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DK Decals 1:32 A-20G Boston in RAAF Service


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DK Decals

A-20G Boston (or Havoc)

in RAAF service





DK decals is a decal company with quite some reputation but in fact, it is the first time I have one of their sheet in hand, so I was quite curious about it.

This are the first AM decal for upcoming 1:32 Hon Kong Model A-20G.

This sheet comes in a ziplock bag, with the two decals sheets and a small A5 size, with profile, and color guide.

Analyzing the decal sheets, the color registration is great and a very good definition of the details. The decals have a thin film, in fact looking very thin and delicate. These are printed by BOA Agency. It`s a new name for me.












 It have two schemes options of two RAAF aircrafts:

-         A-20G Havoc A28-60, N.º 22 Sqn RAAF, New Guinea 1944

-         A-20G Havoc A-20-78, n.º 22 Sqn RAAF, New Guinea 1994

 I have a soft spot for RAAF aircraft and the Havoc`s are no exception.

The nose art of the A-20G Havoc A28-60  is in a separate sheet and to assure alignment between the girl itself, her name and the top bombs, it all come in one single decal.



The instructions are in fact general and applicable to all decals, it is always important to remember the general principles of decal application. In this case, there is no specific rule for applying these decals.



The profiles draws contains lots of information, with side view (both side) and top view with precise decal indication.







Well, DK Decals is a very good surprise for me. While the name was well knowed, I never had one decal sheet in my hand.

The color densifications and pigment looks quite good. The white should not be transparent.

The guidelines given about decal location are very good.

My thanks to DK Decals for producing these fantastic decals for the A-20G and for the review sample.

Francisco Guedes

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