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Tamiya 1/32 Corsair

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I have recently been eyeing up Tamiya's 1/32 Corsair, however I am not  a big fan of the "Birdcage" variant, I much prefer the look of the blown canopy version.


My question is, can the Tamiya offering be converted to an F4U-1A. Looking at the pictures I can find, it seems that just aft of the canopy is scalloped either side of the spine and possibly a different profile, but I'm sure the experts out there will have the definitive answer.


My guess is that Tamiya will release a blown canopy version sometime in the future, but I didn't want to wait for that.



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In my review of this kit that can be found in the Aircraft review area, I stated what is different -


F4U Differences

I know a few of you are wanting for the F4U-1A/1D, and wonder if it’s possible to build a 1A/1D from the Birdcage kit.. The answer is kind of… but you would require some parts from the later release from Tamiya or another manufactures kit...


F4U-1 early/mid Birdcage to F4U-1 Late (-1A destination, not officially used till post war)

•    Redesigned Bubble Canopy.
•    Antenna Mast fitted to Fuse, aft of Cockpit.
•    Pilots Seat raised by 180mm/7in (5.14mm/0.2in in 1/32 scale).
•    Lengthened tail wheel strut.
•    USMC F4U's lacked arrester hooks and had a pneumatic tail wheel.
•    USN F4U's had smaller diameter solid rubber tail wheel.
•    First to be able to carry a drop tank under the centre section of the Fuse.
•    Belly window was deleted on most airframes.
•    Larger Propeller


F4U-1 Late - F4U-1D

•    Twin-rack plumbing for additional drop tank.
•    Underwing Rocket launchers/tabs (last 266 F4U-1D's)


Hope that helps... But as Matt said, I would wait, as I would expect something from Tamiya very soon.

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