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1:24 Spitfire Mk.IX and Mk.XVI sets

James H

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Ok folk,

This isn't so much a review, but more a 'first look'. I managed to get some time last night to do a few photos of the items that Espen sent me for the forthcoming 1:24 Spit Mk.XVI. All of these are cast in grey resin, with the exception being the crystal clear teardrop canopy of the low-back Spit. The low-back conversion also two small frets of PE. My apologies for doing these on an iPhone as I desperately need to upgrade my camera in the next months. 

These sets cater to not just the Sweet Sixteen, but those who want to upgrade the base kit, such as the nicely produced brass undercarriage parts. When you load up a model with resin, those are definitely something that you ideally want to have to protect your finished work. 




Cowl top
Now, not having looked clearly at the Airfix kit yet, I'm not too sure how this differs from the kit part. I have to assume it's in shape, somehow. A small casting block at the front is all that needs to be removed. Mine was snapped off in transit, and I've a tiny break to fix, but a couple of mins work will sort that out.




Spitfire/Seafire Rounded Exhausts
The Mk.XVI will absolutely need to be fitted with this set. I'm sort of thinking that this can be used with the engine, but the parts will need to be grafted into the thin side frames that sit outside the engine sides. If not, I'm sure I can be selective on at least showing one side of the engine exposed. The stub casting blocks have indents to ID them for the correct side of the engine.




Three Spoke Wheels
A simple, direct replacement for the kit part. The casting seam runs along one of the smooth tread lines and will be very easy to clean up.





E-Wing Configuration
I'm told this will be a very useful set to fit to the Mk.XVI. This set was designed for the old Airfix kit, but not all parts are to be used on the XVI. Those that are, I am sure can be made to work.





Spitfire/Seafire Landing Gear (Late)
This is a straightforward set to fit to the new Airfix kit, with the brass legs just requiring very minimal cleanup. The overall detail is really very nice., including those gear doors with their thin edges.




Spitfire Mk.XVI 'Low-back' conversion'
If any set is going to give you palpitations when it comes to converting your new kit, it's this one. The fuselage will require some careful cutting down, aft of the cockpit, along specific panel lines. The new spine comes in two parts, with each having a cast former to glue within. I've not removed any blocks at this point to see seamless these parts sit together, but I'm not at all worried when I see the one that Espen has been showing. Plus, having built his Buchon conversion, I know he's a stickler for getting things right. 




Here are the rest of the resin parts for the conversion. There is also some supplemental resin for adding fishplates to the fuselage former to the rear of the pilot, as well as the armour plate.




A real crux for making this is a successful conversion is getting the new teardrop canopy right. And here it is. Beautifully cast and totally crystal clear. The only distortion comes from the curves as you look at the part sat on some text.




As you can see, the instructions are very detailed about the hacking and slashing you will need to perform on the base kit.




Until I get to this project in July, that's all until then. These sets really are very nice, and my thanks goes to Espen Tjetland in sending these out for the forthcoming Mk.XVI build. I seriously CANNOT wait!






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