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Wingspan 5 - 1:32 Aircraft Modelling - Canfora Publishing


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1:32 Aircraft Modelling





Several authors

Publisher: Canfora – Graphic Design & Publishing

128 pages

Landscape format (A4 size with softcover)

10 full features build

Price tag: 27 euros


Canfora Publishing has several book of Aircraft, AFV and diorama modelling as historic book.

Now Canfora release the 5 volume of this series, with a special edition.

It`s a special edition because it`s a edition totally dedicated to World War One!! And of course at a 1:32.

In the cover page, is spectacular 1:32 Copper State Models Caudron G.III.

The whole structure between the various items is identical in approach to the subject, but with five different modellers with distinctive styles.

So, this book is not a FAQ or a pure SBS as full-page close-ups are combined with step-by-step but an informative and mojo up to modeler.

Canfora decided to keep the format, being quite different for other books, in landscape. In wining time you don’t chance.


The works are inspirational and can effective have a positive effect in modeler motivation.

All the builds are flawless and simply amazing, specially being WWI.

All features have a small side table, with main information:  the model kit used, the aftermarkets, and paints brands (and not the references).

Also every single work has a color label to identify all articles, to a quick search.


The first build is


Hansa Brandenburg W.12. This iconic model from Wingnut Wings was build by Mikael Terfors.





This particularly model is one of most wanted model kits from the deceased model company Wingnut Wing, alongside the W.29.

In every build, is given an information of which accessories were use. In this cause, the aftermarket used were Aviattic German Naval Hex printed linen “faded” (ATT32113) and EZ-line 0,15 Monoline 0.14

Despite not being a step by step book, the author, in the text, describes what he did, what colors he used and techniques he used. Although not mentioned, the author used HGW wood decals in the interior.



The second build is 1:32 CSM Nieuport XVII made by the great modeler Zdenek Sebesta.




Several AM itens were used and the author decided to cut the front part of the fuselage in a quite easy operation.





I`m really impressed with the linen effect obtain with the help of Aviattic 32226 Linen Decal… Need to source a couple of decal sheets.


The next one is one of my favourite model kits from WingNut Wings, the Jeanin Stahltaube.



The model was made by Dirk Polchow

Lots of information about the building and painting process, but I would highlight all the tips to paint that daunting cowling in silver. It`s all there to make your work much easier.

Last but not the least, the author gives several interesting thoughts and tips of the very complex rigging despite being a monoplane.


Mikael Terfors back with a 1:32 Roden Royal Aircraft Factory SE. 5a.




Yes a 1:32 Roden SE5a.

The build is outstating and Mike really took the best of Roden model with lots of work that he kindly shows on the progress chapter and in the long text showing all the work.



Mikael Terfors keeps the pace and brings a full build of the 1:32 Copper State Model Caudron G.III.



And what a beautiful work, outstanding really.

All the work is very well explain by the author and all the info to make a great work with this model kit is all there. It`s up to the modeler`s capacity.


The iconic Fokker Dr.I must be in any WWI modelling publication.



Kamil Trembacz builds the one from Meng (that is actually the ex-WnW mold) with the Rudolf Klimbe markings.

I love to see that the streakings on the wings and fuselage are made with oils and are not decals (this has step by step pictures). Really nice work.

In fact, this build has 3 “in-progress” pages with some complete step-by-step build parts.


The guest editor Mikael Terfours was quite busy in the book and I`m quite glad that he did beause he is a truly marvelous WWI modeller. Next one he tackle the 1:32 Special Hobby Fokker D.II, making a full scratch cockpit and getting around all the challenges that this particular model has.




All is explain by the author by pictures or text.

Was quite a demaning build but the result is in fact outstanding.


Back to wingnut Wing, the guest Editor tackles the Junkers D. 1 and to make it a little more interesting, he did it some fuselage damage and explain how he did it.




Now, enter in scene the Editor Toni Canfora with a 1:32 Special Hobby Morane Saulnier Type N that made a very good work with this very difficult model kit. The detail put on it is very good and you must love the Webley pistol, map and spare drum magazine on the top of the wing, just beside the cockpit.




And finaly, the 1:32 Wingnut Wings Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) IV by Mikael Terfors, one of my favourite WWI airplane.







It's a display of beautiful works, with tips and some photos of WIP with spectacular photographs of fantastic models.

Several techniques are presented throughout the several builds, it is told how to do, with several pictures of the step to take and to achieved that goal.

 Also show up the use several aftermarkets items on the builds

Every single work is top quality, the best you can see in magazines and modelling books

This Wingspan is, probably, the best 1:32 Aircraft modelling book on market.

 This publication has a fantastic color registration and print quality, with some excellent model photography reproduced on 128 glossy pages.

Very Highly Recommend

Thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample.




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