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Humbrol Colors


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Hey all,


Need a little help here.. :rolleyes:


I did some searching for Testor Model Master equivelants of Humbrol paints for my French 190..


I found the grey color so I'm good there, however,


Is there a match, or close match, for Humbrol 75 Matt Bronze Green from Testors? 




Cheers,   Ian

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I have used Humbrol paints in the past.  I liked them and had no problem with them, but I hated pouring the paint out of those little tins, always made a mess ^_^


When I was stationed in England, I used to frequent a hobby shop in Oxford and I bought many Humbrol paints. 


When I came back to the States in '87, All my tins came with me, but alas, that was 30 years ago and all those paints are looong gone



Cheers,   Ian

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My only complaint about Humbrol has more to do with my environment. My garage/work bench is currently unfinished, so in the summer I end up with a bunch of dried up tins. I may just start buying empty paint jars and start storing them in that to alleviate the dried sludge I invariably find when I need it most.

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