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Trivia Quiz!


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So after the utter destruction of the last forums, this was lost. Lets start it again.


Only ask a question if you answered the previous question correctly first.

Questions can be about any subject matter related to this site (Cars, planes, trains, bikes, ships etc)

Keep questions answerable (eg dont ask something like "a train went past my house in 1975, what was the serial number on the 5th car")

If possible, post pictures of your guess.


Ill start with an easy one.


This aircraft is refered to as both a bird and a snake.

It was used as a test bed for several modern innovations.

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Little bit earlier than krueger flaps.

The A380 bought the concept back. In the 70's when it was used it was notoriously unreliable and was removed from alot of aircraft.

But its not the technology im after, its the aircraft.

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OK. Now don't fly out here to slap me around. The M50 and M51 were not "Ishermans". Only the Israeli Sherman M1 was officially designated "Super Shermans". Israeli Shermans were designated by the type of gun it was armed with. M1 with the US M1 76mm, M50 with the French 75mm (French copy of the 75mm Panther gun) and M51 after the French 105mm gun. The M1 was the first IDF Sherman armed with a main gun larger than 75mm, thus called "Super Sherman". All others, despite what books, kit boxes say or what ever, are not "Ishermans". Just whatever type gun they were armed with. You refer to any later model M4 as that to an IDF expert or on an IDF model forum, you will be scoffed at. I can tell by this not being answered, we need more armor guys here at LSM. I will try to round up my "homies" start hanging here.

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