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P-47 experts - help with info / identification (pic)

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i have been researching P-47s based at ALGs near to where I live in Kent


I came across these pics of 3T-S 420211 and wondered if anyone had any more info or pictures showing the nose art in a bit more detail?






the wiki blurb from the first pic is as follows:

"Republic P-47Ds of the 22d Fighter Squadron, 36th Fighter Group, at RAF Kingsnorth, England. Serials 44-20211 and 44-19864 identifiable. The aircraft behind 3T-S/44-20211 is P-47D-22-RE 42-26041 coded 3T-A and nicknamed "Doogan". Aircraft 864 was lost to ground fire on Christmas Eve of that year with LT Charles J. Loring, Jr. at the controls, and he became a POW. During the Korean War, Loring was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor."


if all else fails, I am looking at making "Angie" before she was adorned with all the nose art etc - some splendid chap has done a lot of research here: http://www.512thfightersquadron.com/webBooks/Angie%20Evolution%20Diorama.pdf


it seems there is lots out there on P-47s once they hopped over to France, but from a modelling perspective, I am only really interested in them during that narrow window when they were here in Kent...





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if anyone is interested, I have just worked out the razorback in the background is "Doogan" 3T-A


don't think there are decals for the artwork in anything apart for 1/72 sadly, but at least another piece of the puzzle falls into place



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I might be able to shed a bit of light on 3T-S 420211. If my information is correct, this plane was flown by Lt Thomas C Vollenweider, my Fathers 2nd Cousin (my third). Thomas was killed over Bastogne on the 27th December 1944.


Here is a couple of links showing his was the pilot of 420211 when he was killed:




Unfortunately I am yet to discover any information on the nose art. If I do, I will post more information.

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Been able to find out today the name given to 3T-S at one stage was "Cousin Skip", and the plane was in "D" Flight, the same flight as Doogan. I'm however not able to confirm that the 3T-S in the photo is same 3T-S that was given this name. "Cousin Skip" does seem to be a strange name for nose art which does seem to depict a scantily clad woman :)

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Hi Nick,


I visited Headcorn Airfield this may and while preparing the trip came across a lot of airfields and probably ALG´s. I had never thought there were that many in Kent. I always associated this density of airfiels with East Anglia and referred to Kent always being associated with the BOB and its airfields and thought of it later in the war being rather remote, but now I know there were many more airfields in use by the 9th AF and probably 2nd TAF in the south of England. As far as I know at Headcorn/Lashenden there were P-51s of the 354th Ftr Grp, later the 362nd Ftr Grp with P-47s (referrence Roger A. Freemann, The Ninth AF in Colour). Doogan is an Impressive P-47. Is it of the 36th Ftr Grp. What id you find out about the colours? I personally like their Syn insignia of the 53rd Sqn, that tiger wearing a red pullover and a bowler hat.


Regard Joachim

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