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20mm Flak 38 winter scheme


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OK, fellas, I have a question. Having just received in the mail the totally cool Dragon 1:6 20mm Flak 38 quad, I'm considering a wiinter whitewash effect. Besides the splinter shields, would any of the supporting framework have also been whitewashed?


Also, does anyone yet do machined barrels for it? Kit barrels seem OK, but replacements might really make it "sing", so to speak.


Thanks a bunch,

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If possible, you might try a Google image search and see what you can find, but primarily the splinter shields and basic frame would have a hasty whitewash applied. I've seen some pics where only the splinter shields, and others where everything except the ammo was whitewashed. So I guess it would depend on where you wanted to portray it, and what unit.

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OK, I'm now discovering that the kit has some serious detailing issues. Nothing that can't be overcome, but I won't bother with some of the more agregious problems, especially since I discovered them only after gluing some major pieces together.


Anyone know of a good reference work on the Flak 38 quad? I have the Waffen Arsenal book, but it's next to useless for detais. I also have about 17 photos from the web, but they too are far from complete.

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