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1/32 B-17 Fabric setbelts


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B-17 Seatbelts FABRIC
Catalogue # 32 796
Available from Eduard for 18.02€
Bunny Fighter Club price: 15.32€

Here we have Eduard's lovely set of fabric seatbelts for the HK models B-17G. Eduard also make a set of etched seatbelts, so if you prefer that medium, you are catered for with that set.


The set is packaged in the normal Eduard fashion, in a clear sleeve containing a card stiffener.




The set consists of one sheet of fabric belts measuring 51mm x 83mm with 52 separate parts, and one sheet of plated etched brass measuring 40mm x 35mm with 39 pieces.




The set includes enough straps to make 5 full size lap belts as fitted to the cockpit seats, covering the cockpit, nose section leaving two spare, perhaps for the belly turret? There are also two simple lap belts, which the instructions tell you to fit to the navigator  and rsdio operators seats. Check your references for the correct placement...


The buckles are beautifully etched and plated, so will not require any further finishing, just assemble and apply...




Here we can see the great stitching detail on the belts themselves.




The instructions are supplied as two A5 black and white sheets. For this review I have printed the instructions out on A4 paper in full colour. All Eduard's instruction sheets can be printed out from their website.


Sheet 1...




Sheet 2...




There is no mention made of screwing the belts up between ones fingers, but it may make the belts look more realistic??


All in all, this set will greatly enhance the very visible cockpit and nose section of the HK models B-17G and are a great improvement over the standard kit parts.


Thank you very much to Eduard for the review sample.



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