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The General 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive


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SCALE: 1/25
AGE: Kit Molded in 1982


- display base modified with ballast. scale rock, and vegetation
- all gold plated plastic (80%) discarded and replaced with real brass
- cab interior scratch built plumbing, gages, and and controls
- various operating rods added from scratch
- drive wheel yellow stripes added
- tool box created and tools added
- oil can, lantern, wrench, and jack added in or around cab
- hinges added to tender floor plate
- gas filament added to drive light
- over 100 nut and/or bolt heads added throughout
- scratchbuilt valve rods, water valve controls, and steam bleeders


- Tamiya, Testors, Vallejo colors
- pastels, pigment, and water colors used for wear and aging


- Wikipedia - The General 4-4-0 Stem Locomotive
- Federal Railroad Commission
- Library of Congress
- Baldwin Locomotive Works
- The Southern Museum (location of actual locomotive)


- great modeling subject
- interesting war story behind real locomotive
- nice scale makes impressive display piece when finished


- very poor mold quality (out of register, flash, ejection pin marks)
- right and left angles on parts were not square making correct fit difficult
- soft detail on chassis and cab details
- some parts molded incorrectly, incomplete, or not at all
- terrible decals (most likely due to age)

NOTE: The kit is not in the configuration or colors of the locomotive as it was during the civil war's "Great Train Race". 


The kit is similar to the train currently sitting in the Southern Museum. In the 1870s, the General was completely rebuilt, it had received a new pilot, boiler, and other components. Most notably, its three dome configuration was reduced to two domes, and its Radley-Hunter style balloon stack was replaced with a diamond stack, as the engine had been converted to burn coal. Indeed, the rebuilt engine had little resemblance to its original form. The locomotive was originally built to the southern states standard rail gauge of 5 ft (1,524 mm). After a change to the northern states gauge was mandated by June 1, 1886, the General was converted to be compatible with the U.S. Standard Gauge of 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm).

The kit was built my me and my special needs son over a span of several months (July 24th till October 9th). After many ups and downs we present our version of the "General" Steam Locomotive.












Thanks for looking, comments welcome!

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