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Morser Karl painting help..


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Hi all,


I need some advice please.. my 1/35 Morser Karl Gerat build is coming along on the WIP pages here... I have started on the chassis of the gun, which includes interior hull detail such as the torsion bars.


I'm wondering if these internal parts would be German grey or red oxide?


I also need to find some 1/35 turnbuckles to tie up the tracks on my model in transport mode.

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hi Nige


don't have a definitive answer for you but most stuff that was meant to be painted did get painted ie grey over the oxide etc - it was only at the end of the war that some of this started to change


re turnbuckles etc, i think Aber make pretty much all the clasps and what not you might need - even hinges - but ability with micro teeny weeny (a technical term you understand) PE bits is a pre-requisite



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Thanks Nick,


I guessed as much, the Germans were and still are very thorough engineers!! I think I might go for a good coat of red oxide, then an over spray of german grey, leaving the red oxide exposed in shadowed areas? What do you think?

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Not that I have any specific knowledge, but for such high profile and almost bespoke vehicles I'd have expected the highest level of finish... so I'd have thought all the primer would have been covered.. That is, however, just supposition. A little primer here and there would add some visual interest and that's what half of this is about..




PS cool score on the Dora...

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