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  1. We are doing another short re run of the Attacker [ 25 units ] so if you want one please visit our site www.iconicair.com/attacker a deposit of £30.00 will secure a pre order for delivery in February 2022. Regards Graham
  2. No I don't think so, none of any of the 1:32 Scale kits we did sold all that well, It might have been different with support from the trade and forums [that might be personal for some reason], people still haven't heard of us The fact that a 1:48 scale Lancaster has been around for many years and I think we had two requests in 8 years, so I'm not encouraged. Graham
  3. We now have the RAF 'H' Trolley kit available with or without the 'Tallboy' to allow those that already have our Tallboy and bulged bomb doors to complete the set. Thanks Graham http://www.iconicair.com/HtrolleyplusT http://www.iconicair.com/Htrolley
  4. We now have the Tallboy and Bulged Bomb Bay doors available on our website. Untitled Page (iconicair.com) Please see images below:-
  5. I'm an old hand at this, some people just don't 'get' how if you bid early all you are doing is raising the price for the eventual end sale price. If you really want it just think what your absolute max price would be then bid in the last 10 seconds, You have the best chance then, If you do that any earlier it's like showing your hand in poker and is utterly pointless. The theory if you bid high early you put people off is utter hogwash, you're just burning up the value of your bid, remember it's a world wide web and somebody out there probably has more money than you or is more stupid than you. All they need to do is bid a few pennys more. I've done this buying CNC machines and it usually works, if you are bidding a lot higher at the end and also [ because I have a good idea of it's usual selling price] it doesn't give them time to think about raising their bid. Graham
  6. I think bottom line is you're using too much of either, the liquids to all intents and purposes are 'clear' but if you dried them all out in a block they would be white, and what you're seeing is too much of the fluid drying out into a semi white patch. Graham
  7. We are doing a short run of the Supermarine Attacker F1 /FB2 as we had a number of requests and we are fulfilling those orders at the moment, but if anybody wants one, now is the time as we shall stop producing in the next couple of weeks. The belly tank has the rivet detail on this time.... The Link is http://www.iconicair.com/attacker Regards Graham
  8. A similar thing happened with model railways, Hornby in the early years couldn't get the electric motors to fit in the British locomotives at HO 1/87 scale because they are smaller than European counterparts, so they tweaked the scale up to 1/76 called it OO but not the track, so now we have trains running on track that is too narrow and you can imagine there are lots of off shoot societies that model it correctly to differing degrees of accuracy. One manufacturer bucked the trend the Italian company Lima but then they were bullied into scaling up to OO in the 1980's and at one point were supplying the same model in two different scales. Graham
  9. looks Fab, Love the interior painting especially. Graham
  10. The cabinet looks great Carl, I've got one for my live steam trains but I could really do with just two more shelves evenly spaced! I keep toying with the idea of welding on another set of rods then grinding all the originals off... I keep looking at the various lighting options and there are some that are linked together by thin wires and fit via magnets in the middle of the shelves but not sure how good they are. Graham
  11. Here's one, it's on the Lancaster test shot model, but you get the idea. Graham .
  12. Just received these images of Bob Lawrence's built up Tractor the first one built probably. Took him less than a day. Graham
  13. Not you're normal sort of bench but I'm making 4 more Narrow Gauge wagon kits to go with the completed one for my Garden railway Steam locos, Scale is [ SM32 which is 16mm to 1 foot, so 2ft gauge on 32mm wide track 1:19 Scale] I'm doing this in between casting David Brown RAF Tractor kits behind me, I also suffer from not enough bench space, I've always got a PC and other computer stuff on my bench like a 3D Scanner which doubles up as a shelf as its used only occasionally and is right PIA to unplug and set up, which I'm going to sort out soon after this lot is out of the way. Graham
  14. The RAF David Brown Tractor is available now, below are a few images, it is a full resin kit and the front wheels are positionable on its axle, also with decals. www.iconicair.com/tractor Regards Graham
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