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1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Engine Detail set for Tamiya kit


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F4U-1 Birdcage Engine Detail Set
Catalogue # 32 343
Available from Eduard for €14.38
Bunny Fighter Club price: €12.23



Eduard wasted no time whatsoever in releasing all the Photo etch and Resin wheels for the amazing Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage kit. This lovely Engine dress up set is one of those releases.


I know what you're thinking right now... "The Tamiya kit is amazing, surely it doesn't need more detail"?? Yes, the Tamiya kit is a masterpiece and probably THE best engineered kit out there, in my opinion, but injection moulding does have limitations. Eduard have stepped in here to add the finest of details to the areas that even Tamiya couldn't produce in their amazing kit. Did I mention I like this kit??


So, on to the set.... supplied in the usual plastic wallet with card insert containing two frets of unplated brass measuring 139 x 70mm each  holding 57 and 89 parts respectively. Thanks go to Eduard for stopping the nickel plating on their brass frets, this makes soldering so much easier!!


The set allows complete replacement of the cowling in a, "far more realistic than plastic" sheet metalwork assembly with crisp and precise inner and outer detail. There is also some beautifully rendered flap detail which is absent on the kit parts.


This is Fret 1, covering the cowling inner framework and some smaller clamps and pipes...




Fret 2, covering the outer cowling skins and cowl flap detail...




So, now we will take a closer look at this lovely photo etch.. starting with the inner cowl detail..




Note the parts fold over to double the thickness adding more realism. Once rolled and mated up with the outer skins these will be very strong and realistic, and would look even better with added dents and corrosion ?


Staying with Fret 1, here we can see the ring clamps to be added to the ends of 9 of the inlet manifold pipes. To the lower right, we can see the castellated nuts which will be rolled around the other 9 pipes. Stunning detail if you are showing your engine off.




Moving on to Fret 2 we can see some of the finer cowl flap detail. Here we can see the inner flap skin and the three parts which make up each actuator!! Remember, all this is very visible on the Corsair with flaps open, it would look even better if one added the cabling between each actuator!!




More inner flap detail..




The instructions are supplied as four sides of black and white printed A5 paper. I have downloaded the instructions form Eduard's site and printed them in colour on A4 paper.


Sheet 1, covering removal of some of the plastic detail, drilling and adding the ignition cables...




Sheet 2 , fitting of the hose clamps and inner cowl flap detail...




Sheet 3, cowling assembly time..




Sheet 4, advertising their other sets, which will be reviewed fully here on LSM.




This detail set is a valuable addition to an already well detailed kit, turning an amazing OOB model into a masterpiece. The set provides you with absent detail in the kit, and those beautiful cowlings will really bring a diorama to life. The cabling and pipework may not be to your liking, but it could always be coated in PVA, thick Gloss Enamel or even replaced with lead or copper wiring. 


I will be using this set on my forthcoming Tamiya F4U-1 build, along with every other Eduard set available for the kit..


Thanks to Eduard for designing, manufacturing and supplying this review sample. Watch this space for more Eduard reviews.











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