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Aircraft Weapons of World War One - Canfora Publishing


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Aircraft Weapons

Of World War One


Canfora Publishing

(Grafisk Form & Förlag)

Author: Tom Laemlein

ISBN: 978-91-988425-0-0

Price tag: 33€ (plus shipping)


Canfora Publishing is working in full speed with a new book hitting the shelfs.


And, once again, a very specific subject but a very welcome one to all World War One modeller.

Aircraft weapons!


Canfora Publishing is quite well known by their high quality standards books and this one at the first sigh, is not, at all, off route.


It’s a soft cover, A4 size in with 160 pages, full of rare pictures and I mean full so it´s much more than just a weapon (gun) book.


The inside paper is glossy/satin finish with high quality definition, giving a killer quality overlook to the book.


The first thing I notice is the definition of the pictures! It looks like that they were took a few year (because they are white and black) but not 100 years ago.  The clarity and definition are fantastic and you can see a lot of details, and that work is top notch, made by Toni Canfora. Bloody Fantastic.


It`s divided in several chapters:


-      Introduction

-      Detail Study of major machine guns

-      Gunnery training

-      Forward firing machine guns (allied)

-      Forward firing machine guns (central powers)

-      Observer`s Guns (allied)

-      Observer`s Guns (central powers)

-      Bombs & grenades

-      Cannons & recoilless guns


The detailed study is subdivided into sub-chapters, where the various machine guns of the epic are conducted in depth, namely,








“Spandau & Parabellum”,



“Colt-Browning M1895”,



“Schwarzlose , “Hotchkiss M1909”, “Fiat-Revelli & Madsen”               



In fact, there`s a quite deep study (at least for me) of several type of machine brands of the list of manufactures. There`s not a lot of text (but it´s enough and with good information) but it`s a lots of fantastic pictures with lots of close up of the machine guns where you can see the details.


After the detail study chapters, all other are what the name says: The weapons on training and then on the specifics guns on the specific aircraft styles.























At the very end of this book, a homage is paid to Henri Farre. Well Done!!





Another killer publication from Canfora Publishing and an awesome work by Tom Laemlein to give us the reader some interesinting pics and history.

Beside the paper quality and printer definition, the content of this book is a quite inspirations one to all the World War I modellers as It`s a very good photographic book with detail history of guns included and the respective WWI Airplanes.

The quality of the pics, their rarity (at least for me) and the side note text make this book a fantastic reading and a mojo inspiration.

VERY Highly Recommend


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to the Toni Canfora and Canfora Publishing for this review sample and all the support on LSM.




To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!


Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright.






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