 21 it was the first Griffon Spitfire I had ever seen, it was temporarily at the base of the Vickers Building in Millbank by the Thames in the mid 1970's I must have been about 10 or 11. I remember thinking wow! this is a sort of modern looking Spitfire, I liked it's even more aggressive looks, It's never gone away and I've been CAD drawing one up on and off the last couple of years. Graham
  7. Our new 8000lb 'Cookie' E type Bomb Trolley is now available to order :- http://iconicair.com/8000lb/ Regards Graham 8000lb Version by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley 002 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley 004 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  8. In the UK that's actually illegal it's known as 'Constructive Dismissal' a friend of mine who used to be a big noise in the unions would make mincemeat of them, and from what he told me anyone knows employment law very well, usually better than your employer can always find ways of tripping them up. Graham
  9. I don't get why they can't replace them, it's not like their bought in, it's just time and a cup of resin?? Still they do very well. Graham
  10. Here is a couple of shots of the first Bomb Trolley painted and decals applied. Graham
  11. Hi David, Yes we already do a 4000lb Trolley with Cookie see :- http://www.iconicair.com/cookie/ In the works is a David Brown Tugmaster and then after that the smaller 'C' Trolley with bombs, also the Trolley with the 8000lb 'Cookie' which is a generic version of our 12000lb but with one stage less and a drum tail. [ this last will be in a couple of weeks or so ] Graham
  12. Our new kit the 'E' Type Bomb Trolley with the 12000lb 'Cookie' Blockbuster is now available to go with the HK/WNW Avro Lancaster Kit, it's a resin kit with all the master parts produced by 3D CAD and CNC machining, the research was all done at our local museum and extensive measuring of the Trolley and the 'Cookie' on site. The link to purchase is :- http://www.iconicair.com/12000lb/ Graham
  13. The thing to do is have stainless steel rails [ much less expansion ] elevated track is the norm for us, It's a right pain running this sort of model on the deck. I've replaced the video with a better one. Graham
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