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1:32 Vickers machine guns

James H

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1:32 Vickers machine guns
GasPatch Models
Catalogue # See article for price and code
Available from GasPatch Models





You may or may not be aware, but GasPatch models are responsible for more than the recent Salmson kit that we reviewed on SP&R, or those beautiful sintered metal turnbuckles. We've also taken a look at the rather remarkable 3D-printed anemometers, but today, we can show you a selection of Vickers machine guns from their new 1:32 range. Just for interest, these are also available in 1:48. In total, the range includes EIGHT Vickers MG variants, but for the purpose of this review, we elected to look at the following FOUR items:

  • 13-32042, Vickers 11mm 'Balloon Gun', €14.50
  • 13-32043, Vickers Colt-Built, €14.50
  • 13-32044, Vickers French Extended Loading Handle, €14.50
  • 13-32046, Vickers Hyland Type B Loading Handle, €14.50

Each of these gun sets, as with other GasPatch items we have seen, are supplied in attractive, clear blister packs, which unlike others of the ilk, are easy to open without breaking a finger nail. The parts within are carefully placed into laser-cut recesses within a piece of soft grey foam. A painting and assembly sheet is folded and placed within to act as part of the product pack display.








While there are eight different Vickers guns available from GasPatch, they all represent slightly different permutations of this widely used weapon. The changes can be quite subtle, yet nonetheless important, whilst other differences between the gung are more stark, such as the one with an extended loading handle.


Each of the four sets we have here include TWO Vickers guns per pack, including ammunition feed belts, whilst one set, the Vickers French Extended Loading Handle type, includes that unusual loading handle, represented in photo etch.








Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think the guns and ammunition belts themselves are 3D-printed. I know that can conjour up images of coarse layers which need to be refined, but the printer that GasPatch use must be of extremely high resolution. No where can I see any layering, with the guns themselves being super smooth, shiny and without any casting blocks which would be the tell-tale sign of a resin product. The delicate cocking levers are even printed as part of the main gun! These are quite delicate, but thankfully, the plastic from which these is made, means that they will flex a little before you experienced any breakage.


Detail overall is simply astounding, with these being perfectly represented miniatures of the real thing. You'll be hard-pressed to ever find anything as good as these. The cooling jackets are hollow all the way down to the breech, despite there being a small plate at the forward end of the jacket. Seriously, these are like nothing I have ever seen before. You have to see them to believe. I hope the images I show here go some way to represent what I am trying to explain. Of course, I can't get a camera lens right into the jacket to show you the internals!










With the exception of one set, all of the 3D printed parts are made from black plastic, with one of them, the Hyland Type B, being made from clear red plastic. It is this particular one that gives away the fact that the jacket is entirely hollow.


Exterior gun detail is excellent, or even nigh-on perfect, with superb cocking lever and breech detail. The characteristic serrations of the cooling jacket are also perfect to my eye. Of course, you could represent this detail in resin too, but never perfectly with injection moulded parts, unless you were to employ serious slide-moulding technology. With the jacket itself, I would have to say that of course, you couldn't represent this in brass either, but the fact it has a delicate barrel running down through its length, is quite extraordinary.


The ammunition belts are very delicate. Detail, again, looks perfect, with finely reproduced shells/cartridges, and the cloth belt being nicely represented. The ammunition belts also fit neatly into the breech of the gun, so no fiddly trimming to conduct here.








As mentioned, the Extended Loading Handle set has a small PE fret, and this comprises FOUR parts. Two of these are for the handles themselves, whilst the last two parts need to be curved, and form the muzzle flash hiders. Photo etch quality is also extremely good.

Inside each packet, a colour illustration of the Vickers is shown, with noted for painting. This also serves as your assembly drawing, for what little there is to actually put together.


Simply the most amazing MG sets I think I've ever seen. They aren't the cheapest aftermarket item for your model, but the overriding quality of these makes them a must have, stand-out item for enhancing that project, and in my eyes, that makes the cost absolutely justified. I sure hope we see these guys make some Spandau and Parabellum sets too. In fact, I'll suggest it to them anyway.


VERY highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to GasPatch Models for the review samples see here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.




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Great review Jim.   I think these are the most crisply made accessories I've ever seen; GasPatch have done the most remarkable job with them.  In the flesh they're equally as impressive as your superb photographs show, 


ALERT!! Shameless plug follows:  ........ These are also stocked by and available from Arrow Wolf Scale Models albeit just the one version currently.

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