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  1. Finally! I've finished my Freccia, and although I was slacking on the WIP, I did finally see it through. The title on this is "Una Freccai In Libia", which is Italian for "An Arrow In Libya". Since I have a limited amount of time to spend online, feel free to ask me any questions about my techniques, supplies, etc... Comments, questions, and monetary donations are welcome! (especially that last one) Thanks for looking!
  2. I would also love to see an S.M. 79, although a few single engine Italian fighters would be nice as well. As would a P-38, and B-26, and.......
  3. Thanks Cees. It's Tom's builds that have me thinking. Currently I have no specific ideas in mind, but eventually I would like to tackle the S.M. 79 that I recently saw featured on LSP. I've developed a taste for Italian aircraft, which are a bit scarce in 1/32.
  4. Greeting all, I've been toying with the idea of trying a vacuform type kit. My question is, after looking at some of the Tigger and Combat Models offerings, what would be a good starter kit? I have the ability to scratchbuild, so that's not an issue. I love to do research, so finding plans and blueprints isn't an issue either. Just thought I'd give one a go to see if it's something I might like to do, and would like some of the forums feedback. Thanks, Joe
  5. I have to agree with Jonathan. Very inspiring to see someone as motivated as you! I swear, as soon as you finished that Ju-88, you've been just flying (no pun intended ) through kits! Each time they seem to get more interesting.
  6. Fantastic work! Combines my two favorites, trains and armor!
  7. After helping a friend get back into model building, he has been building a stash by purchasing ebay lots. The plus side, is the things that he has no interest in, he gives to me. My latest toy Should be interesting. The diorama wheels are already turning.......
  8. So I finally got a chance to put a little weathing into the seat and floor. So far, that and the cokpit walls are almost done, and the IP just requies a little touch up. Then I can glue the fuselage together. Yay!
  9. You did a great job Ralph! If I hadn't followed your build, I'd have no idea this was a vintage kit!
  10. I've been floating around LSM lately, just checking things out and have noticed an interesting trend, mostly in aircraft. When I was in high school, building a 1/32 aircraft meant either Revell, an extremely expensive Tamiya, or a fair vacumold thingy. Now, not only are there tons of aircraft, aftermarket, etc... but the subject matter is fantastic! Back then, (the early 80s), if you got a 1/32, it was generally a P-40, Corsair, P-38, P-51 or any other "popular" aircraft. Nobody except us history freaks and Luftwaffe afficianados had even heard of an Uhu, Salamander, or a number of other non-mainstream aircraft. Hell, I'm building a Freccia and even that was obscure! Now we have a number of folks building kits that years ago would have been scratchbuilt for a museum display. And the AM companies are making things for them as well. Never, ever thought I'd see the day when I looked at a forum and said "wow another (insert obscure aircraft here). Wonder how this person will do it?" Truly amazing and fantastic times we live in....
  11. Prior to driving my eyes crossed gluing sesame seeds to my G.50s cowl, (see Freccia G.50 post), I got the right arm of my gun aimer in the position I want it. I might need to tweak it a little, but I think it might work as is. The holes you see in the floor, are for mounting the rest of the crew. Thanks for looking!
  12. Ok. Finally had a chance to do a little more on my G.50. This morning was spent affixing tiny resin bumps to the cowling. I assume there is a purpose behind these on the actual aircraft, maybe rocker arm clearance, but on the model, they just serve to justify the purchase of a magnifier. Notice they are tiny. Actually, they're the size of a sesame seed. Imagine having to glue them onto a hamburger bun! No wonder the fast food industry wants to raise minimum wage..... Until we meet again......
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