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  1. Ok for people who like building workable tracks and for those who despise the process, have look at these……two parts per track link with 5 sprue gates to clean. The result is great though……..
  2. Gaz, absolutely stunning…….I think we will promote you to Chief Figure Guru……seriously stunning diorama……
  3. Same here but I tend to get sidetracked on the next project and never finish spraying the previous model……..a la the Wildcat……
  4. Mark, this coming together very quickly. The camo looks amazing, the surface detail looks very restrained but looks great with paint on……
  5. Just seen these from a company called Detail & Wonder…….if I ever do a F14…
  6. Having built a ZM F4, I reckon 48th is a great size for a Toom, looking forward to it..
  7. Appreciated Bill, I was surprised at the part count on this one, it has been a bit hit and miss on this as well……..
  8. 😀 sorry guys, I promise at the weekend……….
  9. Thanks Martin very much appreciated, all my pleasure to share with you guys.
  10. Thanks Gaz, my first German twin for 40 years, really enjoyed building ICM…..
  11. Thanks Gaz, just lovely the lines of this pre-war oddity.
  12. Thanks for the comment, for a fairly old moulding and the re-boxing with a little bit of fore thought, it’s an enjoyable build…..
  13. Thanks Hubert much appreciated. I’d only built the old Airfix header bagged 1/72, that dates us………I’d love to do a 1/32 let’s hope someone like the old WnW guys or ICM or ZM, I doubt anyone else would the the old Lizzie justice.
  14. Thanks Kai, been working on the Flammpanzerwagen, so must get the airbrush out and top coat the Wildcat…
  15. Looks forward to this, closed or open hatches?
  16. Nice haul Peter, I think more and more of us are looking and tackling new genres, it keeps the creative juices flowing.
  17. Thanks Peter, had a couple of nightmares with the camo, I cocked up the overlap of the two colours but happy with it in the end. I always use Vallejo and personally like the finish……..
  18. Thanks Rob, I also love the design of the Lizzie, specification was issued 1934, first flew 1936, issued to squadrons in 1938. One of these strange pre war oddities. Really enjoyed the build…..
  19. Thanks so much Peter. This was my first attempt at streaking and for once it worked for me…..did enjoy this build……
  20. Thanks Rob much appreciated, I do like the North African livery as well, I’ve the ICM He111 H6 NA. You should definitely do the Do 17 in it……
  21. I have been re-miss of not showing the finished model. My first ICM and well recommend them. An enjoyable build my first Axis aircraft subject for probably 40 years. Hope you enjoy…….
  22. At last I have collated the pictures of the finished project. Eduard Profipack Lysander Mk III ( ex Gavia ). Really enjoyed this build as the wing structure and position was a challenge and for once I’m pleased with the finish. One mistake was I forgot to take off the masking for the spat lights….hope you enjoy…..
  23. Kevin, cool to change genres now and again. Like you, never built Miniart, they do a plethora of interesting AFV’s……following with interest…….
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