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Wingnut Wings Albatros DV

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This model was completed late fall 2012 and I had posted some pictures in the old forum.  I never liked the pictures I had taken but I picked up some photography tips from Doog's website and decided to try again and here are the results.  I have to improve on the lighting a little but there was definitely some improvement over the last photos.


The detail and fit of this model was excellent and as a result I picked up the Fokker DVII that I am saving for the Great War Group Build.  I highly recommend these kits to anybody interested in WWI aircraft; the selection is phenomenal.










Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome.




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Guest Ninetalis

Really love that Albatros with the Edelweiss on its side!
First time I see a model finished with such wires.

With regards, Ninetalis

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