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Heinkel He219 "Uhu" Kagero Monograph 3D Edition #50


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Heinkel He219 “Uhu”

Monograph 3D Edition #50


Marek J. Murawski/Marek Ryś

Kagero Books (3050)

Available from Kagero for €20,40







The Kagero Monograph 3D series use of 3D/CAD technology for reference publications continue to exceed expectations and it’s 3rd title for the He219 is no exception.


Kagero’s edition #50 of the He219 does not lose a step following edition #49 of the He219.

The 3D drawings are so well done it is sometimes difficult to discern between real and CAD.  The beauty of these drawings it will afford the modeler a very intimate view and through understanding of the aircraft subject.  A Modeler who cares to build up their He219 with accurate internal as well as external detail now has a great resource.


Breaking out my Zoukei-Mura 219 it was fun to compare details to the book which will be helpful for me when I build one splayed open.





This edition begins with He219 in service with the Luftwaffe highlighting great success on its first sortie in 1943 where Maj Werner Streib shot down 5 RAF heavy bombers.  The historical content continues with mission overviews and manufacturing challenges with 8 photographs with several I have never seen published before.  Then the last 24 pages with 44 photos cover captured or destroyed He219’s.   On page 29 the photo on top of page is captured He219 Werk Number 290202 with USAAF markings this is the last surviving He219 currently under restoration at Udvar Hazy National Air Space Museum.









The features of the Monograph series are the CAD 3D illustrations.  Picking up where edition #49 leaves off with beautiful CAD 3D illustrations showing rear cockpit, radios, canopy, internal structure, landing gear and full views in amazing and accurate detail.











Antenna installation detail is most interesting.  Further, multiple position illustrations of landing flaps, radiator shutters (cowling flaps) and landing gear provide exceptional reference for the modeler wanting to super detail their He219.










Several illustrations of the fuselage on trolley afford a nice comparison with the only surviving He219 currently under restoration at the Udvar Hazy National Air Space







Interesting to note there are “219” CAD 3D illustrations.


My only critique points:

  • Would have liked to see some profiles, albeit very nice profiles appeared in #49, especially a profile of a He219 used by the Czech Air Force as an engine test platform until 1952.
  • Front scissor/oleo is shown fully extended while some archive photos do show the front oleo compressed.
  • Absence of brake lines on the main gear.


The excellent multiple View Schedule line drawings showing front, top and side views in 1:32 scale offers a blinding glimpse of the obvious to any Revell or Zoukei-Mura 1:32 He219 owners.   This is a big model.  The finished kit will be huge with a footprint of 20” x 20” (51cm x 51cm) foot print needed for display space.





Trim Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)

Cover: 10pt Coated One Side (C1S)

Text: 100# Coated Matt Paper

Binding: Perfect Bound

Pages: 112

52 Archive  Photos

219 CAD Renderings

Double Sheet A1 Pull Out 1:32 View Schedule 




Like all the Monograph 3D series this is a great resource for any modeler with an He219 planned for the bench or very detail oriented aviation enthusiast.  I truly love the Monograph 3D series and have several editions on my shelf and am happy to have this edition next to #49.  This publication is a wealth of detail for the Revell or Zoukei-Mura 1:32 offerings and especially Zoukei-Mura’s He219.


Very highly recommended


Thank you Kagero Publishing for the review sample.  Purchase directly Kagero Monograph He219 #50.

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