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WW2 RAF Roundel colours


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Fair question!


Perhaps to help narrow things a bit:

Presumably we are talking 'factory fresh'?

Allowing for scale factor or not?

And most importantly, which company?? Eg Tamiya, Gunze, Lifecolor etc?





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Not too fussy as to which brand although I have a soft spot for Gunze products, any brand is fine it's the colour accuracy I'm more concerned with. Probably best to go with factory fresh, then I can fade/weather as required.

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Here are mixes for Tamiya...


Dull Roundel Red : 75% Flat Red (XF-7), 25% Red Brown (XF-64)
Roundel Blue : 75% Flat Blue (XF-8), 25% Flat Black (XF-1)
Roundel Yellow : 95% Flat Yellow (XF-3), 5% Flat Red (XF-7)
and a variation:
Dull Roundel Red - Mix of 75% flat Red (XF-7 ), 25% NATO Brown (XF-68)
Blue - Mix of 95% flat Blue (XF-8), 5% flat Black (XF-1)
Yellow - Flat Yellow (XF-3) with a tiny amount of flat Red (XF-7)
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