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Plusmodel 1:35 Diorama Modern Accessories

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Diorama Modern Accessories Sets




Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


At Large Scale Modeller we just received Plusmodel new line, Detail Print series.

So first ones that we are reviewing is some modern diorama stuff. Plus Model came again with very original stuff bringing quality and originality to your work,

        All sets are in 1:35 and they come in a new, more modern look box. The box art still have the full build set as box art.

All of the items very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag.


Traffic Cones

(10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3013

Price tag: 8,23€) – directly from Plusmodel.





The set is a quite simple and effective one if you can paint it properly. It´s not hard to paint too.


The quality of the print is very good and it’s quite easy to cut the part.




The cones are hollow and you can easy make a hole in the top to make it more realistic.



Direct Columns

 (10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3013

Price tag:  9,92€ directly from Plusmodel.






        These 10 pieces are very well printed, with no distortion, and quite some nice a subtle surface detail, that give it a very good realism and makes it easier to paint.








Directional Boards

(10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3020

Price tag: 13,07€) – directly from Plusmodel.



        The quality printing here stand also with very high quality, with subtle detail to give you some guilines to paint thered and white





There is 10 pieces but you can only make 5 directional columns.

  And these are, in fact, directional, so you can put them in the positions that you want.







These three sets of accessories for dioramas translate once again well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility.

The quality is of the highest level, now with their new line using 3D Printing technology.

These are simple but effective sets to enhance a modern/city or sci-fi diorama.


Very Highly recommended


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.







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