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  1. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Supermarine Attacker

    This kit is now available to order off our website: http://www.iconicair.com/attacker/ Regards Graham
  2. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Supermarine Attacker

    Just a few images and a short film from Telford 2018 of my new Attacker, We sold out at the show and they will available again later this week once I've finished designing the web page. Graham Iconicair Stand SMW Telford 2018 by Graham French, on Flickr iconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker Kit on display SMW 2018 03 by Graham French, on Flickr Iconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker on display SMW 2018 02 by Graham French, on Flickr Iconicair 1:32 Scale Supermarine Attacker Kit 01 by Graham French, on Flickr
  3. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Future + Tamiya Acrylics

    A good primer is clear acrylic car spray even on resin, you can spray Tamiya paint over the top and it won't peel. Graham
  4. GrahamF@Iconicair

    HK Lanc. It will be mine

    I just noticed that picture of your cats! Can't zoom in, very funny! Graham
  5. GrahamF@Iconicair

    HK Lanc. It will be mine

    I think this one has a more interesting faired over front turret [ and there are a few different variations] https://goo.gl/images/eqZ9WP Graham
  6. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Belgium Air Force F-16 destroyed ..Ooops!

    Strange that the guns were loaded at all and in the hanger? at rest. Graham
  7. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Lancaster B Mk.I, R5868, PO-S (S-Sugar)

    Yes! We are in the overseas hall [ 3 ] again right next to the canteen, taking card payments as well this year. Graham
  8. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Lancaster B Mk.I, R5868, PO-S (S-Sugar)

    looks great James, Nice to see some grown up comments on this forum. Graham
  9. GrahamF@Iconicair

    HKM Lancaster, latest test shot images.

    How did they add the rivets to the mould? Are they built up by fusing on in some way? As I have the test shot which is smooth, I can't imagine they machined a whole layer away from the metal bar the rivets? Graham
  10. GrahamF@Iconicair

    1:32 Dambusters Lancaster Conversion kit

    Here is the artwork for the decal sheet: Graham Iconicair 1-32 Dambuster Lancaster Decals by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  11. Here are a few shots of the 1:32 Scale Dambusters conversion kit master parts that have been CNC machined out. Graham Iconicair 1-32 Dambusters Conversion Kit 4 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 1-32 Dambusters Conversion Kit 3 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 1-32 Dambusters Conversion Kit 2 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr Iconicair 1-32 Dambusters Conversion Kit 1 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
  12. last year I worked on a new Wes Anderson stop motion animation film 'Isle of Dogs' and I was one of the large team of scale modellers here in England and my part was creating the 3D CAD and CNC/printing parts. One of the more complete things I worked on was the drone that features in the movie trailer,The link for the trailer is below, the movie comes out in the USA 23rd March.
  13. GrahamF@Iconicair

    Iconicair Supermarine Spiteful

    Excellent, I'm looking forward to this! A perspex case containing the parts would look good, maybe behind a baseboard mounted vertically? Oh and here's one I made earlier! P.S. if you need the 'P' decal I have them. Also I now have a superb ALPS printer and can do any decal. Kind Regards Graham
  14. GrahamF@Iconicair

    HP Hampden information

    http://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/museum/the-brian-nicholls-hampden-restoration-project.htm The other Hampden restoration a few miles from my home. Graham.
  15. GrahamF@Iconicair

    1:32 Scale Dambuster Upkeep mine CNC machining

    Hi Cees, Yes but after the Attacker, Its the David Brown airfield tractor next then then Attacker. Oh and I might squeeze in the 12000lb Cookie as its quite big and suits the E type trolley and again they have one at East Keal. Graham